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ARENAL, ARP, AMANO and ABRAMSON: Multiculturalism
Latin, European, Japanese and Israeli Printmakers
April 17 - July 10, 2004
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 17, 2 to 5pm

7321 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-5523, fax (323) 933-7618
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Artists are motivated to make a statement by a variety of stimuli, among those are politics, genre, nature, emotions, religion - and an incomprehensible desire to create new ways to express themselves. They use many different mediums; sometimes these media relate to or are identified with their cultures.

The political scene has always been an important focus of artists working in 20th century Latin America. Included in this exhibition are posters of social commentary created at the Taller de Grafica Popular in Mexico, by ANGEL BRACHO (Victoria, Color woodcut, 1945) and ISIDORO OCAMPO (1' de julio...., Color lithograph, 1938). Art celebrating the peoples of Mexico are also featured, with works by JEAN CHARLOT (The Great Builders, Lithograph, 1929) and LUIS ARENAL (Mujer de Taxco, Lithograph, 1947), RUFINO TAMAYO (Femme Souriente, Color lithograph, 1969) and FRANCISCO TOLEDO (Caballo y Moscas, Color lithograph, c.1975) will be among the Latin artists and works featured in this exhibition.

Prints by European masters include woodcuts, lithographs and etchings by JEAN ARP, MARIO AVATI, MAX BECKMANN, FERNAND LEGER, JOAN MIRO, HENRY MOORE, PABLO PICASSO and ARNOLDO POMODORO.

Modern Japanese artists continue the long tradition of printmaking. Our exhibition will focus upon the traditional techniques through the artists KUNIHIRO AMANO, YOSHITOSHI MORI, JUNICHIRO SEKINO, SADAO WATANABE and GEN YAMAGUCHI, all of whom employ the contemporary vocabulary of the twentieth century.

Also, we will be showing works by contemporary Israeli artists working at the Jerusalem Print Workshop, which is the largest and most important print workshop in Israel. Included are a series of screenprints by DOV HELLER, recounting his family’s immigration from Romania, monumental painterly screenprints by MOSHE GERSHUNI, and stippled drypoint etchings by ALEX KREMER.

The world ‘shrinks’ daily. Particularly in the United States, the fabric of our culture is made strong by the threads of many prevalent cultures that have gathered here. This exhibition celebrates the whole.

Color digital images available upon request.

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