da Vinci, Leonardo
"Self Portrait"

Dagley, Arthur
"Night Loading of the Kauri"

D'Agnenica, Jill
"Angels #1108-1115"
"Angels #2939-2942"

Dahl-Wolfe, Louise
"Lauren Bacall"

Dahlberg, Wess
"Dynamic Blue"
"Once Upon a Time"
"Blue Horizon"
"Classic Dahlberg"


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Dai-Yu, Han
"Zoom Zoom"

Dali, Salvador
"The Metamorphosis of Narcissus"
still from "Un Chien Andalou"
"Portrait of Colonel Jack Warner"
"Le Corridor de Kathmandou"
"Winged Demon"
Backdrop for Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound"

Dallal, Joyce

The Dali Lama

Dalwood, Dexter
"Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse"

Dam, Wouter
"Yellow Sculpture No. 35"
"Blue Piece"
"Brown/White Piece"
"Red Shape"
"Black Shape with White Lines"
"Light Blue Shape"

Daniel, Lavi
"Untitled (#45)"

Danis, Susan
"Frog Egg"

Dare, Linda
"The Holy Tortilla"

Darling, Lowell
"Specimen A"
"Specimen H"

Darrow, Paul

d-Assia, Enrico
Scene design for "Turandot"

Dater, Judy
"Twinka Thiebaud"
"Geraldine Fitzgerald"
"Self Portrait with Stone"

David, Michael

Davidson, Bruce
"Lunch Counter"

Deborah, Davidson
"Life is What You Make It"
"Egg & Feather"
"In Case if Emergency"

Davidson, Phyllis
"Topanga Canyon Altar"

Davis, Cherie Benner
"If I Ruled the World"
"Your Love Transfustions Can't Save My Soul"
"Vortex 3"
"Brain Map I"
"Great Wave"

Davis Jones, Scott
Untitled hand painted photograph

Davis, Ronald
"Wyoming Slab"
"Tall Beam"
"Heptagon Ring"
"Brown Nebula"

Davy, Woods
Studio Installation
"Rio Luna"
from the "Cantamar"series, #1
from the "Cantamar"series, #2
from the "Cantamar"series, #3

Dawkins, Femi

"Abstract of the Evidence"

Dawson, Montague
"The Anglo Saxon"

Dawson, Robert and Nina
"Doge's Palace--Venice"

Day, E.V.

Day, Linda
"Pulse #18"

Day, Marina Forstmann
"This is My Flag"
"Black Sun Paradiso"
"Black Venus"
"Soul of the Foot"

Dayton, Wendell
No title

Deacon, Richard
"Dead Leg"
"Beyond the Clouds"

Deare, John Henry
"Drawing for Golden Lily Wallpaper"

de Beer, Sue
"Untitled Film Still (Fluffy)"
"Still from 'Black Sun', Julia Hartmann"
"Still from 'Black Sun', Pony"
"Study for 'The Dunwich Horror'"

Debord, Author Guy

DeBris, Bob
"El Mariachi Loco"

DeCamillis, Dori & Joseph
"Gas, Food, Lodging, Lake City, Florida"
"In the Privacy of. . ."

de Chirico, Giogio
"The Invincible Cohort"

de Cointet, Guy
"Billy Barty Performance"
"1 Page from My Intimate"
"At Sunrise a Cry Was Heard"
"Untitled" ink [1971-72]

DeCocker, Dean
"South West of Iron Bottom Sound"
"Extinguishing Agents"

deFeo, Jay
"The Rose"

De Crignis, Rudolf
"Blue Painting #01-10"

de Dienes, Andre
"Norma Jean"

Deeks, Sandy
"Square 1 #G"

Deese, Rupert J.
"Large Bilde Bottle"
"Hexagon Jar with Hemisphere Lid"

Deese, Rupert T.
"Study for SFSJ (Bead)"
"Study for SFSJ Shape (Bead)"
"Tuolomne River, Lyell Fork"
"Slip 2"
"Slip 8"
"Iris 3"

de Forest, Lockwood
"Lone Rocks, Santa Barbara"

de France, Jim

DeGroodt, Steve
"Ghazal 418"
"Untitled #4021"
"Then the True Night"

deHeras, John
"Untitled" (2001, 1)
"Untitled" (2001, 2)
"Untitled" (2001, 3)
"Untitled" (2001, 4)

de Hory, Elmyr

de Jadraques, Marques
"Untitled 2"

de Kooning, Willem
"Montauk Highway"
"Still Life" (1945)

de la Torre, Einar and Jamex
"Que Me Vez?"
"The Mexican Budah"

