LaBelle, Charles
"Grasping at Clouds (i)"

Lachman, Harry
"Sentinel of Notre Dame, Quai d'Orleans"

Lacy, Suzanne
"Crystal Quilt Photographs"

Lacy, Suzanne and Labowicz, Leslie
"In Mourining and In Rage"

LaDuke, Tom
"Them" (detail)

Lagerberg, Don
"With an African Fall"
Untitled Painting
Untitled Pastel
Untitled Pastel


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Laib, Wolfgang Laib
"The Rice Meals"

Laita, Mark
"Polygamist with Wives/Pimp with Prostitutes"

Lake, Suzy
"She No Longer Stares Blankly, Even if She's Not Supposed to #1"

Lakitch, Lili
"Paradise II"

Lala, Lisa
"We Choose to Fill"
"Double Luck"

Lam, Wifredo
"Femme aux cheveux longs, I (Woman with Long Hair I)"
"Untitled" (ca. 1947)
"Femme assise (Seated Woman)"

Lamb, Nicola
"Swimmers (River)"

Lambrecht, Dr. Frank L.
"Mabudu Drummers"

Lander, Mark
"The Story of 6 Loops"

Lane, Artis
"Wise Virgin #1"
"Emerging Now, Man Fragment I"

Lane, Cal
"Untitled (Map 3)"

Lane, Marion
"The Butterfly Effect"
Untitled detail
Untitled detail
Studio view

Lane, William

Lang, Gary
"Hybrid Variation, #24"
"Hybrid Variation, #22"
"Hybrid Variation, #21"
"Hybrid Variation, #38"

Lange, Dorothea
"Imperial Valley Mexican"

Lanting, Frans
"Twlight of the Giants"

Lapidus, Morris
"Seagram's Bar"

Larioniv, Mikhail
"Design for a Shadow Puppet"

Larner, Liz
"Corridor Red/Green"
"Ignis (Fake)"
"Bird in Space"
"2 as 3 and Some Too"
"Between Love Me and Love Me Not"

Larsen, Jack Lenor

Lasser, Robin and Sylva, Kathryn
"Eating Disorders in a Disordered World"

Lassry, Elad
"Chilean Flamingo"

Lasworth, Laura
"St. Thomas & Mr. Eco"
"Will Seen, Will Said"
"Love is as Strong as Death"

Lau, Ed
"Song for a Sacred Bird"
"Child's Chair II"

Lautner, John

Laurence, Michael
"Messages Used"

Lazzari, Margaret
"Blue and Scarlet"
"Self-Portrait as 'Mother and Child'"
"Love in the Afternoon"
"Above and Below the Surface"
"The Flowering"
"Falling Down"

Le, Dinh Q
"Untitled (Tom Cruise & William Dafoe, Born of the 4th of July/Highway 1)"
"Untitled (Persistence of Memory #11)"
"Mother and Child"

Le Mel, Maddy
"Untitled" (2001)
"Paper Sketches"
"Still Hot"

Le Roux, Gerard
"La Nioulargue of Saint Tropez"
"Three Sisters at the Voile Rouge in Saint Tropez"
"Pauline at the Beach Club"

Leachman, Kristen

Lebrun, Rico
"Untitled (after de Sade)"
"From Goya"
"From Rembrandt"

Leccia, Ange
Untitled, from "Proejct for L.A."

Lecoque, Alois
"The Red Boat"

Ledner, Catherine

Lee, David Michael
"Explosive Lamb"

Lee, Gavin
from "Fragments"
"Concerning George: the Reading Room"
from "Concerning George"

Lee, Jin-Yong
"A Package I Sent to Myself in 3001 A.D."

