Fabbi, Fabio
"Afternoon on the Meditteranean Shore"

Fabbris, Vico
"Piumaria Ornata"
"Tiong Cinensis"
"Campanula Alata"

Fabian, Mitra

Fabro, Luciano
"Golden Italy"

Facey, Martin
"Map No. 29: Padilla's Fallow Fields"
"Map No. 30: For Rain/For Rain"
"Map No. 36: Limestone"
"Map No. 56: "Dry Lighting"


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Fairrington, David

Falkenstein, Claire
"Untitled Composition"
"Point as a Set N'10"
"Never Ending Screen"
"Michel Tapié--Portrait"
"Untitled Composition"
"Body Chain"
"Hair Ornament"

Fallah, Amir
"Who is Rich and Who is Poor"
"I Am Right and You Are Wrong"
"What a Terrible Mess"

Fangor, Wojciech
"M 15"

Farber, Neil
"It is With a Heavy Heart..." (detail)
"The Devil's Influence"

Farias, Gogy
"Mariposa (Butterfly)"

Farr, Ellen B.
"The Pepper Tree"

Faulwell, Asad

Faurer, Louis
"Twin Sisters, New York"
"Garage, Park Avenue, New York"
"Win, Place, Show, New York"

Fawcett, Robert
"In the Chair"

Fechin, Nicholai
"Smiling Man with Moustache"

Fedoskino School
Laquer Miniature

Fee, James
"Westside Highway New York, 1995"

Feher, Lazlo
"Forest Story"

Felberg, Sony
"Pool Skate"
"Mardi Gras"

Feldman, Jim
"Untitled" sculpture [1989/90]

Feltus, Alan
"A Sharing of Coffee and Letters"

Feingold, Ken
"The Animal, Mineralness of Everything"

Fengmin, Hou
"Silk Road"
"Dancing Bodhisatva #6"
"Sinjiang Caves #1"
"Flower Girl"

Feininger, Andreas
"42nd Street as Viewed from Weehawken"

Feininger, Lyonel
"Old Stone Bridge"
"American Clipper"

Feitelson, Lorser
"Untitled (January 30)"
"Dichotomic Organization"
"Untitled Magical Space Forms" (1948)
"Untitled" [1977]
"Four Way Painting"
"Untitled" [1962]
"Magical Space Forms"

Feldman, Todd
"Study for Diagnostic Diagram No. 4"

Fellows, Matthew
"Globetrotter 2"

Fenniak, Michéle
"First Aid"

Fernandez, Carlee
"Self Portrait"
"Rat with Grapes"

Fernandez, Christina
"Lavaderia #1"
"Manuela S-t-i-t-c-h-e-d"

Fernandez, Claudia
"Planeta 12"
"Omnibus 1-9"
"Omnibus 13-16"

Fernandez, Nik
"Holy Old Blind Man of Mesa"

Ferren, John
"Lyrical Abstraction"

Fetting, Rainer
"Ocean View from Cadillac Hotel"

Fields, Marla
"The Fire Within"

Fields, Samantha
"At the Brewery Project"
"The two tailed marmot hangs on for dear life"
"Bubbles the tree cat eyes visitors warily"

Fields, Violet
"First Bloom"

Figueroa, José

Figurina, Elena

Fink, Brian
"Sara, Icelandair"
"Sarah, Hooters-Air"
"David, Song Airlines"
"Lily and Azriza, Air Asia"

Fink, Larry
"Hugh Heffner, Oscar Party"

Finkelstein, Max
"Bar Code #7"
"Kachina Series #12"
"Gun Series (Bar Code #18)"
"Hexalum #11"

Finn, David
"Auguste Rodin's 'Paulo and Francesca,' 1909"
"Hiram Powers: 'The Greek Slave,' 1845-47"

Finsel, Dan
"I Would Love Farrah, Farrah, Farrah (1)"

Fioretti, Gérard
"Tribute to Breughel: The Blinds"

Fischinger, Oskar
"Abstraction" (1939)
"Circles in Circle"
"Abstraction" (1950)
"Abstract Landscape"
"Space Abstraction No. III"
"Large Refraction"
"Square Symphony"
"Triangular Planes"

Fischli & Weiss

Fish, Julia
"Study for Entry (Fragment Five)"

Fishman, Louise
"The Sunrise Ruby"
"Troubles Overcome are Good to Tell"
"Casa Cenote"
"Muscle of Miracle"

Fiskin, Judy

Fisk, William
"Untitled #30"
"Untitled #26"

Fitts, J. Bennett

Fitzgerald, Zelda
"The Queen's Croquet-Ground"
"Brooklyn Bridge"
"A Mad Tea Party"
"Self Portrait"

Flavin, Dan
"Untitled (in honor of Leo on the 30th anniversary of his gallery)"
"Untitled (to Robert, Joe and Michael)"

