Cabat, Rose
"Inverted Pear/White"
"Inverted Pear--Yellow"
"Mineret--Onion Skin"

Cadeo, Michel
"Homage a Kertesz"

Cahill, Nancy Baker
"Sage Grouse"

Cahun, Claude
"Untitled", (Cahun and mirror image)"
"M.R.M. (Sex)"

Caillebotte, Gustave
"Paris Street; Rainy Day"
"Portrait of Madame Martial Caillebotte"
"The Kitchen Garden"

Calame, Ingrid
"Secular Response 1B" (detail)


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Caldas, Waterio
"Black Series" (installation view)
"Yellow ( )"

Calderon, Rudy

Callahan, Harry
"Eleanor, Chicago"
"Cape Cod" (1)
"Cape Cod" (2)
"Cape Cod" (3)
"New York"
"Eleanor, Chicago"

Callas, Peter
"Untitled Doubleneck Vessel"

Calle, Sophie
"Pas Pu Saisir" (video still)
"The Blind"

Callis, Jo Ann
"Untitled (Yellow Bed, Pink Floor)"
From the series "Three Tiers"
"Striped Armchair"
Untitled 1 from the "Domestic Setup" series
Untitled 2 from the "Domestic Setup" series
Untitled 3 from the "Domestic Setup" series

Calogero, Jean
"New Arrival"

Calvin, Brian
"Nowhere Boogie"

Campbell, Clayton
Untitled image from "Paradise" from "The Devine Comedy"

Campbell, Darlene
"A Star Within Reach"
"A Great American Tradition"

Cameron, Julia Margaret
"The Kiss of Peace"
"Detail from Summer Days"
"Julie Jackson"

Campanini, Pierpaolo
"Untitled" 2007

Campbell, Beth
"Same as Me"

Campbell, Darlene
"The Arrival"
"Orange County Baroque"

Campbell, Jim
"Ambiguous Icon I"
Installation view
"Shadow (Heisenberg)

Campbell, Joyce
"Last Night" series

Campbell, Rebecca

Cameron, Julia Margaret
"Whisper of the Muse / Portrait of G.F. Watts"

Campbell, Rebecca
"Unwritten: Willie"

Cannon, Shirley

Capa, Robert
"Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot, Golfe-Juan, France"
"Death of Loyalist Militiaman Frederico Borrell Garcia, Cerro Muriano (Cordoba Front), 1936"

Capasso, Ariadna

Capell, Marlene
"Portal 1"

"The Doubting of Saint Thomas"

Cardenas, Agustin

Carhartt, Elaine

Carmi, Eugenio
"The Three Astronauts" #1
"The Three Astronauts" #2
"The Three Astronauts" #3

Carmi, Rhea
"Light in the Dark"
"Humanity Struggles XXIV"

Carmichael, Paul
"Untitled" (2003, 1)
"Untitled" (2003, 2)
"Untitled" (2003, 3)
"Untitled" (2003, 4)

Carnwath, Squeak
"Story of Painting"
"Hard Rain"

Caroompas, Carole
"Dancing With Misfits: Eye-Dazzler: An Eastern Western-Cowboy Mummy"
"Dancing With Misfits: Eye-Dazzler: Damn Bull Had The Whole Milky Way In That Hoof"
"Dancing With Misfits: Eye-Dazzler: Watch Out For Those Pretty Little Feet Dear"
"Deer Caught in the Headlights"

Carpenter, Todd

Carrasco, Barbara

Carre, Ben
"Track Workers"
"My Garden"
"Edge of the Woods"

Carrington, Leonora
"Sans Titre"

Carson, Karen
"Giddy Up Ol' Paint II"
"Fire 1"
"Fire 2"
"Fire 3"
"Fire 4"
"Butterflies Are Free to Burn"
"Untitled" (from the Zipper series)

Carter, Ann

"Pool Drop"

Cartagena, Victor
"Untitled, Red Noses"

Carter, Eva

Carter, Kendall

Carter, Stacey M.
"Cow Palace"

Cartier-Bresson, Henri
"Queen Charlotte's Ball, London"

Casciari, Alison
"Relief Form #2"

Casebere, James
"The Prison at Cherry Hill," from the Prison series
"Green Stairway #1"
"Pink Hallway 3"
"Flooded Hallway from Right"
"Toppled Desks"
"Four Flooded Arches from Left (V)"

Cassat, Mary
"Spring: Margot Standing in a Garden"

"drywall landscape, safely orange horizon"

Castillo, Jane
"Excentricidad Eliplica (Ecliptic Eccentricity"

Castinado, Marian
"Artichoke X-Ray"

Castinado, Risk

Catlett, Elizabeth
"Black Madonna"

Catling, William
"Pilot of the Other Realm"

Cattelan, Maurizio

Ceballos, Andrew
"Untitled" (1999)

Celaya, Enrique Martinez
"The Savior"
"The Girl in Winter"
"Primavera (Sprint)"
"The Unwilled"
"Unbroken Poetry (Herman Melville)"
"Powers and Dominions"

"Time and Circumstance"
"The Great Wait"

Celmins, Vija
"Untitled #10"

Cenedella, Robert
"2001--A Stock Odyssey"
"Gallery Opening"
"Ground Zero"
photograph from "Art About Nothing"

Center for Land Use Interpretation
Untitled photograph of Newport Fashion Island from "Curious Orange"
Untitled photograph from "Hinterland"

Cervenka, Exene
"Back to His Dear Loving"

Cézanne, Paul
"The House of the Hanged Man"

Chacon, Omar
"Made in Colombia"

Chadwick, Lynn
"Conjunction V"

