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Find any gallery in alphabetical order here--galleries named for the owner are alphabetized last name first. You will be transferred directly to the gallery listing simply by clicking the name.

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Aboriginal Dreamtime
Ace Contemporary Exhibitions
Acme Gallery
Adamson-Duvannes Galleries
ADC Contemporary
Altered Space Gallery
Andrewshire Gallery
Angles Gallery
another year in LA
Arin Contemporary
Art Cube Gallery
Art Pic
Art Produce
Art Resource Group
Artamo Gallery
Artman, JoAnne Gallery
Artology 101
Avenue 50 Studio

Bachofner, Ruth Gallery
Bain, Sarah Gallery
Benevento, Michael Los Angeles
Novak, Jonathan Contemporary Art
Berman, Robert Gallery
George Billis Gallery
Black Maria Gallery
Blake, Peter Gallery
Bleicher/Golightly Gallery
Bluebird Art House
Blum & Poe Gallery
Blythe Projects
Bridges, Bo Gallery
Bunny Gunner

Cactus Gallery
Campognone, Andi Projects
Cardwell Jimmerson Contemporary
Carmichael Gallery
CB1 Gallery
Cella Gallery
Cella, Edward Art & Architecture
Channel Four Contemporary Art
Cherry and Martin
China Art Objects Galleries
Chung King Projects
Cirrus Gallery
Cisco Home
CJ Gallery
Clark | Oshin Gallery
Cohen, Stephen Gallery
The Company
Contemporary Artists Services
Copro Nason
Correia, Patricia Projects
Cottage Home Gallery
Couturier Gallery
CrossRoads Gallery

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Dawson, Michael Gallery
DDR Projects
De Jesus, Luis Los Angeles
Del Mano Gallery
Demossa Gallery
Denenberg Fine Arts
Device Gallery
DNJ Gallery
Downtown Art Center (DAC)
Duncan Miller Gallery

Kristi Engle Gallery

Fahey/Klein Gallery
Felsen, Rosamund Gallery
Fetterman, Peter Photographic Works of Art
Fifth Floor Gallery
57 Underground
Fig Tree Gallery
Findlay, Wally Galleries
The Folk Tree/The Folk Tree Collection
Foxx, Marc Gallery
Frank Pictures
Fraser, Honor
Freeman, Samuel Gallery
Fremont Gallery
Fresh Paint
Frumkin, Sherry Gallery
Future Studio Gallery

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G2 Gallery
Gagosian Gallery
La Galeria Gitana
Galerie Michael
Gallery Luisotti
Gallery 'N' Gifts
Gallery Nucleus
Gallery 727
Gallery Skart
Gallery Western
Garboushian Gallery
Gebert Gallery
Gemini G.E.L.
Glass Garage Fine Art
Green, Bert Fine Art
Greenfield Sacks Gallery
Greenwood Chebithes Gallery
Grimes, Christopher Gallery

Hamilton Galleries
Hamilton-Selway Fine Art
M. Hanks Gallery
Happy Lion
Harvest Gallery
Helfen, Spencer Jon Fine Arts
Corey Helford Gallery
Helix Gallery is now PS Zask Gallery
Thomas Paul Fine Art
Richard Heller Gallery
Hepner, Guy Contemporary
Heritage Gallery
Hibbleton Gallery
Hittleman, Michael Gallery
The Hive Gallery
Hohmann, Christian Fine Art
Hollis, Michael Fine Arts

Ikon Limited Fine Arts
Imago Galleries
Ison, Trigg Fine Art
Iturralde Gallery

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James, Charlie Gallery
James, Heather Fine Art
Jancar Gallery
JK Gallery
Jones Parker Gallery
Judson Gallery

Kantor Gallery
Karges, William Fine Art
Karnowsky, Merry Gallery
Kazan, H. Gallery
Kesner, Jan Gallery
Khastoo Gallery
Kinkead Contemporary
Kohn, Michael Gallery
Kopeikin, Paul Gallery
Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Kordansky, David Gallery
Krull, Craig Gallery

L.A. Art Exchange
LA Art House
LA Contemporary
La Luz de Jesus
L.A. Louver Gallery
Latin American Masters
Latino Art Museum
Lawrence Asher Gallery
Leavin, Margo Gallery
LeBasse Projects
Lee, Sabina Gallery
Lee, Sam Gallery
Lee, Sarah Gallery
Leigh, Leon Contemporary
Patty Look Lewis Gallery
Little Bird Gallery
L'Keg Gallery
Lloyd, Frank Gallery
The Loft
LOOK Gallery
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Lovegrove, Karyn Gallery
Lynne, Karen Gallery