Rafalko, Marie C.
"Dark Oval #2"
"Dark Shift"

Rafat, Pasha
"Untitled (20.1 Ne, 10)"

Ragir, Tanya
"Calendar Girls"
"Landscape V"

Raimondi, John

Rainier, Chris
"Initiate with Face Paint: New Guinea"


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Ramirez, Lois
"Musical Chair"

Ramirez "Erre", Marcos
from "Multiplication of the Bread" (1)
from "Multiplication of the Bread" (2)
from "Garden of Angeles" (1)
from "Garden of Angeles" (2)
"Presidential Bed"
"Silla presidencial sobre sueto Mexicano"
"Los tres Mexicos"
"Oro por espejos"
"John F-Nixon"

Ramis, Anne
"Civil Living"

Ramme, Frank
"Where Her Name is a Poem"
"The Temptation of Saint Anthony"
"Poor Blind Frank and the Last of the Harpies"
"Approved Pets of the Apocalypse"
"Self Portrait with Mustache"
"Start with a Chicken"
"Raven's Squandered Maternity"
"The Passion of the Bitter Corn Fairies"

Ramos, Mel
"Tobacco Red"
"Velazquez Version"

Rankaikis, Susan
"Brain 2020 #2" (with Dr. David Somers)

Rankaitis, Susan
"Intéroception #1"
"Rocket Lure"
"It's like riding on a bicycle"

Ransom, Brian
Deities of Sound XIV, "Traveler"
Deities of Sound XV, "Readiness"
Deities of Sound XVIII, "Observance"

Raphael, Victor
"Space Field"
"Spiral Nebula VIII"
"The Three Triangles"
"Comet Nebula"
"Getty Water #9"

Rath, Alan
"4 O'clock"

Rauchenberg, Robert
"Shirtboard 5- Morocco/Italy"
"Untitled (White Shoes)"
"Coca Cola Plan"
"Game Time"
"Rauschenberg, Anagrams"
"L.A. Uncovered #2"
"Untitled" transparency

Rauhala, Osmo
"The Space With Shifting Boundaries"

Rawlinson, Annemarie
"Under the Yoke"
"After the Wedding"

Ray, Charles

Ray, Man
"Painting" (1918-24)
"Juliet in Tijuana"
"Self Portrait"
"Self Portrait in His Studio with Lay Figure"

Raymond, Eric
"Souffiler (Time Breather)"
"Phare (Lighthouse)"

Reafsnyder, Michael

Reas, Casey

"With the Children"

Redfield, Edward Willis
"Bridge at Chareton"

Redl, Erwin

Redmond, Granville
"California Poppy Field"

Reed, David
"David Reed House"

Reemtsen, Kelley
"Eames Armchair, circa 1950"
"Embroidered Handbag circe 1970"

Reese, Harry
from "33 1/3: Off the Record"

Reese, Nancy
"Los Altos"
"Rio Bravo"
"Angry Boy (Paradise Obscure)"

Reice, Milo
"Tickletime for Michelangelo"

Reichman, Brett
"A Painting That Tells a Story"

Reindel, Edna
"Victorian Essay"

Reiner, Lucas
"Redentore #2"

Reiss, Roland
"Remax/Sky View"
"Exactly What"
"The Secret Garden"
"Sweet Dreams"
"See Sines"
"Border Crossing"
"Thinking of You"

Rejlander, O.G.
"Lionel, Emily, Alfred & Hallan Tennyson"

Remington, Frederic
"Radisson and Grosseilliers"

Renoir, Auguste
Portrait of a girl (actual title to come)

Renno, Roseangela
"Siamese Twins"

Revell, Sinan
"Meditation in Blue"

Reyna, Antonio Maria de Manescau
"The Venice Canal"

Reynolds, Billy
"Cross Section-Female"
"Cross Section-Female"

Reynolds, Christie
"Weapons of Mass Destruction"

rheuban, m.
"Fragments and Edges"

Riboud, Marc
"Eiffel Tower Painter"

Ricard, Jacqueline

"Fish Book"

