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  Galleries and museum pages are listed in alphabetical order within the geographical area in which they are located. If you know the name of a space you wish to find but not its location, look it up in the ALPHABETICAL INDEX. It's page will be linked directly to it's name in either index. Where a gallery name is that of a person, it is alphabetized according to their LAST NAME.

Map buttons at the beginning of each section will call up the full sized, readable area map in which the galleries are located. You can also go to the Southern California Area Maps to access all maps.

Alphabetical Index to
Galleries and Museums

Service and Supply Listings

Gallery and Museum
Listings by Type:

Privately owned and operated
fine art galleries

Art Museums

Alternative, artist-run
and co-op galleries

University, college and
school operated art galleries

Community and publicly
operated art centers & galleries


Greater Los Angeles and Orange Co. Overview Map
Gallery and Museum Listings
by Geographical Location:

West Side: Santa Monica/ Venice/West Los Angeles/Culver City/Malibu

West Hollywood/Beverly Hills


Downtown/South Los Angeles/East Los Angeles

San Fernando Valley

Northeast Los Angeles


San Gabriel Valley/Pomona/Claremont

Inland Empire/Riverside/Palm Springs

Long Beach/San Pedro/South Bay

Orange County

San Diego/La Jolla

Santa Barbara/Ventura County

Bakersfield/Kern County


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