"Anything but Still"


Jules Engel, "Anything but Still"
Paintings, color lithographs, drawings and sculpture, featuring a new suite of color lithographs
arch 10 - April 28, 2001
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, March 10, 1999 3 to 6 pm

7321 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-5523, fax (323) 933-7618
E-mail, tobeymoss@earthlink.net
Web site, http://www.tobeycmossgallery.com

JULES ENGEL has been demonstrating aesthetic strengths throughout his career. From his early drawings capturing ballet movements for animated films, as in Fantasia, to his very recent series of color lithographs, these powers have been sustained and growing.

In 1939/1940 Engel entered the next decade with space-enhancing "Circles I" and "Circles II," and then began a paintings series that brought architecture and fractured space onto the two dimensional surface, as in "Big Top" and "Untitled." It is an exciting contrast in expression - from lyrical figuration to constructivism.

Continuing examples of his strength are shown in works of the 1950s ("Excavation" and "Maze") with skeins of threads weaving layers of colors in space and those of the 1960s ("Verona" and "Sculpture Garden" explore areas of closely-allied tones in brush stroked planes).

In 1970, the fledgling California Institute of the Arts opened. Jules Engel became CALARTS’ founding director of the department in experimental abstract animation; thirty years later, he retains that position and has mentored outstanding artists in this field (including John Lasseter, Henry Selick, Eric Darnell, Mark Kirkland). In parallel with his teaching and administrative activities, he has been independently creative in painting, sculpture and drawings, as well as in filmmaking (see sketches for "PlayPen").

During this most recent year of 2000 , Engel again dazzles us. Though he had explored lithography in the mid-1960s with the Tamarind Lithography Workshop and a young Gemini studio ( "New York Scene"), many years passed before he again approached the stone. With master printer George Page at the Versailles Press, Jules presents a suite of fifteen color lithographs (including "Garden of Contini," "Route 101" and "Wash Basin," each in an edition of only 20), that reconfirm his authority.

Advanced students from many parts of the world seek his classes at CalArts; film festivals pay homage to him regularly - most recently Brussels, Cincinnati, Toronto, New York. Whether in his classes, his studio or on the screen, Jules Engel has a presence that is highly respected.

Art is JULES ENGEL’s singular focus. He explores and masters many aesthetic ‘languages’, constantly conquering new techniques and ways to speak visually. Viewing his lithographs, his films, his paintings and his drawings clarifies this lifetime career focus.

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