Iannaccone, Carmine

Ibara, Silfrido
"Selva #6"

Ikeda, Ryoji
"Untitled 9" [1998]
"Untitled 15" [1998]
"Penunbrae 5"
"Terrestrial 1"

Ikezaki, Yoshio
"The Earth Breathes--Kurikaesu (Repeat)"
"The Earth Breathes--Hikkaku"
"Gathered Dreams 162"

Imboden, Connie
"Visceral Thoughts #1154"

Imperiale, Daniele

Impert, Walter
"In Yesterday's Mirror"


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Ingalls, Jeff
"Post-Christmas Tree"
"Untitled" (2001)

Innerst, Mark
"South on Walnut"

Institute for Figuring
"Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef"

Ireland, David
"Untitled" (1999)

Irons, Shirley

Irwin, Robert
North Facing of Broad Contemporary Installation
"Marfa Plan, Black and White"
"Marfa Plan"
"Two Architectural Towers"
"Untitled" (1960-1961)
"Untitled" (1969)
"Five x Five" (installation view)
"Light and Space" (installation view)
"Primaries and Secondaries"
"Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue 3"

"Untitled" (1967-68)

Isermann, Jim
"Jim Isermann House"

Islam, Runa
"Be the First to See What You See As You See It"

Isupov, Sergei

Iturbide, Graciela
"Untitled" from "Oaxaca Botanical Gardens" (1)
"Untitled" from "Santa Gertrudis Ranch, South Texas" (1)
"Untitled" from "Oaxaca Botanical Gardens" (2)
"Untitled" from "Oaxaca Botanical Gardens" (2)
"Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas"

No titel (2005)