Lee, Kyungsoo
"The Way to Spring"
"Purple Spirit"
"Waiting for Summer"

Lee, Niki S.
"The Wedding (5)"

Lee, Yoon-Hee

Lefner, Dave
"Spanish Kitchen"
"Cream of we eat"

Leger, Fernand
"Women on a Yellow Background"
"Composition" (1920)
"Composition a l'aloes #3"

Leighnor, Katherine
"Sunspot Series, #14"
"Sunspot Series #11"
"Sunspot Series #13"
"1000 Kelvins #2"

Leinfelder, Franz
"Untitled" (1996)
"Untitled" (1999)
"Untitled" (2000 #1)
"Untitled" (2000 #2)
"Untitled" (2000 #3)

LeMel, Maddy
"Untitled" (2001)

Leñero, Francisco Castro
"Juegos de la Memoria"
"Juego de Dama"
"Juego de Sombras"
"Memoria Fragmentada"

León, Gabriela
"Our Lady of the Barricades"
"Barricade Dress"
"Our Lady of the Barricades" (video projection)
"Untitled" (2007)

Leonard, James
"Floral Movement"
"Can't Tell You Why"

Levine, Robert

Levine, Sherrie
"Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp)"

Levi, Linda

Levitt, Helen
"No Release"

Lewis, Lucy
Acoma Pueblo earthware clay

Lewis, Tim
"Sky at Night"

Lewitt, Sol
"Splotch #18"
"Wall Drawing #996"
"Wall Works"

Leysen, Mark
"Swept Away"

L'Heureux, J.J.
"Etitchette #64"
"Etichette #8"
"Aftershock #14"

Lhote, Andre
"Village and Fields, Tam"

Liashkov, Peter
"John's Canyon 008"
"John's Canyon 001"
"Old Man 3"
"Man Age 28"
"Arm 2"

Lichtenstein, Miranda
"Untitled #2 (fruit)"

Lichtenstein, Roy
"Picture and Pitcher"
"Finger Pointing"
"Brush Stroke Figure: Blue Face"

Liebermann, Max
"Cabbage Field"

Liebowitz, Karen
"The Walking of the Gods"

Ligare, David
"Ideal Head (Reason)"
"Still Life with Grape Juice and Sandwiches (Xenia)"
"Ponte Vecchio/Torre Nova"

Light, Ken

Ligon, Glenn

Lightner, Edward
"Dakota Redwing"
"Jeff Stryker"
"Matt Sizemore"
Priscilla Plumbbob"

Lim, Ju Won
"Broken Landscape #1"
"Elysian Field"

Lin, Maya
"2 x 4 Landscape"

Lindenberg, Judith

Lindfors, Stefan
"Ephemeron III-XV"
"Ephemeron III-XV", detail

Lindneux, Robert Ottakar
"Eastern Gray Fox"

Lingo, Dennis

Linhares, Judith
"Waiting for Horesmen"
"Yellow Vase"

Linnenbrink, Markus
"Untitled" (2000, 1)
"Untitled" (2000, 2)

Linsteadt, Stephen
"Union of Opposites"
"Passion Fruit #9"
"Passion Fruit #7"
"Quinta Essentia"

Lissitzky, El
"Proun 99"

Liu, Charlene
"Mad Bloom"

Liu, Katherine Chang
"Token II"

Livingston, Francis
"Queensboro Bridge"

Lloyd, David
"Untitled" (#1, 2000)
"The Story Continues"
"Untitled" (#2, 2000)
"Untitled" (#3, 2000)
"Untitled" (#4, 2000)
"Untitled" (#5, 2000)
"Untitled" (#6, 2000)

Lloyd, Gary/Clothier, Peter
"Bob Went Home"
"The Venetian Cotai, Ltd. Casino Tower, under construction"
Poster of the layout of the Cotai Strip development

"Shrine of the Four Buddhas"

Lloyd, Lucile
Newspaper clipping from the Evening Herald and Express, 1936, with "The Origin and Development of the Name of the State of California"

Lockhardt, Sharon
"Lunch Break"

LoCurto, Lilla and Outcault, William
"Kharchenko-Shabanova BS1sph(8/6)_798"

Lodato, Peter
"Violet Nine"
"Black Bronze Room"
"La Mer"
"Large Vessel #2"
"Tibeten Door"

Logoreci, Susan
"Civic Centers'

