Kadish, Reuben
"Reverie" (attributed)

Kadonaga, Kazuo
Installation view, 2001
"Glass n. 4A"
"Wood No. 7A"
"Silk No. 1, 2 Series"

Kagan, Cynthia
"Pug Perfect"

Kahan-Gueler, Dina
"Untitled, Diptych"

Kahlo, Frida
"Cocos Gimientes (Weeping Coconuts)"


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Kahn, Eric
"Ocean's 3"

Kahn, Louis
"National Assembly Building"

Kahn, Wolf
"Railroad Bridge Near Hinsdale, NH"

Kalinin, Viacheslav
"Breakfast of a Pilot"

Kammer-Fox, Ursula
"I am #117 of the Oooks"

Kander, Nadav
"Nude II"
"Sulphurous Mud, Vulcano, Italy"
"Diver, Salt Lake, Utah"

Kandinsky, Wasily
"Multicolored Circle (Mit Buntem Kreis)"
"Klein Welten I"
Newspaper clipping from the Evening Herald and Express, 1936
"Composition VII"

Kaneg, Howard

Kaphar, Titus
"Tina Vesper"

Kapp, David

Kaprow, Allan
"Household, men working on the tower"
"oranges hanging by strings"
"Household, women licking jam off a car"

Karales, James
"Marches, Selvma to Montgomery Alabama"

Karapetian, Farrah
"Shipping Container"

Karetzky, Laura
"Surrogate Monkey"

Karfiol, Bernard
"Bathers in Boats"

Kasebier, Gertrude
"Blessed Art Thou among Women"

Kashabi, Ghita
"Aleb Ba (Alpha Bet)"

Kasten, Barbara
"Purple Wings"

Kato, Aya
"Snow White (Sweet Enchantment)"

Katselas, Milton
"Call me from the airport"

Katz, Leo
Newspaper clipping from the L.A. Times, 1935, with "Man and His Inventions"

Katz, Virginia
"Force Fields-Theory I #2"

Katzenberger, George
"Airway Avenue, Costa Mesa"

Kauffman, Craig
"Untitled (Donut)"
"Hollywood Walk #2"

Kaufman, Carol
"Untitled 1"

Kautzky, Theodore
"The Northeaster"

Kay, Emma
Installation view, UCLA Hammer Museum (2001)

Kazandjian, Jean
"Untitled" (1997)

Keel, Kaija
Four Immortals--"Youth," "Age," "Plebian," "Poverty"
"Golden Moments"
"Mother Earth"
"Don't Say It, Don't Hear It, Don't See It"
"The Believer"
"Spirit House #3"
"The Road to My Family"

Keeley, Pamela
"Man's Best Friend"
"Fruit and Consequences"
"The Issue of Us" (detail)
"Faq" (detail)
"Nu" (detail)

Keesling, Richard
"Cork Screw Slot Canyon, Antelope River, Arizona"
"White Sands"
"Covered Bridge"

Kelley, Mike

Kellndorfer, Veronika
"Succulent Screen"

Kellner, Thomas
"02#10, Paris, Tour Eiffel"

Kelly, Ellsworth
"Red Blue Green"

Kendis, Allison

Kenna, Michael
"Guard Tower and Fence, Birkenau, Poland"
"Food Bowl, Gross Rosen, Poland"
"SS Guard House (Death Gate), Birkenau, Poland"
"Unloading Ramp, Birkenau, Poland"
"Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes You Free)"

Kennelly, Ian M.
"Full Count"

Kent, Claude

Kent, Sister Corita
"With Love to the Everyday Miracle"

Kentridge, William
"Office, Love"
"A Nicely Built City ever Resists Destrruction"
"Tide Table"
from "Journey to the Moon"
Photo portrait by Peter Rimell
"Soho Holding Cup and Stone to Ear"
"Dancing Man"

Ker, Aragna
"When the Time Comes (Do You Still Know the Fragility of Existence?)"