Delano, James Whitlow
"Woman Walking Between Carriages to Gather Water"
"Kite Flying in Durbar Square"
"Tibet Girls Running"
"Massive Arch is Erected to Span the Gateway to Wuxia Gorge"
"Chinese Infant"

DeLap, Tony
"Everywhere and Nowhere"
"The Man Who Walked Through Walls"
"Untitled (#36)"
"The Honest Ace"

del Barbiere, N
"Skeletons and Ecorches"

DeLongpre, Paul

Deloof, Janice
"Tea and Tears"

Demarchelier, Patrick
"Nadja, New York"
"Princess Diana, London"
"Gianni Versace, Paris"
"Gwyneth Paltrow"
"Elephant, New York"

DeMarinis, Paul
"The Messenger"

Dentz, Shoshana
"Fence II#17"

de Obaldia, Isabel

Derain, Andre
"Vase de Fleurs"

DeRomes, Albert Thomas
"Castle Rock"
"Autumn Poplars"
"Squatters' Shanties"
"Carmel Mission, Point Lobos in the Distance"

Deruytter, Wouter
No title

de Saint Phalle, Niki
"L'Ange Protecteur II"
"Nana on Elephant"
"Nana Star"
"Lucky Totem"

De Salvo, Roman

DeSoto, Lewis
"Language of Paradise"

Dessert, Mary
"Untitled MD.1"

De Staebler, Stephen
"Wing-Arm Torso"
"Masked Torso with Wings"
"Two Figures"

di Suvero, Mark
"Voxal" (graphic)

diCarlo, dona
"Seduction Machine #5: Mesmerizing Pasties"
"Seduction Machine #4: La Petite Morte"

diCorcia, Philip-Lorca
"Eddie Anderson; 21 Years Old; Houston, Texas $20"
"William Everlove"
"Andre Smith"
"Eddie Anderson"

Dickson, Jane
"El Niño--Yellow Camper"

Diebenkorn, Richard
"Berkeley No. 24"
"Freeway and Aqueduct"
"Berkeley No. 22"
"Untitled (#566)"

Diehl, Arthur Vidal
"The End of the Day"

Diehl, Eleanor
"Shrine: Mexico"

Diehl, Guy
"Still Life with Velazquez and Goya"

Diemer, Laurent

Digital Asylum
"Violencia", still #1
"Violencia", still #2
"Violencia", still #3
"Violencia", still #4

Dijkstra, Rineke
"Stephany, Saint Joseph Ballet"

Dill, Guy
"Venice Angel"
"Untitled" (I, 2002)
"Untitled" (II, 2002)
"Untitled" (III, 2003)
"C.C. Angel (small)"
"Cannon Boy"
"Key Angel"

DiMichele, David
"Ice Melting"

DiMichelle, David
"An Automatic Drawing Environment"

Dine, Jim
"Tool Drawing II"
"Oil of Gladness"
"Very Picante"
"Red Grease: The Crtommellynk Gates"
"Albertina Venus"
"Black and White Cubist Venus"

Dingle, Kim
"Black Girl Dragging a White Girl"
"My Struggles with Jesus"
"Girl Boxing (White Girl Boxing with Shadow)"
"John Wayne Cookie Jar"
"Priss Room Installation"--Shot 1 / Shot 2

Disfarmer, Mike
"Untitled, Herber Springs"

Divola, John
"From Dongs Chasing My Car in the Desert, D29 Run Sequence"
"1500 Pacific Coast Highway, LA, CA, 1999"

Dixson, Carolie
"Untitled" (1999)

Dixon, Maynard
"The Old Tree, Capitol Grounds, Sacramento"
"The Teacher"
"Daddy's Home"
"The Jinks Room" (detail)

Dixon, Willard

"Dark Bowl with Silver Cup"
"Peace Lily"
"Grasses II"
"Cone Flowers with Blue Ribbon"

Doisneau, Robert
"The Last Waltz of July 14, 1949"
"Les Enfants de la Place Hébert"
"Le Regard Oblique"
"The Kiss at the Hotel de Ville"

Dole, William
"Sneaky Pete"

Dole-Recio, Lecia
"Untitled 2007"

Dolin, Roger
"Legion of Honor Museum"

Domenig, Gunther
"The Stone House"

Donas, Marthe
"Still Life with Bottle and Cup"

Donati, Enrico
"Untitled (Decalcomania Series #2)"
"Royal Crest"
"Untitled (Decalcomania Series #3)"
"Untitled (Decalcomania Series #1)"
"Inscription 2200 B.C."
"Untitled (Decalcomania Series #4)"
"Imperial Wall"
"Mystere 1"
"Le Grand Transparent"
"Threshold to White"
"Three Coins in a Fountain"