Long, Charles
"100 lbs. of Clay"
"Untitled" (2003)
"Our Bodies Our Shelves"

Long, Mary Ellen
"Winter Pressing"

Long, Richard
"Umpqua River Stones"

Long, Warren
"Synchronized Swimmers"
"Seven Deadly Sins"
"Bayou Anything You Want"

Longo, Robert
"Dancing Couple I"

Longo, Susanne

Longval, Gloria
"Goddess La La" (detail)
"Mistica II"

Lonidier, Fred
"N.A.F.T.A. (Not a Fair Trade for All). . ." (detail)

Lonner, Mara
"All the Colors in Sunset", installation view

Lopes, Fernando
"The Flag Book"

Lopez, Alma

Lopez, Angel

Lopez, Richard
"Cymbidium Rhythm"
"December Serenade"
"Awaiting Arrival"
"Bridal Veil II"

Lopez Armentia, Gustavo
"Los Pueblos Viajan"

Lord, Catherine
"Blue Breeze"

Lorrain, Claude
"The Rape of Europa"

Los Carpinteros
"Transportable City"

Losada, Manuel
"Juanita Banana"
"Dominican Rumba"
"La Danseuse"
"Nightmares on Wax"

"Mobile Dwelling Unit"

Louis, Morris
"Number 99"
"Lamba II"
"Green Shade"
"Ambi IV"
"Para IV"
"Horizontal VII"

Lourenco, Simone
"Pink Blossoms"

Louro, Joao
"1 second in the Story of Crime"

Love, Stevie

Low, Sandra

Lowe, Heather

Lowe, Jean
"How to Escape from Quicksand"
"Empire Style" view 1
"Empire Style" view 2
"Empire Style" detail 1
"Empire Style" detail 2

Lowe, Nicholas/Lowrey, Sheridan
"Careless Exhibition" (detail)

Lozano, Jose
"Night of The Maniac"
"Angles Lit by Sin"
"Angles Lit by Sin"
"Madra Patria"

Lozano, Nydia
"The Guitar"

Lubliner, Malcolm
"Betty Asher and Ken Tyler"

Lubner, Lorraine
"Green Variant"

Lubner, Martin
"no title"
"Tennis Ball"
"Shaving Brush and Cream, Alarm Clock, and Cup"
"Family I: Couch"

Lucchesi, Bruno
"Rocking Chair"

Luce, Maximilien
"L'Echafaudega Etude"

Ludwig, Gerd
"Moscow 2001"
"Moscow, Russia"
"Starocherkassk, Russia"
"Siberia, Russia"

Luebtow, John

Lujan, Gilbert "Magu"

Luna, Carlos
"Bum Ba Ta"
"Gran Mambo"

Lundeberg, Helen
"Interior with Painting"
"The Canyon"
"Dark Corridor"
"Arches I"
"May Planet"
"Opalescent Planet"
"Interior with Painting"
"Micro-Macro Cosmic Landscape"
"Moonlit Tree"
"Mirror with Pink Shell"
"Red Pears"
"Self Portrait"
"Still Life"
"Seen From a Height"

Lundin, Norman
"Studio in Half Light"
"River Landing"
"Simple Still Life: Boxes, Thermos and Jar"
"Light Observation: Lemons, Glass, Water & Cloth"
"Studio Still Life: Boxes, Jar & Vase"

Lutter, Vera
"Campo Santa Sofia, Venice, XXIII: December 17"

Luvaas, Lucinda
"Eternal Night"
"She Can't Keep Up #7"
"L.A. Fever"
"He Never Offered"
"We Can't Keep Up"
"She Can't Keep Up"
"Fortune Cookie"
"You're so Selfish You Don't Even Own a Dog!"

Lyle, David
No title (2005)

Lynn, Greg and Marcaccio, Fabian
"The Predator"

Lynch, David

Lyons, Robert
"Microphone-Witness Stand. . ."
"Agnes Mukeshima. . ."
"Alecia Kankundiye. . ."
"Hands, Donata Uwimpaye. . ."