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Born 2.6.’67 The Hague The Netherlands
Art education at KABK the Hague ‘84-’90
Lives and works in Rotterdam

Collage is the starting point for EvR’s imagery. Cut-out bodyparts are composed into plantlike forms that become a grotesque theatrical set of antropomorphic growths. This way a mimetic translation of wayward and fancyful human nature comes into being. Rather than being sexually explicit, the work presents the erotic as an irrational force.


Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA, for the Absolut-L.A. International Biennial

Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Rotterdam, group
‘Weke delen/Soft spots’, Boijmans museum (curated by W. Süto), Rotterdam, group
‘Element X’ , Jan Cunen museum, Oss, solo
Gun gallery, Oslo, Norway, group
Transpublic, Linz, Austria, group

ROOM the shop: Nostalgia of mud, ROOM, Rotterdam, group
Cokkie Snoei gallery, Rotterdam, group
Hart, Red gallery, Hull, UK, group
Quartair, (when i look at you...II), The Hague, group
Arti et Amicitiae, ‘Daar is de visite’- (when i look at you i get a double exposure-1), A-dam, group
Maurits van de Laar Gallery, The Hague, solo
Breeze of Air, Community-garden ‘Tot nut en genoegen’, Rotterdam, group
‘Wormhole’, Gensai heights gallery, Tokio, Japan, group

Museum Van Nagsael, Rotterdam (simultanously with presentation 1st web animation), solo
‘Sterk als staal, geduldig als papier’, Pictura, Dordrecht. group
‘Wormhole’, Bookmark gallery, Detroit, U.S., group
‘Wormhole’, Multiple XX gallery, Rotterdam, group
‘Oh! De ziel...’, Kunstruimte Kampen, Kampen, group
‘Sneak’, Kauffmancomplex, Rotterdam, group

Cokkie Snoei gallery, Rotterdam, solo
Luxus project-space, The Hague, solo
Kidskunst, de Kunsthal, Rotterdam, group
KunstRai, stockpresentatie Cokkie Snoei, Amsterdam
12x12, Quartair, The Hague, group
Desparate singles, 7” single collab. with Julian Dashper, ROOM, Rotterdam, group
Reanimator, Rm3, Auckland, New Zealand, group

Images of desire, Y-burg gallery, Amsterdam, group
Mille fleurs, CBK, Rotterdam, group
presentation ‘Porno’- issue, Luxus, Niet de Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam

Zomer!,Villa Alckmaer, Rotterdam, group


Siemens jury, 1990, studytrip New York
Siemens public, 1990, studytrip St-Petersburg


Brabants Dagblad, 5.’02, M. V.d. Voort
Rotterdams Dagblad,30.10.’01, Sandra Smets
Artscene, 9.‘01. Dee Grijak, Hull, GB
Haagse courant, 6.’01, Roos van Put
Log-magazine, Reanimator, Nick Spratt, N-Z, 2000
‘Wormhole’, Rotterdam, 1.’00
Rotterdams Dagblad, 6.4.’99, Dolf Welling
Tube Light 03, april/may ‘99, R’dam, Fred Balvert
Porn, Luxus publication, The Hague, ‘98


Studio 18 residency, 200 Gertrude st. CCA, Melbourne Australia

Garba summerresidency, Montescaglioso, Italy
Stipend, BKVB, A’dam
Member commission project-grants, Stroom-HCBK, The Hague
Commissioned piece permanent collection Jan Cunen museum, Oss
Chingwag symposium on international exchanges, Hart, Hull, Uk

Oreste3, summer residency Montescaglioso, Italy
co-founder/organizer artist initiatives ROOM & ROEM, Rotterdam, http://www.luna.nl/~room

Stipend BKVB, A’dam


Booijmans museum, Rotterdam
Jan Cunen museum, Oss
Siemens NL
Min. Foreign Affairs
Mun. Westerkoggeland
Mun. Amsterdam
Artotheek Rotterdam
Artotheek Zoetermeer

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