Gabbiani, Francesca

Gach, Arron
"Psychobotany" installation view

Gad, Simone
"Madonna/Batter/Gad #1"
"Marilyn Look-A-Like Pinup"

Gaines, Charles
"Falling Rock"
"Night/Crimes: Aries"
"Absent Figures: Rainier, Version 2, Brigham Files"
"Airplanecrash Clock" (detail)

Galan, Julio
"Homage to Rei"
"Carlos Felipe"
"Negro Astuto, Negro Astuto"


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Galanti, Tera
"A Personal Wish List"

Gallegos, Margaret
"Apocalyptic Visions (World on Fire)"
"Time out of Mind"
"Madama Butterfly"

Gallegos, Sandra
"Big D"
"Cutie Pie"
"I Wish"

Gallina, Claudio

Galloway, Shanna
"Muse of History"

Gambill, Jeff
"Bird of Paradise"

Gamboa, Diane
"Ceremonies are Held"
"Charming Little Spells"
"Seven Year Itch"
"Splinter Coat"

Gamboa, Harry Jr.

Gamma, Corina
"LA Leisures"

Ganahl, Rainer
"Language of Emigration/Lederer Family"

Ganesh, Chitra
"Hidden Trails" (detail)

Gantman, Martin
"Black Sky"

Gantman, Myra
"Dogma #6"
"Echoes #4"

Gao Brothers
"Sense of Space: Anxiety"

Garabedian, Charles
"The Spring for Which I Longed"
"Eurymedon, Chyses, Naphalion & Philolaus"
"White Cross"

Garaicoa, Carlos
"Campus or the Babel of Knowledge"

Garanger, Marc
"Algerian Woman"

Garay, Gary
"Paleta Cart"

Garber, Helen
"Mouse and Me"
"Stan and Rochell at Home in Flushing, Queens"

Garcia, Aimee
"Untitled" (2001)
"Recuerdo #4"
"Recuerdo #1"
"Abrazando la Tierra"
"La Guita (The Guide)"

Garcia, Camille Rose
"Lulu and Cherry Girl"

Garcia, Joaquin Torres
"Composicion Constructiva"

Garcia, Lalo
"Interior of Guadalupe Shrine"

Garcia, Teri

Garcia Revuelta, Alfredo
"Sin Titulo"
"La Dolorosa"
"Hombre Edificio"
"Mujer Paisaje"

Gardner, Paul

Garnier, Jacques
"Sara and Ali"

Gash, Mark

Gastelum, Victor
"F.B.I. Girl"

Gatson, Rico
"The Art of Battle"

Gauguin, Paul
"Eiaha Ohipa ('Do Not Work' Tahitians in a Room)"

Gaulke, Cheri
"This is My Body"

Gavenda, Andrew

Gawne, Candice
"Fools Cup"
"Light Water 1"
"Light Water II"
"The Big Orange South"
"Mil Mascaras"

Gawronski, Barbara
"Grail V"
"Grail I"

Gechtoff, Sonia
"Children of Frejus"

Geerlinks, Margi
"Gepetto (man sewing)"

Geertsen, Michael
"Green Wall Object"

Gehry, Frank
"Puente de Vida: Panama Museum of Biodiversity"
"Astor Place Hotel"
"Gehry House"
"Walt Disney Hall: Exterior Study and Interior Study"

Geib, Dona
"Hard Cover Down"

Geiser, Jean-Theophile
"Bread Seller"

General Idea
"Playing Doctor"
"Shut the Fuck Up"

George, William
"Safe Passage"

Gerber, Monika
"Le Bleu et Le Noir"

Gerges, Joseph P.
"The Samaritan"

Gerhard, Nick
"Endless Bummer 1, 2, 3,"

Gerome, Jean-Léon
"Slave Market (For Sale)"

Gershuni, Moshe
"The Time of Jacob's Trouble"
"Untitled, Diptych"

Gerzso, Gunther
"Paisaje Espejismo"
"Verde Azul"
"Paisaje Ixchel"

Geyer, George
"Climatic Extremes"
"Circular Light Compression Triangle"
"Circular Light Compression"
"Falling Triangles"
"Falling Triangles #2"

Gfeller, Catherine

Giacomelli, Mario
"Buona Terra"

Giamportone, Gerald
"Untitled No. 2"
"Untitled No. 2", detail

Gibson, George
"California Gold"
"San Luis Obispo Farm"

Giegerich, Jill
"Untitled" (1999)
"JG-1986-1, Untitled"
"JG-1991-11, Untitled"
"JG-1991-15, Untitled"
"JG-1995-1, Untitled"
"JG-2001-5, Untitled"

Giersbach, Candace

Gigli, Ormond
"Models in the Window"

Gilbert & George
"Sex City"

Gilhooly, David
"1 Pound Sampler"

Gill, James
"The Demagogue"