Rickey, George
"Four Cubes Excentric 1991-96"

Rice, Jessica
"Chez Edwards (Barry Bland)"

Rich, John Hubbard
"The Idle Hour"

Richmond, Wendy
"Public Space, Work"

Rider, Arthur G.
"Bringing in the Boats"

Rios, Marco
"Rigor Motors"

Ripper, Mary Ann
"Dead Men's Shoes"

Rist, Pipilotti
"Related Legs (Yokohama Dandelions)"

Rivera, Diego
"Mujer con Canasta"
"Los Braceros"
"Zapatista Landscape (The Guerilla)"
"Tortilla Makers"
"The House of Vizcaya"
"Portrait of Guadalupe Marin"
"Portrait of Angelina Beloff"
"Mujer con Flores"

Rivkin, Jay
"The Planets"

Rizk, Ron

"Ajax: A Popular Tool"
"A Site to be Holed"
"Off Season"
"The Bishop's Folly"

Robbins, Andrea and Becher, Max
"Postville: Lawn Mowing"

Roberts, Bob
"Something about someone doing somebody"

Roberts, Edwin Thomas
"The Blue Ribbon"

Roberts, Marcia
"Gold Note Ridge"
"Pixley (Tulare Series)"
"Goshen (Tulare Series)"
"Lemoncove (Tulare Series)"
"Kaweah (Tulare Series)"
"San Miguel"

Roberts, Michael
"Panel White #4"

Robinson, Sue Ann
"Walking Fools, Chapter One"
"Art Life"
"Walking Fools, Chapter 4"
"Carolyn's Oranges"

Robillard, Rita
"Orbits III"

Roche Rabell, Arnaldo
"Vanidad. Tobo hacia aerriba; Todo hacia abajo"
"Unwanted Inheritance"
"Eclipse of the Sun"
"The Natural Witness"
"We Always Hide from the Sun"
"I Saw the Egos Fall"
"The Dilemma of Choosing Between Black & White"

Rocklen, Ry
"House of Return"

Rockwell, Norman
"Four Sporting Boys: Basketball"
"American School: Summertime"
"Income Tax"

Rockwell, Roxene
"Swan Sonata"
"Humming Bird"

Roden, Steve
"loops of limbs and branches unknown"
"one mountain of found breath"
"human scale"
"ear(th)" (with Mark Simons, AnnMarie Polsenberg Thomas)
"The Silent World"
"Mute Objects" montage
"The Bookseller"
"The Silent World"
"Let Everything That Hath Breath"

Rodia, Simon
"Watts Towers"

Rodin, Auguste
"Pallas with Helmet"
"Colossal Bust of Saint John the Baptiste"
"The Poet and His Muses"
"Study for Falling Man"

Rodriguez, Fernando
from the series From a Collective Experience, "Up Down"
from the series From a Collective Experience, "Chained"
from the series From a Collective Experience, "Francisco's Neighbors"
from the series From a Collective Experience, "One Chair for Everybody"
from the series From a Collective Experience, "Massive Entrance or Exit"

Rodriguez, Tino
"Strange Flowers Blossom"

Rodriguez, William
"Sweet Smells of Farewell"

Roepstorff, Kirstine
"Wall D" and "Dark"

Rogenes, Jason
"Project Transmission"

Rogers, Michelle

Rogovin, Milton

Rojany, Rachelle
"Right Hear"

Rojas, James
"Santa Monica Off The Grid" (detail)

Romanychev, Alexander
"Portrait of a Young Girl"

Romero, Armando
"Futuristic Architects"
"The Circus"

Romero, Betsabeé
"Rehilete para rodar/Shuttlecock to Remember"
"Para Pavimento com Memoria I"
"Milagro y Accidente Cruzado I & II"
"Milagro y Accidente Cruzado III & IV"

Romero, Frank
"Freeway Red & Blue"
"Citroen DS in the Snow"
"California Plaza"
"Kauai Sunset"
"Fan Palms #5"
"Fan Palms #9"
"Fan Palms #3"
"Green Chevy"
"Green Teapot"
"East on the 10"
"No Title"
"Feliz Union"
"Drive-In Movie"

