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Born in Taipei, Taiwan, 1964

Solo Shows

1992 “Tools,” Space 2 Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1994 “Culture Empire,” American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
1995 “Reading Sculpture,” Eight Floor Gallery, New York
1997 “Humanity,” Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
1998 “Taiwan Study,” Cultural Affairs Department of Taiwan Provincial Government, Taiwan
1999 “Alternative Study,” Eslite Bookstore, Taiwan

Group Shows

1987 “Shih Hsing New Artist,” Shih Hsing Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1991 “The 5th International Print Biannual of Taiwan,” Taipei Fine Art Museum,
1992 “Time Duration,” Dimention Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
“Selling Specialty,” Go Go Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
“Can Art Be Heritable?” Space 2 Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1993 “Curious Structures,” Visual Art Gallery, New York
“Play, Work, Think,” Visual Art Gallery, New York
1994 “New York Area MFA Exhibition,” Hunter College, Co-Sponsored by CAA,
New York
“The Entering Show of Taipei Fine Arts Museum Beannual,” Taipei, Taiwan
“Ross Chambers, Long-Bin Chen and John Lavin,” SVA Gallery, New York
“Taiwan Map,” Window Dressing, Dimention Art Center, Taipei
1995 “A Dialogue of Contemporary Sculpture in Asia,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
“Object Orbit,” Chinese-American Arts Council, New York
“obCkession,” TZ’art & Co., New York
“Triennial der Kleinplastik 1995, Europ-Ostaien,” Stuttgart, Germany
“America VS China,” window dressing, TZ’art & Co., New York
1996 “Our Deities,” ISE Art Foundation, New York
“Personal Best,” Chassie Post Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
1997 “Feast of Mind, Buffet of Art,” Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei
1998 “New Voice: Contemporary art Dialogue Among Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai,” National
Taiwan Arts Education Institute, Taipei, Hong Kong
“Art Fair,” Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei
“Reflection and Reconsideration 2.28 Commemorative Exhibition,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
“The Art Season of Taipei Rapid Train Station,” National Art Institute, Taipei
“Osaka Trienniale 1998—Sculpture,” Osaka Contemporar Art Center, Osaka
“Gateway to Wisdom,” Fubon Art Foundation, Taiwan University, Taiwan
1999 “Volume & Form Singapore 1999,” Singapore City, National Library, Singapore
“Play, Paper factory—International Paper Art Festival,” Cheng Chuen Cotton Paper Foundation & Cultural Affairs Department Taiwan Provincial Government, Taiwan


1985 National Print Prize, Taiwan
1987 12th Shih Hsing New Artist Prize, Taipei, Taiwan
1988 Tung-Hai University Fine Arts Prize, Taiwan
1995 Visitors Prize of the 6 Triennial of Small Scale Sculpture, Stuttgart, German
1996 1996 Grant Award of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York
1994 1997 Grant of the National Endowment of the Arts, Taiwan
1995 1998 Grant of the National Endowment of the Arts, Taiwan
The Silver Prize of the Osaka Triennial 1998 (Sculpture), Osaka, Japan


1983 Graduated from Fu-Shin Commercial and Technical Schoo, Department of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan
1987 BFA, Tung-Hai University, Department of Fine Art, Taiwan
1992 MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York

Projects and Collections

1986 Shih Hsiung Fine Art Magazine, Taipei
1992 Suho Paper Museum, Taipei
Libenn Aroma Inc., South Ban, Indiana
1993 Allan Chasanoff, Private Collection, New York
1998 Osaka, Japan
1999 Taiwan Fine Art Museum

Professional Activities

1994 Program Director for Space 2 Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1992 Curator for “Incertitude,” Group show of Chinese and Taiwanese artists, Eight Floor Gallery, New York
Curator for “Under Naked,” Group show of Chinese and Taiwanese artists, 465 Gallery, New York
1993 Lecturer of Shin-Jan University, Taipei

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