Saar, Allison
"Harriett Tubman Maquette"
"Blue Bird"
"Bat Boys"
"Topsy Turvey"
"The Prize Fight"

Saar, Betye
"Riddle of Reality"
"Liberation of Aunt Jemima"
"Spirit Catcher"
"Brides of Bondage"
"Maiden Voyage"
"The Mulato"
"Her Feet Became Ships"


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Saar, Lezley
"Oscar Willis: Ethiopian Comedian"
"Aloise Corbaz (diagnosis dementia praecox)"
"Anastocia-Escrava Martir Negra"
"Ascension of a Lily-Skin"

Sacco, Graciela
"Cuerpo a Cuerpo (Body to Body)"

Sadoyan, Alexander
No title

Safan-Gerard, Desy
"Shades of Vice and Virtue"
"Boulez's Rituel"
"Speak and Proclaim"

Sage, Kay
"Le Passage (The Passage)"

Sagen, Jay

Sajovic, Jim
"Study for a Millenium"

Sakai, Katsuhisa
"F Frame"
"Facing Flow"
"Incurve Right"

Salamon, Bradford J.
"Tom Dowling"
"Roberta Carasso"
"Phyllis Lutjeans"
"Peter Blake"
"Pat Sparkuhl"
"Jamie Wilson"
"Irene Hofmann"
"Eric Sanders"

Salavon, Jason
"Express Yourself"

Salerno, Michael
"Untitled" (2002, #1)
"Untitled" (2002, #2)
"Untitled" (2002, #3)
"Untitled" (2002, #4)
"Untitled" (2002, #5)
"Claude Jackson"

Saldaña, Zoë Sheehan
"Strike Gently"

Salle, David
"Lemons and Stars (diptych)"

Sallin, Sandra
to come

Samaras, Connie
"South Pole Dome and Tunnel"
"Angelic States"

Samaras, Lucas

Sami, Mazin
"Dear Van Gogh"
"Detail of Wall"

Sample, Paul
"Street by a Cemetery, Haiti"

Samraj, Adi Da
"Quandra Loka #211"
"Quandra Loka #276"
"Quandra Loka #231"
"Quandra Loka #203"
"Quandra Loka #205"
"Quandra Loka #059"

Samuelson, Bruce
"Untitled" #1
"Untitled" #2

Samyn, Michael and Harvey, Auriea
"8 Demo 2: Thie Teater Gallery Tragedy"

Sanchez, Carlos and Jason
color photograph

Sanchez, Pauline Stella
"Head/bust series: My Head Stuck no Struck no TRAPPED as a Constructivist theatre stage. . .#3 with stoned face and two holes on neck like Lucy"
"g wiz. . .POP"

Sanchez, Leopoldo
"The Rose Dress"
"All at the Same Time"

Sanchez, Stephanie
"Ballona Creek with Storm Clouds"
"View from My Window, Long Beach"
"Eucalyptus on the Petaluma River"
"Street in Fresno"
"Sepastopol Farm"
"Ballona Creek"

Sandel, Randye
"Twelve Bar at the Five Four"
"Alone Together"
"Shake Your Moneymaker"

Sander, August
"Cinema Staff"

Sandler, Virginia
"Gold Coins"

Samdstrom, Sigrid

Sandvik, Loren
"oops!. . ."

Sandys, Frederick
"Mary Magdalene"

Sane, Zoumana
"Mami Wata"

Sanov, Bob
"Treetrunk and Roots"
"Dune Forms, Death Valley"

Santarromana, Joseph
"note to self"

Santarromana, Joseph and Sunderburg, Erika
from "Three Ambient Gardens"

Santiago, Paula
"Quitapesares: Anam"
"Quitapesares: Resp"
"Quitapesares: Sin"

Santiage, Susan
"Dark Tree"
"Highway "

"Landscape No. 2"
"Trees No. 2"

Santos, Jorge
"Another Plea for Excuses"
"Private Rituals"

Sargent, John Singer
"Alpine Pool"

Sarkissian, Ararat
"Paradise Lost"

