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At age 4 (!), assisted father in developing photographs

Entered Art Center College of Design

Moved to Venice, California
Was 'mascot' of Chouinard crowd at Terry O'Shea's studio

My earliest recollection of Photography was at age 4 with my father. He let me rock the tray as we watched an image magically appear on a piece of paper.

I was hooked.

I moved to Venice soon after finishing Art Center. My neighbor was Terry O'Shea, an Artists' Artist, if there ever was one. His studio was the gathering point for others at the time mostly from the Chouinard crowd of the late '50s and '60s. The real meaning of Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll was O'Shea's studio '24/7'. I was the mascot. They let me hang around while reaming me till I was accepted into the crowd.

This is a collection of arty types--painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors--with O'Shea and Hunter Thompson as spirit guides. These photos are a glimpse thru the rabbits' hole: below the surface of the glitz usually associated with the LA art scene. I hope they deliver a sense of the fun we've had wasting time, energy and brain cells, running around Venice all these years. In other words, we all know each other a little too well - that's probably a good thing. Then again, maybe not.....I'll leave it up to you.

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