ArtScene is a comprehensive guide to the fine art galleries and museums of Southern California. It has been published in magazine format monthly since 1982, and is available at over 400 galleries and museum bookstores in the greater Los Angeles area, Orange, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino counties, as well as major hotels.

Our electronic version brings you a complete listing of all fine art spaces' names, addresses and phone numbers, and area maps that show you exactly where they are located and how to find them. Most listings also have information about this month's exhibitions as well as the artists a gallery represents.

Examples of artists' works and virtual exhibitions are linked directly to the exhibiting gallery. ArtScene also features articles about shows currently on exhibit by prominent Southern California art writers; we keep our ever-growing file of articles from past issues on file as well.

We hope you find the ArtScene web site helpful in keeping up with fine art in Southern California, whether you live here, if you are a visitor, or if you are a fan--no matter where in the world you are--who recognizes the wonderful vitality of the universe of visual art!

ArtScene congratulates the recipients of the Los Angeles Art Awards
ArtScene : 25, held at Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Celebrating ArtScene's 25th Anniversary

Henry Hopkins Award
June Wayne

Rising Star Award
Andrea Zittel

Special Recognition Award
Josine Inaco-Starrels

Left: Llyn Foulkes grooves with ArtScene : 25 guests at LACMA.
Right: A beaming June Wayne displays Lita Albuquerque's Henry Hopkins Award statuette.
Photos: Niku Kashef.



We posed several questions to our regular contributing art writers, with the resulting stream of opinions, anecdotes, and insights. All of which should get you better acquainted with these articulate folk, as they collectively assess the present state of art in Southern California.

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