Kersels, Martin
"Wishing Well"
"Dionysian Stage"
"Kouros and Me"
"Falling 4"
"Objects of the Dealer"
"Tripping Photo 2(b)"

Kerwin, Barbara
"Window VII"
"Window III"
"Window IX"
"Innermost Beat"
"Morning Light"

Kerzie, Ted
"Play the Deck You're Dealt", installation view
"Playing Card Series" (Red, Queen)
"Playing Card Series" (Black, Queen)
"Playing Card Series" (Red Ace)

Kessinger, Jeff
"Untitled" (2002)

Ketchem, Robert Glenn
"Fall Spit, Nuyakuk"
"October 24, 1983/2:10 P.M."

Ketterl, George
"Ends Beginnings Betweens"
"Synaptic Echo"

Keville, Jim
"Beetles and Sprouts"
"Covered Jar"

Khai, Nguyen

Khalsa, Sant
"Study for the Sacred Spring"

Khan, Mir Kalan (?)
"A Lover Offers His Mistress Wine Beneath a Flowering Tree"

Khare, Adonna
"The Bear"

Khedoori, Toda
"Untitled (seats)"

Kheradyar, Habib
"Untitled (blue)"
"Untitled (pink/violet)"
"Untitled (orange/black)"

Kienholz, Edward
"Back Seat Dodge '38"
"The Old Rugged Double-Cross"
"Hope for '36"
"Untitled" (1958)
"Back Seat Dodge '38"
"The Wait"
"The Beanery"
"Holding' The Dog"
"John Doe"
"Dwight D. Nutt"
"Walter Hopps Hopps Hopps"

Kienholz, Nancy Reddin
"Jim Crow"

Kiesler, Friedrich
"Sisler House, Study"

Killip, Chris
"Helen with Hula-Hoop, Seacoal Beach, Lynemouth, Northumberland"

Kim, Oan
"The River is Moving"

Kim, Linda
"Hair Piece"

Kim, Minjung
"Void in Fullness" (2004)
"Void in Fullness" (2005)
"Void in Fullness"

Kimerling, Kim
No title

Kim, Soo

Kingman, Dong
"Horn Blowers"

Kingston, Robert
"Orange/Yellow on White"
"Vasquez Rocks"

Kinkade, Thomas (installations curated by Jeffrey Vallance)
Custom VISA credit card

Kinsella, John
"High Noon"

Kippenberger, Martin
"The problem retrospective. You are not the problem, it's the problem-maker in your head"
"Ohne Titel (Untitled) from the series Jacqueline: The Paintings Pablo Couldn't Paint Anymore"
Installation view of "The Happy End of Franz Kafta's 'Amerika' "

Kirby, Jack
"Fantastic Four #50"

Kirchner, Mark
"Clearing Storm, Manzanar Cemetery"

Kirkeby, Per
"Untitled (PK 05 11)"
at work, Richard Tullis Studio

"Airbag Architecture"

Kitaj, R.B.
"Arabs and Jews (Jerusalem)"
"I and Thou"
"His New Freedom"
"Passion (1940-45): Cross and Chimney"
"Los Angeles No. 20"
"Los Angeles No. 15"
"Los Angeles No. 17"
"Los Angeles No. 11"
"Los Angeles No. 19"
"Waiting for Lefty"

Kitchell, Karen
"Seasonal Overture: Dead Grass: Early Spring"

Kizu, Alex
"L.A. Style"

Klee, Paul
"Angelus Novus"

Klein, Jim

Klein, Yves
"Leap Into the Void"
"Untitled Anthropometry"

Klein, Yves Amu

Kleitsch, Joseph
"Mother's Watchful Eye"

Klett, Mark
"Contemplating the view at Muley Pt., Utah"

Kliaving, Serge

Klima, John
"The Great Game"

Klimt, Gustav
"Beech Woods (Birch Woods)"

Kline, Cheryl
"In Light of Rhapsody"

Kline, J.C.W.
"Residence of George (Doc) Smith"

Klovstad, Erik
"A Quiet Stream"