Gillette, Jeff
"Bell Mountain"
"Sponge Heizer South"

Gilman, Joel
"Strong. . .Strong. . .Quinte"

Ginder, Robert
"Casa Rustica"

Giotto di Dondone
"Bust of an Angel"

Gipe, Lawrence
"Factory, U.S.S.R., 1930"
"No. 1 from Zirkus und Varieté"
"elements, comb, 1937"

Gitman, Victoria
"On Display"

Gladstone, Wendell
"Boys With Dogs"

Glass, Sylvia
"Founding Ancestor"
"Japan Revisited #11"
"Japan Revisited #4"
"Japan Revisited #25"
"Cacti #10"

Glassman, Joel Aaron
"Morning Becomes Electra", #1
"Morning Becomes Electra", #2

Gleason, Jimi

Gleaton, Tony
"Sea of Dreams/Mar de Suenos"
"Black Girl/White Flower"

Gligoeijvich, Alexander

Glowacki, B.J. Bauer
"Viewing Madanna from A Far"

Gobel, James
"Don't AGot to Worry You're Locked in Tight Darling"
"A Gentleman"
"Ridicule is Nothing to be Scared Of"

Gober, Robert
Untitled Installation

Godfrey, Richard
"Orange Oso"
"Thumper's Song"

Goetz, John
"Metropolitan Nights"

Gohain, Santana
"Untitled" 2007

Goje, Sandile
"Meeting of Two Cultures"

Gold, Jeffrey
"Third Session"
"A Work in Progress"

Goldberg, Ken
"Ouija 2000"

Goldberg, Michael
"Land's End"
"House on Pomfret Center"
"Untitled" (2002)
"Virgil's Tomb"
"Tempio di Apollo Mel Circo"
"Philosopher by Moonlight"
"Untitled" (1962, 1)
"Brigham Young"
"The Wife"
"Untitled" (1962, 2)
"Gun Hill Road"

Goldfarb, Walter
"The Fall of the King II"

Goldin, Nan
"Pavel laughing on the beach, Positano"

Goldlust, Peter
"Doubled Over"

Goldsmith, Lynn
"Feet of the Beatles, Miami Beach"

Goldstein, Jack
"Untitled" (1981)

Goldstein, Stanley
"Girl Party"
"Dancing by the TV"

Goldsworthy, Andy
"Three Cairns"

Golub, Leon
"White Squad V"
"Point the Bone!"

Gomez, Mario

Goncalves, Marcelino
"Untitled" (2006)

Gonzales-Day, Ken
"Untitled #94"

Gonzales, Michael

Gonzales, Ruth
"Red Rain"
"River of Neptune"
"Mist of Fusion"
"Untitled" (2000)

Gonzalez, Cici
"Kisses from Brazil"

Gonzalez, Curro
"La caide (The Fall)"

Gonzalez, Yolanda
"Spider Woman"

Gonzales Bibeau, Erica
"Firescape 1"

Gonzalez-Day, Ken

Gonzalez-Palma, Luis
"Untitled 3" photograph [1998]

Goode, Joe
"Lost Painting"
"Black & White Photo with Paint (Milk Bottle)"
"Black & White Photo wiht Paint (House)"
"Torn Cloud painting 3A"
"Torn Cloud painting 17"
"Photo Cloud painting"
"Bomb Shell (Cause and Effect Painting 79)"
"Cause and Effect Painting" (1999, 1)
"Cause and Effect Painting" (1999, 2)
"Cause and Effect Painting" (1999 3)
"Enceladus 2"
"Untitled (Ozca-43)"

Goodich, Nikolai
"Translucent Polyphonic"

Gooding, Ann

Gordon, Anthony
"Pumbing: A Reworking of the Classic Circus Sideshow Act..."

Gordon, Douglas
"A Divided Self"
"Monument to x"

Gordon, Karen Elizabeth
"Paris: Out of Hand {A Wayward Guide}", front cover

Gordon, Ken
"Time Squares"

Gorky, Arshile
"The Artist and His Mother"
"Staten Island"
"Untitled" drawing
"Untitled" drawing (1934)
"Study for Nighttime, Enigma and Nostalgia"
"Study for Summation"
Untitled, c. 1946
"Study for Aviation Murals"

Gory (Rogelio Lopez Marin)

Gottlieb, Rosita
"Birds of the Rainforest"
"Arbol del Volcan Poas"

Gourley, Patrick
"Tyco #3"
"Temple I"
"Temple II"
"A Temple for Judea"

Govaerts, Janice Lloyd
"The Gaze"
"Hand of the Banshee"

Gowin, Emmet
"Edith, Danville, Virginia"

Goya, Francisco
“The Burial of the Sardine (Corpus Christi Festival on Ash Wednesday)”
"The Shootings of May 3rd"
"It Is Time"

