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"Patrick Graham's paintings are masterpieces...on a grand physical, emotional and intellectual scale...they are among the most complicated, salient reflections on modern existence that have been made in the last decade."

Donald Kuspit

"Patrick Graham is a powerful and poetic artist. This man is real. He's the artist to watch in the 1990's."

Thomas Hoving

" just past 50, Graham seems at the peak of his powers. The overall impact and immediacy prove once again that he is one of the strongest personalities in contemporary Irish art, and also a figure well able to hold his own with the art-tigers of the international arena...Arguably the best Irish draughtsman of his generation, he sometimes reacts against this, yet the born master of line keeps breaking through the fiery, almost sullen colors and the turgid but eloquent paint surface."

Brian Fallon, The Irish Times

"...Graham is probably the finest artist working in Ireland today."

Blaithin O'Ciobhain, Irish Press


"Patrick Graham handles pigment, line and composition with a raw exploration of the place where knowledge and emotion meet."

Peter Frank, L.A. Weekly

"[Patrick Graham's] iconography and perspective echoes much of the power and symmetry of Renaissance painting. What sets Graham's work apart is his skill at weaving technical execution with his articulate vision."

Boston Herald

"Graham's collaged drawings resemble pages from an illuminated manuscript while his paintings suggest altarpieces. As in all Graham's paintings and drawings, words and phrases - I am water poured out, Requiem Requiem, Te Deum, Always Always, Good Bye Dear Heart - rise up with magical power and are incorporated into the work, naming, framing and underscoring the image."

Judith Higgins, Art in America

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