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Beyond Boundaries: Contemporary Photography in California
DATES: June 20—August 6, 2000
MEDIA CONTACT: For information or visuals, contact Mary-Kay Lombino, 562.985.5761

This project began with an innocent question, casually asked: “What is the most compelling photography made in California during the last five years?” Beyond Boundaries: Contemporary Photography in California, an exhibition organized by the Friends of Photography in San Francisco is one answer to that question. The sixty-five artists represented here have been selected from a pool of over 300 photographers, nominated by museum curators, gallery directors, art publishers and critics, specialists in small non-profit organizations and large metropolitan museums, working across the state. The only requirement was that the artist be a California resident at the time of selection. Developed through a years of meetings with the artists involved, Beyond Boundaries is arranged as a loosely thematic collage which echoes their crisscrossing threads and transcending differences of generation, gender, artistic training, or racial specificities.

In the words of the curator of the exhibition, Nora Kabat, in her catalogue essay, from this grouping of artists “...emerges the rubbish and remnants, traces and confessions of modern life. Whether in the discarded American flag gathered on Nigel Poor's daily walk or the luminescent specimen jars of Camille Solyagua, in the meticulously preserved childhood train tracks of Dale Kistemaker or the symbolic electric chairs of Luis Delgado Qualtrough, in the still, mute moments of Eileen Cowin or the spare, hollow bedrooms of Sharon Lockhart, in John Divola's search for transcendence in the strip malls of Los Angeles or in Larry Sultan's filmic images of the pornography industry, the artists in this exhibition attempt a delicate balance between compassion and critical distance. The photographers are, in one sense, mindful yet wary of art's traditional role in conveying elemental truths. At the same time, they remain painfully aware of the modern world's unceasing construction of simultaneous meanings.”

John Baldessari, Lewis Baltz, Richard Barnes, Uta Barth, Ken Botto, Kim Brown, Mark Citret, Brad Cole, Linda Connor, Miles Coolidge, Eileen Cowin, Judy Dater, Luis Delgado Qualtrough, John Divola, Rod Dresser, James Fee, Robbert Flick, Jack Fulton, Maizie Gilbert, Joel Aaron Glassman, Jim Goldberg, Ken Gonzales-Day, Todd Gray, Doug Hall, Deborah Hammond, Kevin Hanley , Tom Hawkins, Anthony Hernandez, Lynn Hershman, Todd Hido, John Humble, Clint Imboden, Michael Kenna, Dale Kistemaker, Dinh Q. Le, Michael Lewis, Sharon Lockhart, Laurie Long, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Roger Minick, Richard Misrach, Han Nguyen, Kelly Nipper, Abner Nolan, Catherine Opie, Gay Outlaw, Rondal Partridge, Nigel Poor, John Priola, Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Richard Ross, Liza Ryan, Rocky Schenck, Susan Schwartzenberg, Susan Silton, Camille Solyagua, Don Suggs, Larry Sultan, Stephanie Syjuco, Arthur Tress, Catherine Wagner, Henry Wessel, Jo Whaley, Kelli Yon.

There will be an opening reception for the artists on Sunday, June 25, 2000 from 4-6 pm.
Other events and programs related to this exhibition will be announced in early June.

This exhibtion was organized and is circulated by The Friends of Photography, San Francisco and comes to Long Beach wth the support of Thomas and Barbara Peckenpaugh.The UAM, a division of the College of the Arts, receives additional support from The Getty Grant Program and the Instructionally Related Activities Fund. Education programming is provided by the California Arts Council, The Bess J. Hodges Foundation, The Forty-Niner Shops, and the CSULB Alumni Association.

Summer hours are Tuesday, 12-8 pm, and Wednesday-Sunday, 12-5 pm, closed Monday.

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