Donis, Alex
title to come
"Shyboy and Captain Brewer"
"Popeye and Sgt. McGill"
"Officer King and Puppet"
"Spider and Officer Johnson"
"Young Crip and Young Blood"

Donley, Ray
"Figure with Mask"

Donnelly, Christina

Donovan, Tara

Doolin, James
"Kawean River Bridge"
"Bus Stop"

Dorman, Josh
"Aware River: Rhino" (detail)
"Hanging Hills, Resting Buddha"
"Lake Erie, of Course"

Dougherty, Tony
"Honoring the Shadow"

Douglas, Stephen
"For My Father"

Douke, Daniel
"Endless Instant"
"Compaq/Sonic Boy"
"Untitled (Erehwon Garden)"

Dove, Arthur
"Moon and Sea II"

Dove, Daniel
"Eye of Providence"

Dowd, Robert
"Vincent Dollar"
"Picasso Dollar"
"Gauguin Dollar"
"Lichtenstein Lincoln"

Dowell, Roy
Installation view
"Untitled (#889)

Dowling, Tom
Mixed media

Downs, Jerry Wayne
"Red Trees Painted"

Doyle, Kirby
"Happiness Bastard"

Drake, James
"A Thousand Tongues Burn and Sing" (1)
"Tongue Cut Sparrows"
"A Thousand Tongues Burn and Sing" (2)

Draper, Markus

Drebin, David
"Untitled (Carnival Kiss)"

Drewes, Werner
"Abstraction I"
"Composition X--Dynamic Rhythm"
"Abstraction I"
"Amorphous Landscape"
"Monumental Figuration"
"In the Studio"
"Inner Tropical Seas"
"Surreal Abstraction"
"Winter Solstice"
"Projection in Green--Waxing Moon"
"Court Jester"
"Strange Island--Floating Continents"
"Autumnal Abstraction"

Dring, Rowena

Drooyan, John
"Happy Birthday"
"La Casa Grande"

Drozkz, Stanislaw

Drucker, Barbara
"Material Evidence"

Druks, Renate

Dube, Anita
"Black Moon"

Dubin, Jorg
"Over a Barrel"
"House of Blue Lights"
"American Gothic Revisited"
"Girl with an Unlit Candle"
"The Healer"

Dubuffet, Jean

Duchamp, Marcel
"Marcel Duchamp as Rose Selavy"
"Box in a Valise"
"Rotoreliefs (Optical Disks) (Play Toys)"
"Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2"
"Paris Air"

Dubin, Jorg

Duffy, Sean
"The Grove"

Dugmore, Edward
"Red and Black"
Installation views, 2003 exhibition
"Untitled 1960G"
"Untitled E-12"
"Osgood 5"
"Untitled #121"

Dugo, Andre-Szenes

Dugsdale, John
"After Donatello II"

Dumas, Marlene
"Measuring Your Own Grave"

Dumont, John E.
"Clarinet Player"

Duncan, Barbara
"California Gold"
"For a Loved One"
"Helen Troubel"
"The John F. Kennedy Rose"

Dunham, Carroll

Dunn, Marie Erin
"The Sun"

Dunne, Jessica
"Red Palm I"
"One-Way Street"

Dunphy, Didi
"Decorative Sampler"

DuPlessis, Daniel
"Don't Explain"
"Everybody Knows"
"In My Dreams"
"From the Inside Out"
"Wish I Were in Love Again"

Durand, B. Asher
"Kindred Spirits"

Durand, Simon
"An Alarm, Blacksmith's Leisure"

Durant, Sam
"Monument for May 68, History Doesn't Repeat Itself. . ."
"Upside Down Pastoral Scene" (detail)

Durazo, Martin
"Fresh Air 100"

Dürer, Albrecht

Durham, Brad
"Memory Believes"
"I'd Think Wonder"
"After I Have Dreamed"
"Moments Are #4"
"Celtic Memory #4"

Dutcher, Mark
"Sylvester (Do you want to funk?)"
"A Year in the Theatre"
"Outside the Palace a Hush Falls Like Death upon the Crowd"
"Cut the Lights Out"
"Picnic at a Truckstop"
"The Snow Inside the Hourglass"

Duzy, Merrilyn
"Cynthia I"
"Susan Huskey as Paul Moderson-Becker"
"Cynthia Schubert as Suzanne Valadon"
"Linda Jo Russell as Ende"
"Lightning Strike"
"Rhythmatics on the Cosmic Stage"

Dvortcsak, Michael
"Copper Bi-Valve"
"Sarcophagus I"

Dyal, Myron Conan
"Picture 112"

Dyf, Marcel
"Roses and Daisies in a Albarelle"