Valadez, John
"La Frontera--Panel I"
"Leeds Shoes 1983"
"Mi Cin"
"La Frontera/The Border (Panel 2)"

Valdez, Patssi
"Virgen de Guadalupe"
"The Dream"
"What Happened?"
"Domestic Goddess"
"The Glass"


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Valdez, Victor
"Death of the Prize Fighter"

Valentine, De Wain
"Purple Illuminated Skyline"

Valentine, Staci

"Lazy Moment"

Vallance, Jeffrey
"The King of Tonga in His Various Roles: Skin Diver"
"Blinky: The Friendly Hen"

Vallejo, Linda
"Spirit of the Trees: Woman's Gift"
"La Tormenta"
"Mother Earth, Father Sky"

Vallien, Bertil
"Resting Heads"
"Map III"

Van Arnam, Barbara
"Seven Stones"

van Glintenkamp, Rik
"The Questionable Dr. Cook"

VanderLans, Rudy
"Joshua Tree, CA"
"Palm Desert Garden, CA"
"Railroad Crossing near Rosamond, CA"

Vanderpool, Jennifer
"Hysterical Paradise"

van Eyck, Jan
"The Ghent Altarpiece"

van Genderen, Monique
Untitled installation (2006)
"from blindness and snow, soft slope in two pinks"
"Fake Paintings (1)"

Van Gogh, Vincent
"Portrait of Doctor Rey"
"The Prison Courtyard"
"Self Portrait as an Artist"

van Harskamp, Nicoline
"Untitled (Five Riverside Guards)"

van Lamsweerde, Inez
"Me Kissing Vinoodh (Passionately)"
"Final Fantacy Ursula"

Van Pelt, Alison
"Untitled Painting on Paper #200594"
"Untitled Painting on Paper #200595"
"Untitled Painting on Paper #200596"
"Untitled Painting on Paper #200597"

van Rijn, Rembrandt
"The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds"

van Ruisdael, Jacob
"The Jewish Cemetery"

Van Scoy, Claire
"Medieval Lady"

Varotsos, Costas

Vasquez, Rene
"Description of a Possible State #3"

Vaupen, Joan
"Hollywood Male Smoke House"
"Hollywood Smoke House (Male)"
"Hollywood Smoke House (Female)"

Veca, Mark Dena
"Danza de la Diosa"

Vega, Carlos Estrada
"Pastel Black"

Velardi, E.J.
"Pointed in Their Direction"

Venable, Susan
"Sol Saga"

Venegas, Yvonne
"Selecciónes de la serie Las novias más hermosas de Baja California (The Most Beautiful Brides of Baja California)"

Venet, Bernar
"Four Arcs of 229.5º"
"Two Indeterminate Lines"

Verene, Chris
"The Pregnancy Test"
"Brenda Toasting the Flowers"

Vesna, Victoria, David Beaudry, Gerald de Jong
"Community of People with No Time"

"Big Time"
"Idle Conversation"
"Venus in Kitchen"
"Light of Night"

Vikova, Jindra
"Cat Woman"

Villacis, Eduardo
"Construction of Pyramids Over Rome"

Villegas, Jason
"Celestial Situation"

Vincent, Christian

"Enchanted Head"

Viola, Bill
"Room for St. John of the Cross"
"Silent Mountain"
"Stations", detail #1
"Stations", detail #2
"The Sleep of Reason"
"The Crossing"

Virtue, John
"Landscape No. 654"

Viskin, Boris
"Petate IV"
"Petate Humano II"
"Petate V"
"De la serie: Petates de Mar y Luvia I"

Visser, Stephanie
"Lay Lines #4"
"Lay Lines #2"

Vitali, Massimo
"Catania Under the Volcano (#2808)"

Vitiello, Stephen
"Light Reading(s)"

von Biesen, Margaret
"Original Ghost Room"

Von Der Ahe, Jess
"Goldie Locks"
"Untitled" (2000, #1)
"Untitled" (2000, #2)

Von Dutch
Installation view, 2002

Von Euer, Judith
"Flow Inversion Tapestry VI"
"Slice of Opera A: Nine Moments"
"Ornette's Way"
"Artist's Studio Work in Progress"

von Hausswolf, Carl Michael/Elggren, Leif
"Elgaland & Vargaland"

Vos, Hubert

"The Samovar"
"The Peking Still Life"

Vosburgh, Whitney
"License to Kill" (detail)

Voulkos, Peter
"Untitled" drawing (2000)
"Untitled Plate" (1996, #1)
"Untitled Plate" (1996, #2)
"Untitled Plate" (1996 #3)
"Passing Red"
"Little Big Horn"
Untitled Plate
Untitled Ice Bucket

"White Lillies"

Vu, Huang
"The Pacifier"

Vysekal, Luvena Buchana