Sarkisian, Peter

Sassone, Marco
"Venezia XX"
"Man with Blue Eyes II"

Saul, Peter
"Bush at Abu Ghraib"
"Fall of Constantinople (1453 A.D.)"
"Donald Duck Crucifixion"
"CO Itchee Bitchee"
"Icebox Number 7"

Savage, Kate
"Liar and Bee"
Untitled panel from a bookwork

Savu, Serban
"Beyond the Trees"

Sawada, Tomoko

Saxe, Adrian
"Untitled Ewer (BSD)"

Scanlan, Joe
"Product No. 2"

Scanlon, James
"Orion Nebula"

Schaefer, Alex
"Royal Viking Motel"
"The Hollywood Downtowner"

Schaefer, Richard

Scharf, Kenny

Scharf, William
"An Asgardian Again"

Scharff, Margi
"Double Moto"
"raw materials"
"Assorted snakes on the path"
"The Kite Flyers"

Schauer, Steve
"IV Pea Sea"

Scheidegger, Ernst
"Alberto Giacometti in His Studio"

Schenk, Rocky
"Nine Trees"
"Hoover Dam"

Scherich, Nancy Deeble
"Untitled" (2)
"Untitled" (1)

Scherich, Warren
"The Conflict Between Good and Evil"

Schiele, Egon

Schiller, Lawrence
"Color Photograph of Marilyn Monroe"

Schink, Hans-Christian
"Bridge Near Schkorfleben"

Schindler, Rudolf
"Kings Road House, West Hollywood, CA"

Schmalix, Hubert

Schmidt, Carl Raymond

Schmitz, Lothar
"Survival Strategies"
"Earth Fever"

Schnabel, Julian
"Untitled (Girl with no eyes)"

Schnabel, Michael
"Elephants/Rhinoceri, Stuttgart"
"Giraffes, Berlin"
"Big Cats, Stuttgart"
"Elephants, Basel"
"Big Cats, Karlsruhe"

Schneeman, Carolee
"Portrait Partials"
"Eye Body/For Fur Cutting Boards Installation"

Schneider, Gail
"small heard"

Schnieder, Stephanie

"Untitled (Marlboro Sign)"

Schnitt, Corinna
"Once Upon a Time"

Schnitzer, June T.
"Chinese Take-Out"

Schoen, Kim
"Untitled 10"

Schoen, Paula
"The Harvest Moon"
"Change of Heart"
"Turning Point"
"Night Rising"
"The Sacrifice"
"The Seventh Day"

Schoenfeld, Wayne

Schofield, Walter Elmer
"Cornish Inn"

Schoenheit, Keith
"Happy Couple"
"Goddess of the Triangle"
"Cowboy (Oater King of Tinsel Town)"

Scholnick, Jamie
Bedroom, from "Hello Kitty Gets Mouth"

Schoppe, Palmer
"The Blues"
"Banjo Man"
"Mexican Boy and Fighting Cock"
"Boat Landing"
"Bayou Band"

Schulman, David
"Broadway--Lafayette Station: New York, NY""

Schulman, Julius
"May Company Department Store"

Schultz, Robert
"Bed Figure"

Schultz, Stephen
"Materialism Expulsion"

Schwab, Norman
"Love on the Run"
"Sunday in Somalia"
"Childhood Fears"

Schwartz, Joe
"A Minute for the Funnies"

Schwitters, Lis
"I'm not April"

Scolaro, Michael

Scopelitis, Constance E.
"South Pacific Mermaid, after Klimt"
"Narcissus and Echo"

Scully, Sean
"Wall of Light Summer"
"Five Unions #2"

Seager, Sarah
work in progress, artist's studio (2001):
View #1
View #2
View #3

Sedivy, Richard
"No Epiphany Here"

Seem, Olga
"Hybrid (5)"
"Orchid (3)"
"Paradoxos" (13)
"Paradoxos" (11)
"Stapelia, Bulbous"
"Meta" (2)

Seemayer, Stephen
"Buddha on Moneybags"
"Buddha on Moneybags"
"Buddha on Moneybags"
"Buddha on Moneybags"

Segal, George
"The Expulsion"
"Woman Sitting on Bed"

Segar, E.C.
"Thimble Theatre Starring Popeye"

Segui, Antonio
"Adios a Las Armas"

Segura, Esterio

Seidenstücker, Friedrich

Sekula, Allan
from "Aerospace Folktales"
"Dripping Black Trapezoid (Lendo, 12/22/02)"
"Untitled Slide Sequence. . . ."

