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"Consanguinidad Virtual / Virtual Consanguinity"


EXHIBITION: Mariángeles Soto-Díaz, "Consanguinidad Virtual / Virtual Consanguinity"

DATES: September 9-October 14, 2000
RECEPTION: Saturday, September 9, 5 - 7 p.m.

LOCATION: Ruth Bachofner Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave. G2, Santa Monica, CA 90404
310.829.3300, fax 310.449.0070
Web site,
GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to present Consanguinidad Virtual / Virtual Consanguinity, an exhibition of paintings by Mariángeles Soto-Díaz. This exhibition brings together a body of work based on the artist’s interest in “translating and filtering abstract painting through a gender and culturally-specific lens.”

Soto-Díaz infuses her essentially abstract paintings with a personal resonance by including fragments of e-mail text written in Spanish between her and other women from her family in Venezuela. The artist builds up areas of the canvas with varying layers of red oil paint, alkyd, wax, and other media and transfers the reduced, enlarged and/or inverted text onto the paintings. As she is interested in generating a tension between revealing private information and retaining a sense of privacy, she partially veils some of the text beneath layers of paint or reduces the letters several times to the point of illegibility.

The formal elements of Soto-Díaz paintings, such as her use of red, correlates with notions related to womanhood; the square, grid and rectangular compositions allude to the aesthetics of computer imagery as well as to the traditions of abstraction that Soto- Díaz rethinks and reasserts in her work.

The artist says, “The @ symbol carries a great symbolic weight in my work referencing both the expectation of a fixed connection between person and place, yet at the same time - given the fluctuating nature of cyberspace - also revealing instability. For me, this instability parallels a larger sense of dislocation emblematic of the person in exile. My choice of [red],” she continues, ”is not based on a singular or fixed meaning. I am interested in eliciting multiple readings and yet, at the same time, favor associations that point to the signifiers of ‘woman’.”

For further information please call 310.829.3300, fax 310.449.0070 or visit

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