Graham, Dan
"Heart Pavilion"

Graham, David
"Only in America"

Graham, Patrick
"Untitled (Studies for the Blackbird Suite)"
"The Blackbird Suite"
"The Lark in the Morning"
"Somewhere Jerusalem"

Graham, Robert
"The Great Bronze Doors"
"The Great Bronze Doors" (detail)
"The Great Bronze Doors" (detail)
"Our Lady of the Angels"
"Bronze Drawing--Penny"

Graham, Rodney

Granados, Javier
"Dali's Entanglement"
"Man Ray's Flirt"

Graner, Matthew
"The Dark Horse"

Grant, David
"Shoe Shine"

Grannan, Katy
"Untitled (From Poughkeepsie Journal)"

Grant, Alexandra A.
"contender (after Michael Joyce's 'contend', 2004"
"Drawing with Paper (Reach)" (detail)

Grant, David
"Cross Section with Plaid"
"Untitled (P.B)"
"Untitled (B.F.)"
"Untitled (T)"
"Untitled (I.T.)"

Grant, Dwinell
"Contrathemis #2769"

Grau Twena, Pamela
"Instant Friends"

Graves, Nancy
"Lines and Dots"

Gray, Henry Percy
"Gum Trees"

Greely, Hanna

Green, Betty
"The Path"

Green, Pamela

Green, Phyllis
"Reptilia Rosa"

Greenberg, Jill

Greene, Matt
"We Beheld the Holograph of Our Second Selves (Why Did You Eat Us)"

Greene, Scott
"Zero Babel"

Greene, Stephen
"Blue Division"
"Night Garden"
"Dusk Recalled"

Greenfield, Lauren
"Allegra, 4 Playing Dress-up"
"Kristine, 20 Poses for a Lingere Shoot"
"Jennifer, 18 at an Eating Disorder Clinic"
"Showgirl Anne-Margaret in Her Dressingroom"
"Alli, Annie, Hannah and Berit, all 13, Before the First Big Party of the Seventh Grade"

Greenfield, Mark Steven
"Looking Back in Front of Us"
"Sunday Best Number One"
"Portrait of the Artist's Grandmother"
"Sunday Best Number Three"
"Soul Train"

Greenwood, Wynne
"Quiet in Forming"

Gremillion, Kimberly
"Clown #1"

Griffin, D. Ray
"Baby's Rattle"

Griffin, Rick
"Pacific Vibrations"

Griffin, Ron
"Untitled" (1999--RGP 548-99)
"Untitled" (1999--RGP 546-99)
"Anatomy of a Bottle Bag"
"Untitled" [1993]
"Untitled (Granada Sauce Pan Box)"
"Untitled (Gift Box)"

Griffith, Margaret
"Grands" (detail)

Grieger, Scott
"Impersonations: Robert Rauschenberg"

Grim, Ellen

“Mondogronk Speaking in Tulip"
“The Best of Times, The Worst of Times 1"
“He Came First”
"The Garden"
"Chinatown is Near"

"Enter Tormenta"

Gropper, William
"Three Before the Bench"
"Six Out of Nine"
"The Senator"
"Wedding Dance"

Grosse, Katharina
"Bee Troot"

Grotjahn, Mark
"Untitled (colored butterfly white background 10 wings)"

Grover, Barbara
"Refuge(e): With the Darfuri of Iridimi"
"Um: Um Subhi by her front door, Jenin Refugee Camp"
Moshe: Moshe in his garden, Soosiya Settlement"
"Amit: Amit in the family computer room, Kibbutz Yiron"
"Sanabel: Sanabel in her neighborhood, Deiheshe Refugee Camp"

Gruner, Silvia
"Away from You" (abstracto)
"Lazy Susan"
"Table Garden"
"Calmar el dolor es obra divina"

Guerrero, Raul
"Petroleo en Nica"

Guffogg, Shane
"Nodus Perpetuus et Copula Mundi II (the eternal knot and link to the world)"
"Beauty and Its Creation (Notes on Rothko)"
"Sea Change #1"
"I Remember"
"Secrets of the Golden Flower"

Gumbiner, Abigail
"El Sol"

Guo-Qiang, Cai
"Painting Chinese Landscape Painting"

Gurvich, José
"Still Life with Orange"

Guston, Philip
"In the Studio"
"Untitled" ink drawing [1954]
"Pink Sea"
"Drawing Number 2"
"Untitled" [1964]
"Wild Grapes"
"Untitled" painting [1951/52]

Gutierrez, Curtis
"Nude Women"

Gutiérrez, Roberto
"East Los Angeles: Blanchard & Evergreen Streets"
"Urban Education"

Gutmann, John
"The City"

Gwaltney, Chris
"Mean, Manly, Anger'd"
"quiet severity"

Guzman, Antonia
"Otro pendular"
"El marginal"
"La partida"
"El instante"