Seldon, Mervyn
"Ebb Tide"
"Ground Cover"

Seligmann, Kurt
"Un Dimanche"

Sellers, Randall
"Untitled #2"

Seltzer, Anne
No title

Semere, Mario

Semmes, Beverly
"Bubble Pot of Fur with Pink"

Semon, Paul
"Telematic Vision"

Serena, Lorraine
"Battle of Selfhood"

Serra, Richard
"Tilted Arc"
"Double Tourqued Ellipse II"

Serrano, Andres
"Piss Christ"
"The Interpretation of Dreams (White Nigger)"
"Piss Light"
"Snoop Dogg"
"Ken Cox--Set Design"
"Playboy Bunny"
"Rebecca Kaye--Escort"
"Shaka Zulu Trnidad"
"Thomas Buda"
"Wunmi Fadipe Sales"

Setterburg, Carl
"Cocktails at the Club"

Shaddow, Lidia
"Good Morning Neighbor"
"The Riot of Spring #2"

Shaffer, Ben
"Meditation Machine"

Shain, Danny
"Flux Density"

Shapiro, Joel
"Twenty Six"
"Untitled" (2004-05)

Shapiro, Richard
"No title"

Shaw, Jim
"Drean Object (Vise Head)"
"Everything Must Go"

Shaw, Richard
"Artist's House of Cards"
"China Cove"

Shaw-Sutton, Carol

Sheesley, Joel
"Nakedness of the Journey"

Sheets, Millard
"Lamdscape with Barn"
"Angels Flight"
"Open Air Market"
"Sunday Morning by the Bay"
"Tony's Ranch"
"Gypsy Camp--Near Los Angeles"
"Mother Bathing Children in Colorado Ditch Water"
"Los Angeles Factory"

Sheinbaum, Betty
"Family at the Table"

Shelton, Peter
"godspipes" (1)
"godspipes" (2)
"sixtyslippers", detail

Shelton, Richard
"Avant-Garde/Avant Guardian"
"After the Meeting"

Shenk, Genie
"Workbook" (detail)
"Book of Interior Folds"

Sherman, Cindy
"Untitled #228"
"Untitled Film Still #3"
"Untitled #96"
"Untitled #224"
"Untitled #264"

Shibata, Toshio
"Kawasakidaishi Interchange, Shuto Expressway"
"Hiyoshi Town, Kyoto Prefecture"

Shinohara, Ushio

Shiokava, Kenzi
"Totem Series"
"Of Human Condition II"

Shire, Peter
"Seggiolino Del Soraz #3"
"Painting: Barbie's Ivory Tower"
"What Kettles (Test Your Kettle)"
"Peach Kettle"
"Untitled Drawing" (1997)
"City on a Hill"

Shore, Henrietta

Short, Grace
"By Chance III"

Shrestha, Romio
no title

Shuler, Dustin
"The Rain Forest"

Shulman, Julius
"Case Study House #22 (Pierre Koenig, Architect)"
"Griffith Observatory"
"Glass House, Philipp Johnson, New Canaan"
"KIA Center (Skidmore, Owings, Merill architects)"
"Riebe Residence (Pierre Koening architect)"
"Chuey House, Los Angeles, Richard Neutra, 1956"

Shuttleworth, Lana
"Where will they go?"