Romero, Nancy
"Girl with Flower Bouquet"

Romero, Rigoberto
"Sin Titulo", from the "Consuder de Millionario" series

Ronay, Matthew
Installation view, 2009

Rosciam, Eric
"Backwash Flowers"

Rose, Guy
"Laguna Eucalyptus"

Rose, John
"The Passage Through"
"Muscular Blunt"
"Saracen II"
"Freudian Blip"
"Angel Glyph"

Rosenberg, Marilyn
"Remember Babi Yar"

Rosenberg, Sophia
"Lilith Scroll" (detail)

Rosener, Janet
"Untitled, Catalog No. 15604"

Rosenthal, Ken
"Seen and Not Seen (#1311-3)"
"Seen and Not Seen (#001-A01)"
"Seen and Not Seen (#483-3)"
"Seen and Not Seen (#FJR-46-5)"

Rosenthal, Rachel
"Tatti Wattles: A Love Story", front cover

Rosenthalis, Moshe

Rosenquist, James
"Flaminco Capsul"

Rosenwasser, Sy
"Unconditional Love"

Ross, Adam
"Untitled (Chronopolis 2)"
"Untitled (The Permeability of Time. . .#2)"

Ross, Alexander
"Untitled" (2005)

Rosler, Martha
"Nature Girls (Jumping Janes)"

Rossell, Daniela
"Untitled (Ricas y famosas)"

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
"Lady Lilith"

Rothko, Mark
Installation view, MOCA at Pacific Design Center
"Untitled", 1942/43
"Number 11"
"Untitled", 1948

Rothenberg, Erika
"Sign of God"
"Los Alamos"
"Who Would You Kill"
"You Can Cure Yourself of Racism"

Rothman, Jerry
"Abstract Constructivist Sculpture"
"Baroque Ritual Vessel"
"Sky Pot"
"Bay View"
"View from the Deck"
"Leda And"

Rouault, Georges
"Enfant de la Balle"
"Profil du Pere Ubu"
"Le Jongleur"
"La Parade"

Rozasy, Frank

"Homo Sapiens: The Destroyers"

Rubin, Sandra Mendelsohn
"Valley View: Early Spring"

Ruanova, Daniel
"Defend: Security/Constructs of People Fearing Society"

Rubin, Yadid
"The Red Tree"
"Foggy Morning"
"Field of Trees"
"The Origin of Landscape"
"His Home is His Castle"
"Last Line"

Ruby, Sterling
"Supermax" (Installation view)

Rudak, Marek
"Periwinke Comet"

Ruff, Thomas
"Plakat IV (Housing Authority)"

Ruppel, Brian
"Secular Shrine"

Ruppersberg, Allen
"The Never Ending Book"
"Poems & Placemats"

Ruscha, Edward
"Chocolate Room"
"Then and Now"
"Mocha Standard"
"Untitled" (Noise) (1963)
"Standard Station"
"51% Angel/49% Devil"
"Time is Up"
"Here and Now"
"Industrial Truck Bodies"
"Studebaker Hawk"
"Gower, Beachwood, Franklin"
"Vermont, Franklin"
"Chandler, Magnolia, Riverside"
City Grid #2

Rush, Susan
"So Sweet That Cat"

Rusche, Christine

No title

Ruscha, Ed
"Deadhead 25"
"Actual Size"

Russell, Morgan
"Study for Synchromie en Bleu Violace (Small)"

Rutkowski, Richard
"September 11, 2001"

Ruwedel, Mark
"Las Vegas and Tonopah #12"

Ryan, David
"NV 814MKR"

Ryan, Don

Ryan, Liza
"Sight Unseen"
"Below Me Treetops and a Crow"

Ryan, Sharon
"Six by Sixteen"

Ryan, Victoria
"New Seasons"

Ryden, Mark
"Snow White"
"The Story Book"

Ryder, Sophie