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Calendar of Openings and Special Events

You can look up specific information about the venue and/or exhibition using 
the hotlinks provided.  The Calendar is updated as new information comes in, 
so check in regularly.


A (*) indicates that we have not received information on the specific times 
or that the event may require an invitation or entry fee (contact 
the venue for specifics).





December, 2014


Friday, 19-

haleARTS, Santa Monica (5-8pm)

Mt. San Jacinto Clg., Inland Empire (4-7pm)


Saturday, 20-

Norwalk Cultural Arts Center, San Gabriel Valley (6-8pm)


Thursday, 25-

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, January 1-


Happy New Year!



January 2015

Saturday, 3-
Frank Lloyd, Santa Monica (5-7pm)Francois Ghebaly, Downtown (7-10pm)
OCCCA, Orange Co. (6-10pm)

Sunday, 4-
L.A. Artcore, Downtown (3-5pm)
L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex, Downtown (1-3pm)

Thursday, 8-
Hamilton-Selway, West H’wd (6-8pm)
JoAnne Artman, Orange Co. (3-5pm)

Friday, 9-
Gusford, Miracle Mile
Glike, Culver City (7-10pm)
haleARTS, Santa Monica (5-8pm)
Luz de Jesus, Silverlake (8-11pm)
Creative Arts Center, Valley (7-9pm)

Saturday, 10-
Acme., Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Couturier, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Gagosian, Beverly Hills (6-8pm)
Minan, Miracle Mile (5-7pm)
Steve Turner, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Sonce Alexander, Culver City (6-8pm)
Ruth Bachofner, Santa Monica (4-6pm)
Robert Berman, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
George Billis, Culver City (5-8pm)
Blum & Poe, Culver City (6-8pm)
C.A.V.E., Venice (5-8pm)
Cherry and Martin, Culver City (6-8pm)
China Art Objects, Culver City (6-8pm)
Luis De Jesus, Culver City (6-8pm)
Anat Ebgi, Culver City (6-8pm)
Rosamund Felsen, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
FIG, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
FP Contemporary, Culver City (6-8pm)
Honor Fraser, Culver City (6-8pm)
Samuel Freeman, Culver City (6-8pm)
Greene, West L.A. (6-8pm)
Richard Heller, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Kopeikin, Culver City (6-8pm)
Lois Lambert, Santa Monica (6-9pm)
Walter Maciel, Culver City (6-8pm)
Maloney, Culver City (6-8pm)
Mark Moore, Culver City (6-8pm)
Roberts & Tilton, Culver City (6-8pm)
Santa Monica Art Studios, Arena 1, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Shoshana Wayne, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Thinkspace, Culver City (6-9pm)
Susanne Vielmetter, Culver City (6-8pm)
Western Project, Culver City (6-8pm)
Thomas Duncan, Hollywood (7-9pm)
Kohn, Hollywood (6-8pm)
LAM Gallery, Hollywood (6-9pm)
Various Small Fires, Hollywood (6-8pm)
Cal State L.A., East L.A. (6pm)
UC Irvine, Orange Co. (2-5pm)
Escondido Municipal, San Diego Co. (5:30-8pm)

Pomona Art Colony Second Saturday (6-9pm)

Sunday, 11-
Jancar, Chinatown*
Offramp, Pasadena (2-5pm)
La Sierra Univ., Riverside (6-8pm)

Tuesday, 13-
Chaffey Clg., Inland Empire (6-8pm)

Friday, 16-
UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara (5:30-7:30pm)

Saturday, 17-
Ohwow, West H’wd (6-8pm)
Louis Stern, West H’wd (6-8pm)
dnj, Santa Monica (6-8pm)
Peter Feterman, Santa Monica (4-7pm)
Christopher Grimes, Santa Monica (6-8pm)
G2 Gallery, Venice (6:30-9pm)
KlowdenMann, Culver City (6-8pm)
David Kordansky, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Pepperdine Univ., Malibu (6-8pm)
Santa Monica Msm, Santa Monica (4-6pm)
Lora Schlesinger, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
TAG, Santa Monica (5-8pm)
Tara, Santa Monica (6-9pm)
101/Exhibit, Hollywood (6-8pm)
Redling, Hollywood*
La Peche, South L.A.*
Mihai Nicodim, Downtown*
Night, Downtown*
Papillion, South L.A.*
Wilding Cran, Downtown (6-9pm)
Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona (4-7pm)
South Bay Contemporary at The Loft, San Pedro (6-9pm)
UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara (5:30-7:30pm)

Sunday, 18-
Cohen, Miracle Mile*
Topanga Canyon, Malibu*
Chaffey Community Msm, Inland Empire (2-4pm)

Tuesday, 20-
Azusa Pacific Univ., San Gabriel Vly (6-8pm)

Wednesday, 21-
Calif. Center for the Arts, Escondido (5-7pm)

Thursday, 22-
Manhattan Beach Art Center, South Bay (6-8pm)

Friday, 23-
Michael Benevento, West H’wd (7-9pm)
haleARTS, Santa Monica (7-9pm)

Saturday, 24-
Gallery 825, West H’wd (6-9pm)
KM Fine Arts, West H’wd (7-9pm)
1301PE, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Copro, Santa Monica (8-11:30pm)
Corey Helford, Culver City (7-10pm)
Craig Krull, Santa Monica (4-6pm)
Loyola Marymount Univ., West Side (2-5pm)
Otis Clg., West Side (4-6pm)
P32, Santa Monica (6-10pm)
Shulamit, Venice (6-8pm)
Subliminal, Echo Park (7-11pm)
La Galeria Gitana, Valley (6-10pm)
East L.A. Clg., East L.A.*
Pitzer Clg., Claremont (2-4pm)
Pomona Clg., Claremont (5-7pm)
Scripps Clg., Claremont (7-9pm)
City of Brea, Orange Co. (7-9pm)
CSU Fullerton, Orange Co. (5-8pm)

Sunday, 25-
American Jewish Univ., West L.A. (3-5pm)

Wednesday, 28-
Orange Coast Clg., Orange Co. (5-8pm)

Thursday, 29-
El Camino Clg., South Bay (7-9pm)
CSU Channel Islands, Napa, Ventura Co. (6-8pm)

Friday, 30-
Depart, West H’wd (6-9pm)
CSU Northridge, Valley (7-9pm)

Saturday, 31-
David Kordansky, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
CSU Long Beach, Long Beach (6-8pm)
Peter Blake, Orange Co. (6-8pm)
Huntington Bch Art Center, Orange Co. (7-9pm)