1890 Born in Charlottesville, Virginia
1900 Moves to Santa Monica, California
1906 Began study at Art Students League of Los Angeles, meets Rex Slinkard
1907 Expelled from Harard Military School, Los Angeles
1908 Marries Ida Wyman
1909 Goes to Europe; becomes close friend of T. H. Benton and Henri Focillon, who introduces him to Asian art and thought; attends Academy Julian and others
1911 Tours Europe; meets Morgan Russell; together they study color theory leading to founding of Synchromism.
1913 Exhibits in Munich and Paris with Morgan Russell; returns to New York ;separates from his wife
1914 Exhibits in New York with Morgan Russell; both return to Paris, transferring to London because of the War
1915/18 Returns to New York; teaches;exhibits at Anderson and Daniel Galleries
1919 Returns to Los Angeles
1920 Marries Jeanne Redman; creates color film (destroyed)
Teaches and exhibits at Los Angeles County Museum
Exhibits in studio with Vysekal, Russell, Benton, Wm Yarrow, Preston Dickinson
1922 Lectures at Chouinard Art Institute
1923 Teaches at Chouinard; Teaches and directs Art Students League ; studies Asian arts and language. Organizes “The First Exhibition of the Group of Independent Artists of Los Angeles” at the Taos Building, on West First Street
1924 Writes and published ‘A Treatise on Color’ regarding synchromist theory
1925 Exhibits at Los Angeles County Museum, the Hollywood Library Art Gallery
1927 ‘Synchromism’ exhibition with Morgan Russell, Los Angeles County Museum and Oakland Art Gallery
1930 Exhibits at Santa Monica Public Library
1931 Exhibits with Russell at California Palace of the Legion of Honor
1932 Exhibits with Russell at Stendahl Art Galleries and Los Angeles County Museum
Exhibits at An American Place, New York “S.Macdonald-Wright:13 New Paintings”
1934 Group exhibition at Los Angeles Art Association
1935 In “Abstract Painting in America”, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
Hired by Federal Arts Project/Works Project Administration(FAP/WPA); becomes district supervisor.
Completes major mural project for Santa Monica Public Library
1936 Group exhibition”Ten Pacific Coast Painters” at Fischer Gallery, NY
Teaches at University of Southern California
1937 Group show:“Federal Art Project: Paintings, Prints” Stendahl Galleries, Los Angeles
Resigns from FAP/WPA
1938 Rejoins FAP/WPA as state director for Southern California
1939 Group exhibition “Southern California Art Project”, Los Angeles County Museum
1942 Writes column for Rob Wagner’s Script(for next four years)
Teaches at Lorser Feitelson’s studio.
Begins teaching at UCLA
1942/43 Exhibits at Stendahl Galleries, Los Angeles
1944 Exhibits at San Francisco Museum of Art with William Gaskin
1945 Exhibits at Stendahl Galleries with Lorser Feitelson and Helen Lundeberg
Exhibits at Los Angeles County Museum
1946 Group exhibit “Pioneers of Modern Art in America” Whitney Museum, NY
1948 Retrospective exhibition “35 Years of Creative Painting..” Art Center School, LA
1950 Exhibits”Three American Pioneers” w/Russell, Patrick Bruce at Rose Fried Gallery,NY
1951 Wife, Jeanne, dies
1952 Marries Jean Sutton
Awarded Fulbright; studies and teaches in Tokyo
1953 Exhibits “Ten American Abstract Painters 1912-1952" Rose Fried Gallery, NY
1954 Resigns from UCLA due to ill health
1955 Exhibits ‘Stanton Macdonald Wright” Rose Fried Gallery, NY
1956 Retrospective at Los Angeles County Museum
One person exhibition at Galerie Arnaud, Paris
One person exhibiton at Duveen-Graham Gallery, NY
1957 Appears on Lorser Feitelson’s NBC television show on art
1958 One person exhibition, Galleria Schneider, Rome, Italy
1960 Group “Fifty Paintings by Thirty-seven Painters of Los Angeles” by Henry Hopkins for the San Francisco Museum of Art
1961 Group “Directions in 20th Century American Painting” Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
1962 Recovers from heart attack
1963 Group:”The Decade of the Armory Show” Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
1964 One-person exhibiton “Evocation, Gods, Places, Things” Esther Robles Gallery,LA
1965 Begins ‘Haiga’ series of color woodblocks in Kyoto
“Stanton Macdonald-Wright” Rose Fried Gallery, NY
Group exhibition “Synchromism and Color Principles in American Painting 1910-1930" at M. Knoedler Gallery, NY
“The Works of Stanton Macdonald-Wright” Esther Robles Gallery, LA
1966 Completes “Haiga” series of 20 color woodblock prints with Clif Karhu in Kyoto
1967 Retrospective “The Art of Stanton Macdonald pWright” National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, DC
1970 “Stanton Macdonald-Wright:A Retrospective...” UCLA Art Galleries/Grunwald Graphic Arts Foundation
One person exhibition: Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica
1972 Group exhibiton”Color&Form 1909-1914, Fine Arts Gallery,San Diego
1973 Dies
1976 Group exhibition”Painting and Sculpure in California:The Modern Era” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art by Henry Hopkins
Memorial Exhibition at Foster Harmon Gallery, Naples, Florida
1977 Group exhibition “Paris-New York” Centre National d’Art Georges Pompidou, Paris
Group exhibition “Perceptions of Spirit in 20th Century American Art” Indianapolis Museum of Art
1978 Group exhibiton “Synchromism and American Color Abstraction 1910-1925" Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
1979 “Stanton Macdonald-Wright: Paintings 1903-1973" ARCO Center, Los Angeles
1981 Group exhibition “An American Place” The Parrish rt Museum, Southhampton, NY
1982 “Stanton Macdonald Wright” Forum Gallery, NY
1983 Group exhibition”The Forum Exhibition:Selections and Additions” Whitney Museum at Philip Morris, NY
1986 Group exhibition “Aspects of California Modernism 1920-1950 Federal Reserve System, Washington, DC
1990 Group exhibition “Turning the Tide:Early Los Angeles Modernists 1920-1956" Santa Barbara Museum of Art + five other museums
2001 “Color, Myth and Music:Stanton Macdonald-Wright and Synchromism” North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Houston Museum of Art

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