Knechtel, Tom
"A Middle-age Scherezade"
"Map" (detail)
"Flounder (3)"
"A Mare's Nest" (detail)

Knight, John

Knuth, John
"Against the Grain"

Kobe, Achim

Koch, John
"Nude (Eating Peach)"

Kocica, Jiri
"Vision and Concept of Continuance (Duration)"

Koether, Jutta

Koganezawa, Takehito

Koh Byoung Ok
"Mosquito Bite"

Kohr, Erika
"Leah in Red"

Kollwitz, Kathe
"Besuch Im Krankenhaus (Visit to the Hospital)"

Kolosvary-Stupler, Eva
"Connectivity #6"
"Captain Nemo"
"Directional Vision"
"World Piece"
"Main Street Nike"

Kolosvary, Paul
"Me and My Cancer"

Komarin, Gary
"Rue Madame in Red 17"

Kominos, Nicholette
Installation at restaurant Mako (2001)

Koon, Christoff
"Jumping Jack"

Koonig, Willem de
"Two Women with Still Life"
"Montauk Highway"

Koons, Jeff
"Balloon Dog (Blue)"
"Michael Jackson and Bubbles"

Kopelson, Stephanie
"Handmade Language"
"Untitled #2"

Korda, Alberto
"The Don Quixote of the Lamppost"
"Guerrillero Heroico"
"Untitled" (1)
"Untitled" (2)

Kordakis, Yiorgos
"Global Summer No. 19"

Kornfeld, Herb
"Bridge, Venice Beach"
"The Boathouse"

Kouzel, Mildred
"Globe V"
"The Family"

Kovachevich, Thomas
"Untitled" (1)
"Untitled" (2)
"Untitled" (3)
"Untitled" (4)

Kovarsky, Yehoshua
"Barking Dogs at Sunrise"

Kraal, Lies
"Untitled #2"
"Untitled #3"

Kramer, Aaron
"Black Hole"

Krasner, Lee
"Stretched Yellow"
"Untitled (Still Life)"
"What Beast Must I Adore?"
"Stretched Yellow"
"City Verticals"

Krasnow, Peter

Krausz, Peter
"(No) Man's Land No. 4"
"Helen's Exile #12"
"Helen's Exile #10"
"Helen's Exile #1"

Krebs, Patsy
"Amduat II"
"The Hours: Nones"

Kremer, Alex
"On All Fours"
"Self-Portrait, Diptych"

Kretschmer, Melissa
"Plane Series #0405"

Kruger, Barbara

Krueger, Geoffrey
"Back Bay"
"California Landscape"
"Funnel Cloud"

Krumbein, Beatriz Mejia
"Black and White"

Kucera, Gregory
"Eyeballer #5"

Kudo, Makiko
"I Don't Know"

Kuitca, Guillermo
"Untitled", #1, mixed media [1998]
"Untitled", #2, mixed media [1998]
"Untitled", #3, mixed media [1998]
"Untitled", #4, mixed media [1998]

Kumar, Barry
"Know Where"

Kun, Song
"Qiyun Mountain"

Kunath, Friedrich
"About Souffle"

Kunin, Claudia
"Girl at Door"
"Loss of Innocence"
"Mother's Hands"
"Fire Gazer"

Kunishima, Seiji
"Byobu 95-15"
"Suspended Pool 94-2"
"Untitled 93-13"
"Untitled 94-12"
"Suspended Pool 93-11"

Kunitoshi, Utagawa
"Shinhatsumei nimpu rokuto junitai"

Kuntz, Roger

Kunz, Emma
"Work No. 396"

Kupelian, Ani

Kupka, Frantisek
"Architecture Philosophique"
"Trois Violets"
"Ensemble Statique"

Kusama, Yayoi
"Flowers That Bloom at Midnight M2"
"Infinity Mirror Room"
"Yellow Net"

Kuznetsov, Yuri

Kyiatkoyska, Patrycia
"Stabilizer of Pleasure" (detail)

Kyack, Joel
"The Knife Shop"

Kyes, Nancy
"Chakra #1"