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Jeff Kessinger is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. His work proceeds from the language or material of its own production and exhibition. His media have ranged from extremely spare uses of materials to photography, video and architectural installation.

In a collaborative work with Dee Williams for Galerie für Gegenwartskunst Barbara Claasen-Schmal, 2001 the material conditions of the postal service in the context of mail art was considered. For the work two identical letters were mailed to the gallery. The only difference between them being one was folded twice and the other folded three times. One letter qualified for high-speed automated sorting while the other carried the risk it would require additional handling.

"Untitled", photo installation.

In an installation for Rocket Shop, Berlin, 2002 a one-to-one scale reproduction of the 76 square meter floor of the multi-room exhibition space was constructed using red postcards. The floor shaped reproduction was exhibited by "folding" it into the front room of the space. The accurately reproduced dimensions and configuration of the entire space were made visible from a single room. The overall view, however set up a mode of reception requiring switching alternately between perceiving the work and reading the work.

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