Siciliano, Marion S.
"I Turned Into a Butterfly"

Sicre, Jorge
"Pandora's Box"
"The Dance of Shiva"

Siedman, Scott
"Unspeakable #1"
"Unspeakable #2"

Siena, James
"Corner Drawing

Siegal, Jennifer
"Globetrotter 2"

Sierra, Paul
"Swimmer #15"
"Swimmer #16"
"Cat's Cradle"

Sieverding, Katharina
"Stauffenberg - Block XII"

Siff, Elena
"Global Vision"

Sigurbjörnsson, Bjarni
"Unidentified" #1 (detail)
"Unidentified" #2
"Unidentified" #3
"Unidentified" #4

Sikander, Shahzia
"Land-Escapes, Series 3, #8"
"Land-Escapes, Series 3 #7"
"Land-Escapes Series 3, #9"
"Pleasure Pillars"

Silton, Karen
"Cat Wizard"
"Dreamweaver" (box)
"Dreamweaver" (mirror)
"Dreamweaver" (mosaic)
"Family of Time"
"The Magician"
"Queen of Hearts"

Sillman, Amy
"Untitled (#1)"

Silton, Susan
"Twister 5"

Silverthorne, Jeanne
"Fear Machine"

Simcoe, Duncan
"Red Sky in the Morning"
"Greenhouse Study"
"The First Greenhouse Painting"
"Woman Holding Blue Ball"
"Home Sweet Home"
"The Invisible Man"
"Mute Witness"

Simmons, Christopher
"Yellow Starn"
"Legacy 3"

Simmons, Gary
"The Ballroom"

Simon, Jesse
"Boundary Waters"

Simon, Steven

Simons, Doni Silver
"The Last Variation"

Sims, Melissa

Simunza, Barbara
"Two Women"

Sinclaire, Mahara T.
"Private Thoughts"

Singh, Amrit and Rabindra (The Singh Twins)
"Nyrmla's Wedding II"

Siqueiros, David Alfaro
"Los Compadres"
"Portrait of Mexico Today"
"Portrait of Mexico Today" (detail 1)
"Portrait of Mexico Today" (detail 2)
"Portrait of Mexico Today" (in transit)
"Victima Proletaria"
"Echo of a Scream
"Estudio para puerta metalica y policromada (Study for Mettallic and Polychrome Door)"

Siqueiros, Laura
"She May be Clean--But"
"Gente Iffy"

Siqueiros, Francesco X.
"Las Tres Verdades"
"Self Portrait"

Siza, Alvaro
"Model of Iberé Camargo Foundation"

Skotnes, Cecil

Skreber, Dirk

Skrebneski, Victor
"4 Studies of Figure in Movement"
"Chicago River, Chicago"
"Effeil Tower, Paris"
"Christopher, Chicago Studio"
"Nude. Backs Studio, Chicago Studio"
"Vanessa Regrave, Hollywood"
"Nude, Chicago Studio, 1988"
"Orson Welles"
"Andy Warhol"
"Dennis Hopper"
"Truman Capote"

Slavin, Helene
"Horizontal Nude (Red)"
"Vertical Nude"

Slepian, John

Sloan, John
"Backyards, Greenwich Village"
"Sixth Avenue Elevated at Third Street"

Slota, Gerald
"Little Red Riding Hood"
"Untitled (Boy with Pin in Forehead)"
"Untitled (Double Face with Pin)"

Small, George
"Time and Perfection"
no title

Small, Mary
Jemez Pueblo, earthware clay

Small, Rena
"Artists' Hands Grid Continuum"
"Grid Continuum: Roy Lichtenstein"
"Grid Continuum: Alexis Smith"
"Grid Continuum: Andy Warhol"

Smeers, Frans
"The Sunbathers" (detail)

Smith Aaron
"Open Shade"

Smith, Barbara T.
"Pure Food"
"Feed Me"
"21st Century Odyssey: Norway"
"21st Century Odyssey: London"
"21st Century Odyssey: Heroes Goodbye"

Smith, Cindy
"The Moral Museum: Selections from the Bick Archive", installation view

Smith, Dave
"Orange County Bathroom with Choice of 3 Vanities"

Smith, Hassell
"The Triumph of Gargoylism"

Smith, Leon Polk
"Diagonal Passage 3"

Smith, Owen

Smith, Tony
"Wall" and "The Key to. Given"

