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1.  Only galleries listing with ArtScene will be considered for PREVIEWS. All exhibitions are considered for CONTINUING AND RECOMMENDED, as long as they open prior to our submission deadline and continue to at least the second day of the following month.  Preview coverage is not guaranteed as part of a paid listing and/or display contract.  In order to ensure the broadest and fairest possible coverage, however, no more than two (2) exhibitions per gallery per year will receive Preview essays (this does not include Continuing and Recommended items).

2.  All articles represent the judgment and analysis of independent art journalists, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ArtScene

3.  Only formal exhibitions of specific duration will be considered for editorial treatment

4.  To be considered for Preview coverage, we MUST receive your listing form on or before the EARLY DEADLINE FOR PREVIEW CONSIDERATION deadline stamped on the front.

5.  When an exhibition has been selected for Previewing, ArtScene will contact the gallery to request the following information be sent either to ArtScene, or directly to the writer:

•  Digital files, slides, transparencies, photographs, and/or a catalogue of work to be included in the exhibition.  At least one image will be selected for publication in the printed digest; typically four may be selected to accompany the article on the Web site.
•  Artist(s) bio (if the artist is based locally, indicate their address and telephone number, as writers often wish to visit or speak with the subject artist in the course of preparation).
•  Copies of past articles & reviews.
•  Gallery press release.
•  If available, additional explanatory material such as artist's statement or catalogue essay.

 6.  Final decision as to publication of all editorially prepared material rests solely and exclusively with ArtScene.  The editorial integrity and voice of our contributing writers is an essential standard we apply to all editorial content. All content is published on as well as in the printed digest.  All Web site editorial content is indexed and permanently accessible through the Articles section, and also through your gallery/museum Home Page if you have a contracted listing with ArtScene. 

7.  "Continuing and Recommended".    This section consists of a series of short takes of about 50-150 words published without bylines.  Continuing exhibitions are recommended on the basis of merit by contributing writers, who receive a monthly Writer's Calendar of shows that open prior to our submission deadlines (typically about the 13th of each month), and continue into the following month (so that they are still on view when our new issue appears).  As space allows ArtScene may also publish capsules prepared editorially based on press material (releases, announcements, and/or photographs) submitted by galleries on or before the regular deadline date stamped on your listing form.  There are no specific frequency limitations beyond our general policy of maintaining the broadest and fairest possible coverage. 

8.  E-Newsletter.  The monthly electronic newsletter summary is based on a review of all gallery and museum exhibitions and other noteworthy activities that we have on record as of the third week of each month.  Please simply maintain ArtScene on your regular press release list to supplement information submitted on the regular listing forms. This is e-mailed to our database, currently over 20,000 opt in only subscribers.

9.  Reproduction of visual art.  One or more images relating to a covered exhibition are normally published in the printed digest; approximately four images are selected for publication with the same article on the ArtScene Web site.  All images reproduced for Web use are digitally watermarked and copyright protected.