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"Dreaming of Rectangles"


EXHIBITION: 6TH Annual Holiday Group Show
DATES: December 2 - January 6, 2001
RECEPTION: Saturday, December 2, 4 - 7 p.m.

LOCATION: Ruth Bachofner Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Center, 2525 Michigan Ave. G2, Santa Monica, CA 90404
310.829.3300, fax 310.449.0070
Web site,
GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to announce its 6th Annual Holiday Group Show. The exhibition brings together more than sixty artists’ small works. Approximately one-hundred fifty pieces in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography and collage will be installed salon style in the south gallery through January 6, 2001.

Lillian Abel
Michel Alexis
Young An
Nena Amsler
Sarah Arnold
Dawn Arrowsmith
Tony Beauvy
Karl Benjamin
Cindy Bennett
Sharon Bental
Eva Bovenzi
Phil Bower
Michael Brangoccio
Kavin Buck
Nolina Burge
Drew Burgess
Marco Casentini
Margaret Cheeseman
Alexander Couwenberg
Kathy Crowe
Jeanne Dunn
Avery Falkner
Jennifer Faist
Elen Feinberg
Alison Foshee
Robilee Frederick
Verd Galor
Richard Gate
Barbara Hashimoto
Brian Hollister
Sherrie Hunt
Larry Hurst
Scott Katano
Robert Kingston
Nicola Lamb
Pamela Leeds
Haven Lin-Kirk
Kaoru Mansour
Carlo Marcucci
Eric Neibhur
Brett Osborn
Jeehee Paik
Deborah Paulsen
David Allen Peters
Constance Pohlman
Bill Raib
Roland Reiss
Jay Rifkin
Terry Rose
Mariángeles Soto-Díaz
Seiko Tachibana
Holly Tempo
Matthew Thomas
Sylvia Tidwell
Selina Trieff
Marc Trujillo
Carolyn Buck Vosburgh
Audra Weaser
Sharon Weiner
Jane Park Wells
Marion Wesson

For further information please call 310.829.3300, fax 310.449.0070 or visit

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