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Essay: James Hueter's "Visages"

JAMES HUETER's most recent works have evolved from his more than twenty-five year fascination with the architecture of the human face.

HUETER creates his "visages" by painting and sanding the wooden surfaces twelve to fifteen times, resulting in surfaces composed of the emerging layers of various pigment. These panels are then combined seamlessly with sculptured metal, glass, plastic, and carved wood. These elements provide random, changing reflections with elusive underlying forms.

Within these richly textured and colored constructions, HUETER sensitively unites abstracted facial elements and ambiguous space with architectonic strength. The viewer is drawn deep into the essence of the visual enigma and the subtle probings and intuitive revelations of the artist. JAMES HUETER's sculpture-paintings are mysterious, contemplative and inevitably evoke a unique exchange between artist, viewer and art work.

--Tobey Moss
For the 1996 exhibition, James Hueter: Recent Works

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