Flechtner, Michael
"Hot Dog!"
"Touch and Go"

Fleishman, Gregg
"Alicia" (1)
"Alicia" (2)
"New Wave"

Fleur, John Willem

Flick, Robbert
"SV66, at Solstice"
"Along Broadway Series-081018-1867"

Fokos, David
"Three Poles, Chilmard, MA"

Flomen, Michael

Flood, Mark
Installation view, Peres Projects

Flores, Jr., Bill
"Rodin--Head Study"

Folberg, Neil
"Olive Tree"
"Canton Synagogue, Venice, Italy"
"The Place of the Maharal, Altneushul, Prague, Czech Republic"
"Szeged, Hungary"
"Rubinov House Synagogue, Bukhara, Uzbekistan"

Fonseca, Gonzalo

Fontana, Lucio
"Lucio Fontana in his studio"

Foosaner, Judith
"Glandular Fever"

Foote, Huger
"Untitled No. XI (open/closed)"

Forcum, Tim
"Carrousel Park"

Ford, Gordon Onslow
"Arising Hearts"

Forester, Russell
"Attitude is Really What It's All About"

Forfar, Chris


Forrest, Brian
"Santa Ynez Canyon #16"

Förster, Gerald
"Nocturnal #11"

Forte, Wayne
"Jacob & the Angel"

Foshee, Alison
"Snowy Egret"
"Cloudscape Study 2"
"Turkey Oak"
"Untitled" (2001)

Foster, William Frederick
"The Red Vase"

Foulkes, Llyn
"The Lost Frontier"
"The Return of Artman"
"Who's On Third?"
"Where Did I Go Wrong?"

Fox, Renee
"Marilyn's Legacy"

Fra Angelico
"Madonna and Child with Saints Dominic and Catherine"

Frances, Cheryl
"I'm a Little Teapot"

Francis, Sam
"Silver Field"
"Untitled" (1958)
'Untitled" (1969)
"Untitled" (1971)
"Untitled" (catalogue SF 73-130)
"Untitled" (catalogue SFE-069)
"Untitled" (catalogue SFE-044)
"Untitled" (catalogue SFE-067)
"Untitled" (catalogue SFE-041)
"Untitled" (catalogue SFE-059)
"Blake's Tomb"
"Untitled", 1973
"Red, Blue & Green"
"Untitled", 1979
"Untitled Diptych", left panel
"Pasadena Suite"
"SF69 016"
"Untitled" aquatint [1988]

Franck, David
"Camino a Roma: Arch with Gardens"
"Camino a Roma: Street Scene"
"Camino a Roma: Saint with Cupolas"
"Camino a Roma: Mural"


Frank, Jona
"Justin Jenkins"

Frank, Robert
"The Americans: Movie Premiere--Hollywood"
"Parade--Hoboken, New Jersey"
"City Fathers--Hoboken, New Jersey"

Franke, Anja
"Igloo/Ukendt" under construction

Frankenthaler, Helen
"Vacation 4"
"Tales of Genji I"
"Tales of Genji II
"Tales of Genji III"
"Tales of Genji V"
"Tales of Genji VI"

Frederick, Linden
"Late Night"


Friedman, Tom
"Untitled" (2005)

Freud, Lucian
"Painter Working, Reflection"
"David Hockney"
"The Painter's Mother Resting I"
"Leigh Bowrey (Seated)"
"Landscape with Birds"
"David Dawson"

Fried, Robert
"Family Dog Presents the Charlatans"

Fredman, Faiya
"Majorca Absurd Sleepy Ballet"

Friedlander, Lee
"Washington, D.C."
"New York"
"Portland, ME"

Friedman, Dara

Friedman, Terri
"Sunny Side Down"

Friedman, Tom

Friedkin, Anthony

Friend, Herve
"Redlands from Smiley Hill"

Fries, Pia

Frith, Francis
"Gaza (The Old Town)"

Frohsin, Kim
"Monica's Shoes #1"

Fronth, Per
"Evolution of Melancholy"

Frontini, Thomas
"Girl in the Garden"
"Cell Phone Holiday Beach Scene"
"First of its Kind Beautiful Mutation"
"Luxury Goods"

Fuchs, Bernard
"Johannes, Helfenberg"

Fujita, Gajin
"Slow & Easy"
"The Mack"
"Teen Spirit"
"Fatal Match"
"L.A. L.A. Land"
"Gold State Warrior"
"Rat Race"

Fulmer, Charles
"The Seer"

Fulop, Karoly

Furman, David
"Lacivious Libertine" (#1)
"Lacivious Libertine" (#2)

Furman, Wendy

Furmanski, Matthew
"J&K Studio"

Furmanski, Monica
"Cryptofloriography 1"

Furuya, Seiji

Fyffe, Daniel
"Mortal Coil"
"Leap of Faith"