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Calendar of Openings and Special Events

You can look up specific information about the venue and/or exhibition using 
the hotlinks provided.  The Calendar is updated as new information comes in, 
so check in regularly.


A (*) indicates that we have not received information on the specific times 
or that the event may require an invitation or entry fee (contact 
the venue for specifics).


APRIL, 2015



APRIL 2015

Wednesday, 1-
Gallery Western, Koreatown (6-8pm)
Fathom, Downtown (A new opening each day throughout April, 3-8pm)

Thursday 2-
Cherry and Martin, Culver City (6-8pm)   Bernard Piffaretti   4/2-5/3
haleARTS, Santa Monica (5-8pm)
Lancaster Msm, Valley (6-8pm)
CSU Channel Islands, Broome, Ventura Co. (5:30-7pm)

Saturday, 4-
101/Exhibit, Hollywood (7-10pm)
Lancaster Msm, Valley (6-8pm)

Sunday, 5-
team bungalow, Venice*

Thursday, 9-
L.A. Louver, Venice (6-8pm)
Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica (7-9pm)
Creative Arts Center, Valley (5:30-7pm)
CSU Channel Islands, Palm, Ventura Co. (6-8pm)

Friday, 10-
Gilke, Culver City (7-10pm)
Creative Arts Center, Valley (5:30-7pm)

Saturday, 11-
Gallery 825, West H’wd (6-9pm)
Gemini G.E.L., West H’wd (3-5pm)
New Image Art, West H’wd (7-10pm)
Ohwow, West H’wd (6-8pm)
bG Gallery, Santa Monica (5:30-9pm)
George Billis, Culver City (5-8pm)
C.A.V.E., Venice (6-9pm)
dnj, Santa Monica (6-8pm)
Honor Fraser, Culver City (6-8pm)
Samuel Freeman, Culver City (6-8pm)
Koplin Rel Rio, Culver City (5-7pm)
Maloney, Culver City 96-8pm)
Otis Clg., West Side*
P32, Santa Monica (6-9pm)
Lora Schlesinger, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Susanne Vielmetter, Cuver City (6-8pm)
Kohn, Hollywood (6-8pm)
La Galeria Gitana, Valley (6-10pm)

Sunday, 12-
Moskowitz, Miralce Mile (7-10pm)
L.A. Artcore, Downtown (3-5pm)
L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex, Downtown (1-3pm)
Offramp, Pasadena (2-5pm)
Chaffey Community Msm, Inland Empire (2-4pm)

Tuesday, 14-
College of the Canyons, Valley (2-4pm)
Azusa Pacific Univ., San Gabriel Vly (6-8pm)
Chaffey Clg., Inland Empire (6-8pm)

Thursday, 16-
Leica, West H’wd (6-9pm)
Pepperdine Univ., Malibu (5-7pm)
Riverside Msm, Riverside (6-7:30pm)
CSU Channel Islands, Broome, Ventura Co. (5:30-7pm)

Friday, 17-
Gagosian, Beverly Hills (6-8pm)
haleARTS, Santa Monica (5-8pm)
CSU Northridge, Valley (7-9pm)

Saturday, 18-
Couturier, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Aran Cravey, Miracle Mile (6-9pm)
KM Fine Arts, West H’wd (6-8pm)
Launch LA, Miracle Mile (6-9pm)
Matthew Marks, West H’wd (3-5pm)
Marc Selwyn, Beverly Hills (6-8pm)
Ruth Bachofner, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Anat Ebgi, Culver City (6-8pm)
KlowdenMann, Culver City (6-8pm)
Walter Maciel, Culver City (6-8pm)
CB1, Downtown (3-6pm)
Coagula Curatorial, Chiatown (7-11pm)
Night, Downtown (7-10pm)
Norwalk Art Center, San Gabriel Vly (5-8pm)
Artists’ Studio Gallery, Palos Verdes (1-4pm)
CSU Channel Islands, Napa, Ventura Co. (3-6pm)

Sunday, 19-
18th Street, Santa Monica (Event, 11am-3pm)

Tuesday, 21-
Depart, West H’wd (6-9pm)

Thursday, 23-
Regen Projects, Hollywood*

Friday, 24-
Santa Monica Clg., Santa Monica (6-8pm)
El Camino Clg., South Bay (5-8pm)

Saturday, 25-
ACME., Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
FIG, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Kopeikin, Culver City (6-8pm)
Craig Krull, Santa Monica (4-6pm)
Roberts & Tilton, Culver City (6-8pm)
Leslie Sacks, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Shoshana Wayne, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
TAG, Santa Monica (5-8pm)
Thinkspace, Culver City (6-9pm)
Von Lintel, Culver City (6-8pm)
LACE, Hollywood (5-8pm)
Subliminal, Echo Park (8-11pm)
Francois Ghebaly, Downtown (7-10pm)
Cal Lutheran, Ventura Co. (5-7pm)

Sunday, 26-
Jancar, Chinatown (4-6pm)

Thursday, 30-
Pitzer Clg, Claremont (5-7pm)
Manhattan Beach Art Center, South Bay (2-3pm)
Fullerton Clg., Orange Co. (5-7pm)
San Diego Mesa Clg., San Diego (5-7pm)