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Calendar of Openings and Special Events

You can look up specific information about the venue and/or exhibition using 
the hotlinks provided.  The Calendar is updated as new information comes in, 
so check in regularly.


A (*) indicates that we have not received information on the specific times 
or that the event may require an invitation or entry fee (contact 
the venue for specifics).







Saturday, 29-

TAG, Santa Monica (5-8pm)

Western Project, Culver City (6-8pm)

College of the Canyons, Valley (1-4pm)




Thursday, 3-

San Pedro First Thursday (6-9pm)

Board Room

Gallery Ls

Lauren Kilgore

The Loft



Laguna Beach First Thursday (6-9pm)


Art Cube

JoAnne Artman

Peter Blake


Sue Greenwood

Laguna Art Msm

LCAD on Forest

Salt Fine Art


Santa Barbara First Thursday (5-8pm)


Channing Peake

Elizabeth Gordon

SB Contemporary Arts Forum

Santa Barbara Msm

Sullivan Goss

Santa Barbara Frame and Gallery


Friday, 4-

haleARTS SPACE, Santa Monica (5-8pm)

Palos Verdes AC, Palos Verdes (67-8pm)


Saturday, 5-

Couturier, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)

Launch, Miracle Mile (7-10pm)

Merry Karnowsky, Miracle Mile (7-10pm)

Ohwow, West H’wd (6-8pm)

101/Exhibit, West H’wd (6-8pm)

Robert Berman, Santa Monica (5-8pm)

George Billis, Culver City (5-8pm)

Jaus, West L.A. (6:30-9:30pm)

Paul Loya, Culver City (6-9pm)

Mark Moore, Culver City (6-8pm)

Prohibition, Culver City (6-9pm)

Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica (6-9pm)

Lora Schlesinger, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Skidmore, Santa Monica (2-5pm)

CES Contemporary, Downtown (6-9pm)

Red Pipe Chinatown (5-11pm)

Flower Pepper, Pasadena (6:30-9:30pm)

Fremont, So. Pasadena (6-9pm)

Stone Rose, Long Beach (5-7pm)

OCCCA, Orange Co. (6p-10pm)


Sunday, 6-

Topanga Canyon, West Side (2-5pm)

L.A. Artcore, Downtown (3-5pm)

L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex, Downtown (1-3pm)

Artists’ Studio, Palos Verdes (2-6pm)


Thursday, 10-

Loyola Marymount Univ., West Side (6-8pm)

Pepperdine Univ., West Side (5-7pm)

Creative Arts Center, Valley (5:30-7pm)


Downtown Art Walk (12-9pm)



Friday, 11-

Creative Arts Center, Valley (5:30-7pm)

Huntington Beach AC, Orange Co. (6-8pm)


Saturday, 12-

Minan, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)

C.A.V.E., Venice (6-9pm)

Fresh Paint, Culver City (6-8pm)

Richard Heller, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Craig Krull, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Frank Lloyd, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Maxwell Alexander, Culver City (6-9pm)

Otis Clg., West Side (4-6pm)

William Turner, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Regen Projects, Hollywood (6-8pm)

Diane Rosenstein, Hollywood (6-8pm)

57 Underground, Pomona (4-9pm)

Sweeney, Riverside (6-9pm)

California Msm, South Bay (6pm)

The Loft, San Pedro (4-7pm)

CSU Fullerton, Orange Co. (5-8pm)

Joseph Bellows, La Jolla (6=8pm)

Quint, La Jolla (6-8pm)

Scott White, La Jolla (6-8pm)


Pomona Art Colony Second Saturday (6-9pm)

Space Pomona


Sunday, 13-

SoPas, So. Pasadena (3-5pm)


Tuesday, 15-

Azusa Pacific Univ., San Gabriel Vly (6-8pm)

Chaffey Clg., Inland Empire (6-8pm)


Wednesday, 16-

Subliminal, Echo Park (8-11pm)

Manhattan Beach AC, South Bay (5-7pm)


Thursday, 17-

CSU Channel Islands, Palm, Ventura Co. (6-8pm)

CSU Bakersfield, Bakersfield (6-8pm)


Friday, 18-

haleARTS SPACE, Santa Monica (5-8pm)

CSU Northridge, Valley (7-9pm)


Saturday, 19-

Gagosian, Beverly Hills (6-8pm)

ltdlosangeles, West H’wd (6-9pm)

Matthew Marks, West H’wd (3-5pm)

Blum and Poe, Culver City (6-8pm)

China Art Objects, Culver City (6-8pm)

Anat Ebgi, Culver City (6-8pm)

FIG, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Honor Fraser, Culver City (6-8pm)

Greene, Culver City (6-8pm)

David Kordansky, Culver City (6-8pm)

Walter Maciel, Culver City (6-8pm)

Mihai Nicodim, Culver City (6-8pm)

L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex, Downtown (3-5pm)

Night, Downtown  (6-8pm)

Watts Towers, South L.A. (1pm)

CSU Channel Islands, Napa Hall, Ventura Co. (1-4pm)


Thursday, 24-

CSU Channel Islands, Broome, Ventura Co. (5:30-7pm)


Friday, 25-

El Camino Clg., South Bay (5-8pm)


Saturday, 26-

ACME., Miracle Mile (6-8pm)

Gallery 825, West H’wd (6-9pm)

New Image, West H’wd (7-10pm)

Ruth Bachofner, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

Rosamund Felsen, Santa Monica (5-7pm)

G2 Gallery, Venice (6:30-9pm)

Kopeikin, Culver City (6-8pm)

Santa Monica Auctions, Santa Monica (Auction, 4pm)

TAG, Santa Monica (5-8pm)

Thinkspace, Culver City (6-9pm)

Favorite Goods, Downtown (7-10pm)

La Galeria Gitana, Valley (6-10pm)

57 Underground, Pomona (6-9pm)

Main Street, Pomona (6-9pm)

Zask/South Bay Contemporary, Palos Verdes (6-9pm)


Sunday, 27-

Chaffey Community Msm, Inland Empire (2-4pm)


Angels Gate, San Pedro (12-5pm)