Jaar, Alfredo

Jack, Lisa
"Barack Obama, Occidental College, No. 15"

Jackel, Ben
"Syntagma" (detail)
"Down to the Bone"
"Sprinkler heads"
"USS Hoel (from 'Miles to Go Until We Sleep' installation)"

Jackson, Alison
"Bush Chokes on a Pretzel"

Jackson, Elbert McGran
"The Concert"

Jackson, Oliver
"Untitled (8. 8. 89-II)

Jacob, Ray
"Get off the Porch"

Jacobs, Valerie
"Chicago Peace Rose 1945"
"Untitled (Mosquito)"

Jacobson, Bill
"New Year's Day #4580"


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Jacobi, Kathryn
"Operatic Duet #3
"Powell River Tim #1"

Jacobs, Diane

Jacobson, Norman
"Now We Fly"

Jamison, Mike
"Blue Screen 2"

Jankay, Tibor
"Two Nude Women at the Beach"
"Profile of a Woman's Head with a Vase of Flowers"

Janssens, Ann Veronica

Javier, Maximino
"Indecisive Chacmool"

Jeanneret, Pierre / Perriand, Charlotte

Jawlensky, Alexei
"Mystical Head"
"Japanese Flower"
"Abstract Head"

Jefferson, Gary Eugene
"Shields Not Forgotten"
"Frivolous Meditations"

Jenkins, Connie
"Purple Star"
"Pink Algae"
"Sea Flowers"
"Cinderella Slipt Here"
"September: Looking Through the Sky"
"La Playa De Las Piedras"
"All That Glitters"

Jenkins, Janet

Jenkins, Jim
"Activated Via a Hand Crank"
"Learning to Walk/Dance"
"Image Maker"

Jensen, Alfred
"The Great Pyramid"
"Square Beginning--Cyclic Ending (Per I, II and III)"
"Square Beginning--Cyclic Ending (Per V)"
"Acroatic Rectangle 13"
"Study for Mural at Albany Mall"

Jensen, Bill
"The Conversation"

Jeong-Hwa, Choi
"Believe It or Not"

Jervis, Ruth Grace
"Wedding Cake Two"

Jiang, Nova
"Hull Loss"

Jimenez, Cruz
"Untitled" drawing [1999]

Jo, Sook Jin
"Wishing Bells/To Protect and To Serve"

Joanou, Phil
"American Gothic"
"Birth of Venus"
"Woman II"
"The Brass Ring"

Johanson, Chris

Johns, Jasper
"Numbers: 9 Through 9"
"Target with Four Faces"
"Figure 4"
"Untitled" (1977)
"Two Flags (Whitney Anniversary)"
"Figure 8"
"Land's End"

Johnson, Eastman
"The Cranberry Harvest, Island of Nantucket"

Johnson, Ezra
still from "What Visions Burn"

Johnson, Kiel
"Pack It Up, Put It Behind You"

Johnson, Larry
"Untitled (Classically Tragic Story)"

Johnson, Matt

Johnson, Mitchell
"Tractor with Stripes"
"Antonio's Farm"

Johnson, Ray
"Untitled (Joseph Cornell Bunny with Sand and Swan)"
"Dear Marilyn Monroe"
"Untitled (Holly Solomon with Lynda Benglis and Etant)"
"Paloma Picasso"
"Untitled (Mouth of the Month)"
"New York School of Abstract Expressionist Correspondence"
"Antonio Gaudi's Fingernails"
"Untitled (Hand Flamenco Dancers)"

Johnson, William

Johnston, Ynez
"The Secret Land"
"The Expedition"
"The Green Nile"
"The Woman Who Waits by the Sea"

Jones, John Paul
"Self Portrait"
"Girl for Goya"
"Soft Skin"
"Stompin' at the Savoy"

Jones, Kim
"Wilshire Boulevard Walk, 28 January 1976"

Jones, Pirkle and Baruch, Ruth-Marion
No title

Jordan, Chris
"9th Ward 360"
"Cans Seurat"

Jordan, Patricia
"Golden Nymphs Descending from the Clouds"

Judson, William Lees
"At Sunset"
"Sands of Catalina"
"The Oaks"
"The Bridge (Arroyo Seco)"

Julian, Isaac
Untitled from the "True North" series

Jurati, Katrin
"The Ten Billion Stars That Twinkle in Heaven" (detail)

Jurayj, John
Installation view at Walter Maciel Gallery, 2008

Justesen, Kirsten
"Sculpture II"