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Los Angeles-based artist Seth Kaufman was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1958 and has been an active member of the Los Angeles art community for the past ten years, following his first one-person exhibition in 1989. As his career has evolved over the years, Kaufman’s work has included a wide range of subject matter and media. From poignant commentary on the 1992 Los Angeles riots, to works composed of tiny delicate squares of resin filled with peach pits, or large back-lit pieces that highlight the intricate patterns of crocheted blankets, his work has been steadily building on his interests in materials and process. Kaufman's art offers depth and texture and challenges the traditional categories of painting and sculpture.

Solo Exhibitions

Seth Kaufman: Centric 59, University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach

Miller Fine Art, Los Angeles

Post, Los Angeles

Dwelling In Rebellion/A Year To The Day, Zero One Gallery, Los Angeles (catalogue)
Crossing the Red Line, Sadler Fine Arts, Venice, California

Selected Group Exhibitions

Seth Kaufman—John Morris, Anthony Meier Fine Art, San Francisco

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Auction, Sotheby’s, Beverly Hills
Loop, Miller/Durazo Fine Art, Los Angeles, organized by Amy Dove
tripindicular, Lemon Sky, Los Angeles, organized by Christopher Pate
Sig-Alert, Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe (catalogue), organized by John D. Spiak
twistfoldlayerflake, California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, organized by Lawrence Rinder

Skin and Bone, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles (catalogue), organized by Noel Korten
Loves Labors Lost, Site Gallery, Los Angeles, organized by Sue Spaid
Documenta, Huntington Beach Art Center, California (catalogue), organized by Bill Radawec

Sixth Biennial Art Auction, MOCA, Los Angeles (catalogue)

Neronian Osmosis, Michael Ampter, Seth Kaufman, Brian Smith, Zero One Gallery, Los Angeles Disaster—Works From The Permanent Collection, Laguna Beach Art Museum, California

Boomerang Show, Tom Solomon's Garage, Los Angeles
Less Ayre, Seth Kaufman, Scott Vradelis, AMO-Amanda M. Obering, Los Angeles

Fear, ATLA, Los Angeles

Tom Solomon's Garage, Los Angeles

Cure Gallery, Los Angeles

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