Smith, William

Smith-Harrison, David
"Orchard III"
"Plum Tree III"
"Rose IV"
"Royal Palm with Turkish Design"
"El Olivo"
"Palm Tree w/ Column"

Smithson, Robert
"Asphalt Rundown"

"Partially Buried Woodshed"
"Spiral Jetty"
"Ruin of Map Hipparchus (100 B.C.) in Oswego Lake Quadrangle (1954-55)"
"Spiral of Cinnabar"

Snider, Doug
"Cow V"

Sobzcak, Sean

Sokolis, M.
"Night Vision"

Sokoloff, Elaine
"Fish or Fowl II"

Soldner, Paul
"Low Temp. Thrown & Altered"

Solyagua, Camille
"Jellyfish #9"

Somerville, David

Sonday, Mark D.
"Dog Shit Hill"

Sonnenberg, Hedrika/Chris Hanson
"Fruit Bowl (Apples, Oranges and Melons)"

Sorenson, Don
"Untitled" painting [n.d.]

Sorg, Cheryl
"Sing in me, Muse, and through we tell the story..."
"Sing in me, Muse, and through we tell the story..." (detail)

Sorren, Joe and White, Eric
"Pink Rits and the Glory of Autumn"

Soto, Jeff
No title

Soto, Jesus Raphael
"Sphere de Bale Esfera de Bale"
"Color a la Izquierda / Color to the Left"
"Contrast / Contraste"
"Azul y Negro / Blue and Black"

Souza, Alyson
"Circus Alterpiece"
"Tiny Evils--Disrespect"
"Tiny Evils--Deception"
"Circus Woman #4"
"Karen and Cliff"
"All Size Dolls"
"Bug Box"

Soyer, Raphael
"Double Portrait"

Spence, Brad
"Psychology Today"
"The Autistic Child"
"Giving Up on Life"
"Conceived (Red)"

Spencer, Lloyd
"Walter Benjamin"

Spero, Nancy

Sperry, Robert

Spring, Barbara
"Mother, Child, Baby, Two Girls Playing Ball"

Sprung, Loa
"Remembering transparent watercolor"

Squaglia, Kimberly

Staccioli, Mauro
Installation shot, 1998

Stafford, Rick
"Agnes Mongan"

Stallings, Tyler

Stanaway, Klutch
Foregound: No Title, Background: Crystalline Plywood Template
No Title (detail)
"Crystalline Plywood Template"

Stankard, Mark
"Globetrotter 2"

Stanley, James Everett
"I'm here for the duration"

Stark, Frances
"Number 7 in a series of 16"

Starling, Simon
"Inverted Retrograde Theme, U.S.A."
"Inverted Retrograde Theme" (detail)

Starn, Doug and Mike
"Attracted to Light #1"
"Double Rembrandt with Steps" (detail)

Stebbins, Catharine
"wash #1"

Stein, Corey

Steinbach, Haim
"Mr. Peanut"

Steinkamp, Jennifer
"Untitled" (2003)
"The TV Room"

Steinworth, Skip
"Still Life with Lilies and Aloe"
"Untitled Still Life #53"
"Untitled Still Life #56"
"Untitled Still Life #57"

"Sinjerli Variation Squared with Colored Ground Ia"
"The Pacific"

Stella, Joseph
"Berooklyn Bridge"

Stephens, Gretel
"Isles of Prukinje"
"Semiotics (Blue)"

Sterling, Mia

Stern, Rita
"Piano Player (after Matisse)"
"She Said (Red Man)"
"The Walk"
"PCH North"

Sternberg, Robert von

Sterrit, Coleen
"Pinecone Stack"

Stettinius, Gordon
"Roller Girl"

Stevens, Sally
"Blossom in Afternoon Light"

Stewart, Robert
to come

Stewart-Magee, Kevin
the "Evisioning the Future" mural

Stickney, Laura and Mendillo, Vilma
"Mission Book"

Stieglitz, Alfred
"Georgia O'Keefe: A Portrait"
"Mending Nets"

Stitz, Michelle
"Untitled Mare Tranquillitatis"

