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"Off the Wall"


"On the Wall"
Paintings and Etchings


Rupert T. Deese (The Younger)
"On the Wall", Paintings and Etchings
Rupert J. Deese (The Elder)
"Off the Wall", Stoneware
November 18th to December 30th, 2000
Reception for the Artists, Saturday, November 18th, 3 to 6 pm

7321 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-5523, fax (323) 933-7618
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Rupert T. Deese draws upon his love of nature and natural habitats as inspirations for his paintings and etchings. After reading John Muir's The Mountains of California, Deese became interested in the flow and ebb of the Sierra riverbanks. Recent works are influenced by his exploration of the watersheds: cup-like ridges which divide the mountainous edges of the Sierra Nevada. In 1990 Deese began to explore specific watersheds, in the San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rivers, to observe the curves and pitches of the terrain and to take in the shapes and colors of the flora and fauna.

The works that grew from this period derive their shapes, contours, colors and rhythms from these watersheds. Monochromatic landscapes are contoured with a sealed armature, the surfaces transduced into a system of sympathetic geometric facets, much akin to relief maps. Each color is representative of one found in nature; each color implies a distance and scale. Small glass spheres are incorporated into the shades and tints of paint, which dramatically activate the undulant and faceted forms.

Rupert T. Deese was born in 1952, Upland, California. Following his father's lead (artist Rupert J. Deese), Rupert pursued an education in the arts. In 1974 he received a B.A. at the University of California, Santa Barbara, followed by an M.F.A. from the same institution in 1976.

The works of Rupert T. Deese have been widely exhibited at the Chinati Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego and the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York and others. He is represented in many public and private collections including the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Nevada Museum of Art.

Rupert Deese has always had function as an important component in his art. He finds it 'exciting' to solve the problems in designing and decorating the pot, vase, jar or bowl in his hands, with the the essential usefulness of the piece always in mind.

Deese applies his selected glazes to a fine textured walnut brown clay body . All bases and lids are evenly ground with carborundum paper to perfect seductive smooothness so that the lids seal perfectly and the bases never scratch the surfaces on which they are placed. His work is fired to 2156 degrees (!) or 'cone 5', creating porcelain or glass-finished pieces that can be used in the oven, on the table, in the dishwasher. And they are beautiful also!

Rupert Deese was born in 1924 on the island of Guam. He achieved a B.A. at Pomona College in 1950, followed by a M.F.A. at Claremont Graduate School. For twenty years, 1964 1983, he designed dinnerware shapes and patterns for Franciscan Inc., always working in his own studio 'after hours' to today.

Awards for his work began in 1960 with the IBM Sweepstakes Prize at the 21st Ceramic National and continued over the years. Currently he is in the Color & Fire exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and was included at the recent show in Marfa, Texas at the Chinati Foundation/The Judd Foundation, with prints by Barnett Newman and drawings by Dan Flavin. Rupert Deese stoneware is represented in many private and public collections including The Renwick Collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, the Walker Art Center, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Long Beach Museum of Art.

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