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"Exoskeleton", oil on canvas, 24 x 36".

A native to New York City, Mila Sterling moved to California in 1975, where she has lived ever since. By her junior year at UC Berkeley art, and painting in particular, had evolved from a serious interest into a professional career. Following graduation, she exhibited in several Bay Area venues, including Enrico's in San Francisco and the Art Collective Gallery in Berkeley. Since her relocation to Los Angeles in 1999, Mila has shown at Sushi Performance in San Diego; this is her debut L.A. exhibit. In January, she is moving to Spain for a year, where she hopes to continue to exhibit her work and gain new insight by living in a foreign environment.

This series at Inshallah consists of a group of paintings that reflect a year of rapid change and development in the artist's life. The paintings originate as urban landscapes, yet as the work evolves these inanimate structures become more lifelike and evocative of conception, growth, and decay. The rough, expressionistically painted constructions are meant to be seen not as still lifes, but as portraits with movement and rhythm.

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