Stockton, Mark
"Michael with Baby"

Stoll, George
"Untitled (Daphne and Apollo Valentine's day)"
"Untitled (5 Cup Sketch)" #1
"Untitled (5 Cup Sketch)" #2
"Untitled Sponge Painting" #1
"Untitled Sponge Painting" #2

Stone, Greg
"Free Radicals Version 3.1"

Stonehouse, Fred
"Dream of a Shadow"
"Para Siempre"

Stoumen, Lou
"Avatar, New York"

Strand, Paul

Strasser, Joe

Strayer, Paul
"The Price of a Drink"

Stretch, Roni
"Claritza, Viridian Hue, Saratoga Springs"
Sticker, Fifo
"Library III"

Stinsmuehlen-Amend, Susan
"A Man's Chair"

Stotesbery, Brian

Stringfellow, Kim
"Grandma On My Mind"

Stockholder, Jessica
"Jessica Stockholder House"

Stoltmann, Kirsten
"Enough is Enough"

Stone, George
"Paperazzi Garden (hybrid)"
"Failt Line"

Stretch, Roni
"Shan Buddha, Raw Sienna, Burnt Bark"

Streuli, Beat
"Window Installation"

Stucke, Jochen

Sturges, Jock
"Christina and Cam"
"to come"
"Cella and Aude"

Stussy, Jan
"Death of the Magician"

Sudek, Josef
"Prague Castle Courtyard"
"Cemetary and Bicycle"
"On the Window of My Studio"
"Kolin Island"

Suderburg, Erika
"Blue Sentence"
"Some Small Groups"

Sugimoto, Hiroshi
"Queen Victoria (from Wax Museums I)"

Suggs, Don
"Red Mountain/Green Mountain"
"Decode Key"
"Progress in Birdland"
"Fleurs du Mall #7"
"Black Cross, New Mexico (Matrimony Series)"

Sugimoto, Hiroshi
Installation view (2003)

Sullivan, Catherine
"Big Hunt"

Sullivan, Karen
Installation View 2008

Sultan, Donald
"Black Flowers"

"5 Oranges, March 3, 2001"

Sumpter, Rachell
"Going Places"

Summa, Ann

Sunblom, Haddon H.
"The Big Fish Saga"

Sunderburg, Erika and Santarromana Joseph
from "Three Ambient Gardens"

Sung-Tae, Park
"Screening Wire"

Sussman, Sandy
"Untitled" (1 of 12 panels)

Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute
"October 24, 1983/2:10 P.M."

Suzuki, Macha
"Untitles (Squirrel Drawing)"

Svenson, Arne
"Wm Brown, Resisting an Officer"

Swallow, Ricky
"Come Together"

Swann, Nan
"Women with Mangos"

Swanson, Mary
"Still-Life Construction"

Swartz, Beth Ames
"Only the mindless waters remain"
"Deer Park"
"A Story from the Eleventh Hour: The Return: Charging the Species at the Eleventh Hour"
"Shen Qi: States of Change #2"
"Visible Reminders: There is a time"

Sweeney, Caren
"By the River"
"Porter Creek"

Swihart, Jon
"Untitled" (1998)
Studies for "Untitled" (1998)
"Untitled (Descending Figure)"

Swinnerton, James Guifford
"The Betatakin Ruins"

Sykes, Jill
"Aire Libre"
"Big Joss II"

Sylva, Kathryn and Lasser, Robin
"Eating Disorders in a Disordered World"

Szarkowski, John
"The National Farmers Bank, Owatonna, Minnesota"

Szabo, John

Szeto, Marco
"Donne In Costume"

Szukalski, Stanislav
"A Centaur"
"Mrs. Jackson"
"Drawing for the project Rooster of Gaul"

Szymanski, Carol
"How" (Hau)

Szymanski, Gary
"Untitled" (2002, 1)
"Untitled" (2002, 2)

Szyszlo, Fernando de
"Sol Negro (Black Sun) (1992)
"Route to Mendieta"
"Ritual Table"
"Sol Negro/Black Sun" (1991)