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Refer to Gallery Listings for more detailed information about exhibitions and telephone numbers. Geographical reference corresponds to the Listing Section in which the gallery/museum listing may be found. Listed events are opening receptions unless otherwise indicated, and attendance is free of charge.

*Please call gallery/museum for times/information/invitation.
There may be an admission charge for some starred events.

Thursday, 4-
Gagosian, Beverly Hills (6-8pm)
Art Center, Pasadena (7pm)

San Pedro First Thursday (6-9pm)
Angel’s Ink
Board Room Gallery
Gallery 478
Gallery Azul
Lauren Kilgore at Studio 339
The Loft
Transvagrant @ Warshaw

Laguna Beach First Thursday (6-9pm)
Arin Contemporary
Art Cube
JoAnne Artman
Peter Blake
Sue Greenwood
Laguna Art Museum
Laguna College
Marion Meyer
Salt Fine Art

Santa Barbara First Thursday (5-8pm)
Channing Peake
Patty Look Lewis
UC Santa Barbara
S.B. Contemporary Arts Forum
Santa Barbara Museum
Sullivan Goss

Fresno Art Hop (5-8pm)
Clay Mix
Fig Tree
CSU Fresno
Fresno Art Msm
Fresno Metropolitan Msm
Gallery 25

Friday, 5-
C.A.V.E., Venice (7-11pm)
G2 Gallery, Venice (6-9pm)
Creative Arts Center, Valley (7-9pm)
Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Ventura Co. (5-7pm)
A Shenere Velt, West L.A. (6-8pm)

Tehachapi First Friday (5-9pm)
Gallery ‘N’ Gifts
Leon Leigh
Tehachapi Art Center

Saturday, 6-
Edward Cella, Miracle Mile (6-9pm)
Merry Karnowsky, Miracle Mile (8-11pm)
Luis De Jesus, Santa Monica (6-9pm)
Shoshana Wayne, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
TAG, Santa Monica (6-8pm)
Cella, Valley (7-11pm)
Glendale Clg., Northeast L.A. (4-7pm)
Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena (2-4pm)
Folk Tree, Pasadena (2-6pm)
Torrance Msm, South Bay (6-9pm)
OCCCA, Orange Co. (6-10pm)
SB Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara (7-9pm)

Sunday, 7-
LA Artcore, Downtown (3-5pm)
LA Artcore Brewery Annex, Downtown (1-3pm)

Monday, 8-
La Sierra Univ., Riverside (6-8pm)

Wednesday, 10-
Christopher Grimes, Santa Monica*
Bert Green, Downtown (6-8pm)

Thursday, 11-
Michael Benevento, West H’wd (6-8pm)
Mt. San Antonio Clg., San Gabriel Vly (4-6pm)
Long Beach Msm, Long Beach (5-7pm)
Bakersfield Msm, Bakersfield (6pm)

Friday, 12-
Carmichael, West H’wd (7-10pm)
M+B, West H’wd (6-8pm)
Regen, West H’wd (6-8pm)
Blum & Poe, Culver City (6-8pm)
Thinkspace, Silver Lake (7-11pm)
Armstrong’s, Pomona (6-9pm)
Idyllwild, Inland Empire (6pm)
Perry L. Meyer, San Diego (6-9pm)
Scott White, San Diego (6-8pm)
Msm of Ventura Co., Ventura (6-8pm)

Saturday, 13-
Stephen Cohen, Miracle Mile (7-9pm)
DNJ, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Kopeikin, West H’wd*
New Image Art, West H’wd (7-10pm)
Timothy Yarger, Beverly Hills (7pm)
Blythe Projects, Culver City (6-9pm)
William Griffin, Santa Monica (6-8pm)
David Kordansky, Culver City (6-9pm)
William Turner, Santa Monica (6:30-8:30pm)
The Company, Chinatown (6-9pm)
Jancar, Chinatown (6-9pm)
L2kontemporary, Chinatown (6-9pm)
Riverside Msm, Riverside (7-9pm)
Art Produce, San Diego (6-9pm)
Carnegie Msm, Ventura Co. (4-6pm)
Sylvia White, Ventura (4-7pm)

NELAart Second Saturday (5-10pm)
Avenue 50 Studio
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
Kristi Engle
Future Studio
Monte Vista
Occidental Clg
Outpost for Contemporary Art
Sea and Space (7-10pm)

Pomona Art Colony Second Saturday (6-9pm)
American Msm of Ceramic Arts
Bunny Gunner
Downtown Center East/West
Andi Campognone
dA Center
57 Underground
Latino Art Museum
Pedersen Projects
SCA Project
Soho Gallery

Sunday, 14-
CB1 Gallery, Downtown (5-8pm)
SolwayJones, Chinatown (6-8pm)
Project_210, Pasadena (4-7pm)
Brentwood Art Center, Santa Monica (1-4pm)

Monday, 15-
Pasadena Clg., Pasadena (8:30-9:30pm)
Fullerton Clg., Orange Co. (5-7pm)

Wednesday, 17-
Sarah Bain, Orange Co.*

Thursday, 18-
Left Coast, Valley (6-9pm)

Friday, 19-
Santa Monica Clg., Santa Monica (6-8pm)
Quint, La Jolla (6-8pm)

Saturday, 20-
1301PE, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Steve Turner, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Rosamund Felsen, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
FIG, Santa Monica (5-7pm)
Samuel Freeman, Santa Monica*
Sherry Frumkin, Santa Monica (1-6pm)
Galerie Anaïs, Santa Monica (5-8pm)
Richard Heller, Santa Monica (5-9pm)
Santa Monica Fine Art Studios, Santa Monica (1-6pm)
Topanga Canyon, West Side (4-7pm)
Gallery Western, Koreatown (6-8:30pm)
Jon Frum, Downtown (6-8pm)
MoronoKiang, Downtown (6-9pm)
Sam Lee, Chinatown (6-9pm)
Kristi Engle, Northeast L.A. (7-10pm)
Norwalk Cultural Arts Center, San Gabriel Vly (7-9pm)

Sunday, 21-
VIVA, Valley (2-4pm)
Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona (3-5pm)
Angels Gate, San Pedro (2-4pm)

Tuesday, 23-
Italian Cultural Inst., West L.A. (6:30pm)

Thursday, 25-
San Diego Mesa Clg., San Diego (4:30-7pm)

Friday, 26-
Art Rental and Sales Gallery, LACMA, West H’wd (6:30-8pm)

Saturday, 27-
Acme, Miracle Mile (6-8pm)
Corey Helford, Culver City (7-10pm)
AMoCA, Pomona (6:30-8:30pm)
PS Zask, South Bay (5-8pm)
City of Brea, Orange Co. (7-9pm)

Wednesday, 31-
Wignall Msm, Chaffey Clg, Inland Empire (12:30-1:30pm)

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