Taaffe, Philip
"Amber Snake Graft"
"King Snake (Horizontal Diptych)"
"Vipera Ruselli"

Takahashi, Tomoko

"A Product of Many Departments"
"Tool Box Sculpture. Accordion or Normal Patience (Solitaire)"

Takei, Koji

"Italian Suite"
"Staying Afloat"
"Measure of Success"
"Decomposition for Banjo"
"40 Foot Ladder"
"The Football was Once Thought to be Flat"
"Magic Club"
"Tight Ass, the Other One"
"Tree of Homogeneity"
"No Longer Shorter"


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Talbert, Ben
"Shrine of the Great American Weaner"

Talbot, Bob
"Twilight Meg"

Tamayo, Rufino
"Niña bonita (Pretty Little Girl)"
"Animales (Animals)"
"Retrato de Olga (Portrait of Olga)"
"El Hombre frente al infinito (Man before the Infinite)"
"Amigo de los pájaros (Friend of the Birds)"
"Women of Tehuantepic"
"Femme Soriante"
"Niño en Rojo"
"Hombre Negro"
"Dia de los Muertos"
“Personajes con Pajaros"
"Dos Hermanos"
"Hombre con Pipa"
"Dos Personajes Atacados por Perros"

"Red Woman"
"Messenger in the Wind"

Tan, Fiona

Tanaka, Haruko
"California Telephone" (still)

Tanaka, Kara
"Crushed by the Hammer of the Sun"

Tanner, Henry
"Concarneau Fisherman"

Tanner, Joan
On Tenderhooks"

Tapanainen, Maritta
"In a Dream"
"Big Bang"
"The Weight"

Tapley, George
"Vanitas with Toys"

Tarrant, Sheldon
"Male Valentine #1"

Tatom, Kirk

Tauber, Joel
"My Lonely Tree"
"Sick-Amour", video still

"Searching for the Impossible: The Flying Project"

Tayar, Dalit
"Untitled #5"
"Untitled #6"
"Untitled #7"
"Untitled #8"
"Untitled #1"
"Untitled #2"
"Untitled #3"
"Untitled #4"
"The Foxes"

Taylor, Ann Harrold
"What Color is Hope?"

Tchakalian, Sam
"Tofu Dave"

Tegenfeldt, C. Lynn
"Koi V"

Telfair, Tula
"Within the Reality of Ideas II"
"A Secure Order"
"Issues of Notation"
"The Power of Interacting Volumes"
"The Relationship is Symmertrical"

Temple, Mary
"1,000,000 Ellipsoids"

Templeton, Ed
"Portrait of Tobin"

Tenneson, Joyce
"Jody Foster"

Teran, Sergio Martinez
"Self Portrait on Cardboard"

Teraoka, Masami
"The Cloisters/Venus and Pope's Bullfight"
"Los Angeles Sushi Ghost Tales/Fish Woman and the Artist"
"Study for Los Angeles Sushi Ghost Tales/Fish Woman and the Artist"
"L.A. Sushi Series--Tai and Red Sky"

Tesfaw, Qes Adamu
"St. George and the Dragon"

Teske, Edmund
"Mannequins, State Street, Chicago"
"Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago"
"Bill Allard & Vicky Palermo"
"Jim Morrison & Doors Composite with Abstraction"
"Kenneth Anger composite"
"Davenport, Iowa composite"
"Francis Montrose/Mono Lake composite"
"The Three Children of Mr. and Mrs. F. Montrose"

Testa & Weiser
"Carbon Beach House"

Teutsch, János Mattis
"Dark Landscape with Trees"
"Composition" (1922)
"Composition" (ca. 1925)
"Landscape with Road"
"Violet Landscape"

Thater, Diana
still from "The Best Animals are the Flat Animals - the Best Space is the Deep Space"

Theobald, Gillian
"Night #19"
"Night 3"
"Night #15"
"Night #10"

Therrien, Robert
"Under the Table"
"No Title (White Beds)"
"Under the Table"
"No Title (Oil Can)"
"No Title (Blue Plastic Plates)"

Thibeault, Marie
"NestBuilders Believe"

Thiebaud, Wayne
"Beach Boys"
"Downgrade, from Recent Etchings I"
"Paint Cans"
"Y River"
"Rosebud Cakes"
"Three Treats"
"Bakery Case"
"Glass of Wine, Cakes, and Table"
"Two Rows of Cakes"
"Glass of Wine and Goughéres"
"Olive Sandwich"

Thielen, Beth
"Lettuce Talk About Biotechnology"

Thies, Dorit
"Nassimbwa Yeopissta, Uganda"

Theotocopoulus, Domenikos (El Greco)
"The Resurrection"

Thomas, Maggie
"Passion Vine"

Thomas, Karl
"The California Coast"
"Morning Light, Carmel Coast"

Thomas, Matthew
"Emptiness of Form"
"Untitled", nine panels (2003)
"Untitled" encaustic (2003)
"Untitled" graphite (2003)

Thomas, Samantha
"Root System"

Thorne, Melissa
"Radiant Cities"

Thornycroft, Ann
"Kona Song"

Tianmiao, Lin

Tibbles, Susan
"Girl Next Door"
"Dear Diary"
"Bow Series II"

Tice, George

"Petit's Mobil Station, Cherry Hill"

Tillmans, Wolfgang

Tine, Moussa

Tinglof, Elizabeth
"Untitled #1"
"Untitled #2"
"Untitled #4"
"Untitled #6"

Tiravanija, Rirkrit
"Untitled (demonstration no.128)"

Tirr, Catherine
"Vertical Glide"
"Scarp Tongue"
"Furrow Cast"
"Silled Mantle"
"Trace Slip"
"Rip Rap"

Titcomb, Mary Bradish
"Street in Marblehead"

Title, Daena

Tobey, Mark
"New World Stage"
"Untitled" (1968)

Todd, Michael
"Grand Shiva"
"Boogie Woogie II"
"MCT 0853"
"MCT 0029"

Toledo, Fracisco
"Grazing Bats"
"Rabbit Beheading Bean"
"Murcielagos Mirones"

Toledo, Laureana
"Petrones Migratorios (Migration Patterns)"

Tollens, Peter

Tom Chow, Shantien
"Mu and Zero"

Tomaselli, Fred
"Hang Over"
"Echo, Wow and Flutter"
"Bug Blotter Insects"

Tomasula, Maria
"The Music of Chance"
"The Fabulous Confession II"

Tomlinson, Brian
"Hail Mary"
"Only One Warhol"

Tompkins, Timothy
"Power Generators--Sunrise Effect"

Toorop, Charley
"Cinq Paysans de Zelande"

Topalian, Carole
"Cross and Window"

Toparovsky, Simon
"Icarus Flying 2"
"He Had to Turn Away"
"Icarus Flying"
"Icarus as the Goddess"

Torgovnik, Jonathan
"A Woman Buys a Ticket for the Next Screening in Palli, Maharastra"

Torok, Jim
"Double Self Portrait"

Torosyan, Manuel

de la Torre, Jamex and Einar
"Exporting Democracy/Expotando democracia"

Torres Garcia, Joaquin
"Composicion Constructiva"

Torres, Sylvia
"Tumulous Meditation #3"
"Visual Meditation"
"Wave Meditation"

Tough, Jacqueline
"Dy-Dee Acid Bath"

Toulmouche, Auguste

de Toulouse-Latrec, Henri
"Divan Japonais"

Travis, Steven
no title

Treleaven. Scott
"witchcraft through the ages"

Tress, Arthur
"Man with Classical Statue, Pozo, California, 1994"

Trieff, Selina
"Red Woods"

Triplett, Ginna
"Pirate Tattoo"

Trivitt, Thomas
Painting from "Big and Small"

Trodson, Anne
"Grandma's Shampoo"

Trujillo, Guillermo
"En el valle de los milagros"
"The Embers Oracle"

Trujillo, Osvaldo
"Untitled (heart)"

Tsuruda, Gerry
"Alex Giusti, Robbins, California 1999"
"The Ghosts of Locke, Locke, California 1999"

Tse, Shirley
"Sink Like a Submarine"

Tucker, Kim
"Hair Monster with Butterflies"
"Hair Monster with Camelias"
"Nature Boy with Skunk"

Tunberg, William

Turner, Bonese Collins
"Mala Leucca I"

Turner, Ray
"The Old Ballpark"
"Study for Steamtrain" (1)
"Study for Steamtrain" (2)
"Study for the Meeting Place"
"Into the Paddock"

Turner, Richard
"Contempt Mandala"
"Fair Witness"
"Blue Murderer/Red Dog"
"Dish Wallah" (detail)
"Hail Jackie, Queen of America"
"Thornbirds of Manila"
"The Tourist is Passive" (detail)

Turrell, James
"End Around"
"Enzu Blue"
"Gard Red"
"Transformative Space: Basilica for Santorini"
"ILTR's Room"

"Canopic Stopper of Tutankhamun"
"Tut Reconstruction"
"Child's Chair and Footrest"
"Inlaid Pectoral Spelling out the Name of the King"
"Statue of Herwer (Horus the Elder)"

Twitchell, Kent
"Bill Lasarow"
"Diana Ross: Study for Mural"
"Grace Kelly: Study for Mural"

Twombly, Cy
"Untitled" (1970)
"Leda and the Swan"
"Untitled" (bust of Domitilla)
"Untitled" (tulips)
"Untitled" (trees and sky)

Type A
"Urban Contests"