Chafin, Jane
"Box #1"

Chagall, Marc
"Disrobing her with his own hand. . ."
"So I came forth of the Sea. . ."
"The old woman mounted on the Ifrit's back. . ."
Plate 1 from "Kamar Al-Zaman and the Jeweler's Wife"
"Abdullah discovered before him. . ."
"L'Offrande (The Offering)"
"La Fenetre a Paris"
"J'habite ma vie"
"Le Dimanche (Sunday)"
"Drawing Number 2" [1961]
"Pink Sea"
"Untitled" ink [1954]

Chagoya, Enrique
"utopiancannibal.org" (detail)

Chalmers, Catherine
"Snake Eating a Baby Mouse"
"Praying Mantis and Caterpillar"
"Frog and a Praying Mantis"
"Caterpillar and Tomato Remains"
"Praying Mantis and Caterpillar"
"Praying Mantis Eating Caterpillar"
"Snake Eating a Baby Mouse"
"Caterpillar Eating Tomato"

Chamberlin, Ann
"El Tuerto ('The One-Eyed Assassin')"
"Aplicaciones de los cuerpos redondos (Uses of Round Object)"
"Ha, Ha, Ha, the Little Dragonfly Girl"
"The Beautiful Guillermo Ballesteros West to Bogota and Never Thought of Rosita"

Chamberlin, John
"Moist of Edgeness"
"The Big One"
"Lovenest Over the Body Shop"
No title

Chan, Benny

Chang, Patty

Chapman, Michael
"Dark Visit"
"Apartment for Rent"
"Afternoon Shimmer"
"Fullerton Still Life"
"Phantom Vessel"

Charles, Roland
"Still Strong After All These Years"

Charlot, Jean
Newspaper clipping with "Flight Into Egypt"

Chartier, Jaq
"Red Fall"
"Red Tests"
"Color Clones"

Chase, William Merritt
"For the Little One"

Chávez, Gerardo
"Nostalgias de Huachipa"

Checa, Margarita
"The Doors of Perception"
"The Hidden Place"
"The Shadow"

Chen, Long-Bin
"Twist Angel"

Chen, Lucy
"Shadow #9"

Cheng, Carl
"Art Tool/597"
"Friendship Acrobatic Troupe"
"Organic Laboratory Museum"

Chene, Claire

Cheng, Carl
"L.A. Landscape" (detail)

Cheng, Yang
Untitled photograph

Chenoweth, Kathy/Berman, Lynn
"The Pomona College Beta Test"

Cherney, Troy
"Brazil Nuts"

Chhachhi, Sheba
"Ganga's Daughters (The Rogues Gallery): Shanti Girl"

Chi, Tseng Kwong
"Hollywood Hills, California"

Chia, Sandro
"Painter's Litany"
"Sudden Inspiration"
"Two Figures"

Chiarenza, Carl
"Untitled 253"

Chicago, Judy
"Through the Flower"
"Home Sweet Home"
"Turn Over a New Leaf"
"Begin With a Clean Slate"
"The Dinner Party"

Chidlaw, Patricia
"Everything Must Go"
"Free Works"
"Regent Theatre"

"Night Light"
"Interior at Phillipe's"
"Night Light"
"Long Life Restaurant"

Chihuly, Dale
"Goldfrost and Clear with Amber Chandelier"
"Mille Fiori"
"Mille Fiori XVII"
"Seaweed Green Persian Set with YellowLip Wraps"
"Dandelion Yellow Basket Set with Redwood Lip Wraps"
"Cobalt and Gold Leaf Venetian" (detail)
"Macchia Grouping"
Bellagio Hotel installation

Childress, Gayel
after "Horses"

Chillida, Eduardo
"The Music"
"Topos--Stele VII"
"Zehar (Through)"
"De Musica"

Chin, Acton
"Forever Existence I"

Ch'ing Dyansty Jade
"Thin Vase Decorated with Flowers and Birds"
"Jadeite Lady"
"Carved Table Screen"
"Mountain with Six Imperial Poems"

Chinn, Christopher
"First Sketch for Downtown of Hope Street"

Chipman, Jack

Chiu, Sally
"Connect Series (Green & Orange)"

Chorpenning. Susan
"East to Remember (But so Hard to Forget)"
"February 30"
"49 Geary"

Chou, YaYa

Chow, Sterling
"Neopolitan Fish Market"

Christenberry, William
"Palmist Building (winter), Havana Junction, Alabama"

Christensen, Linda

Christensen, Wes
"Kore (2)"

Christinat, Olivier
"New York, January 25th, 1945"

Chu, Anne
"Landscape Marionette II"

Chun, Kwang-Young
"Aggregation 95/16"

Chung, Y. David
"Black Belt Jones"

Cienfuegos, Gonzalo
"The Jazz Dancer"
"Teatro Human"
"La Tina en Rojo"
"Tarde de Piano"
"La Familia Belleli y Bañista"

Citret, Mark
"Canal, Venice, Italy"
"Hotel Laundry, Venice, Italy"
"Stairs, Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio, Italy"
"May 10th, 1998"
"Walkers, Ocean Beach"

Clark, Alson Skinner
"Pastels of Fall"

Clark, Bill
"Desert Floor"

Clark, Ed
"CPO Jackson Mourning the Death of F.D.R., Warm Springs, GA"

Clark, Gordon Matta
"You Are the Measure"

Clergue, Lucien
"Nu Ornithologique"

Clinton, George
"No title" 1
"No title" 2

Close, Chuck
"Alex/Reduction Print"
"Phlip Glass"

Clover, Susan
"Marie in Pool"
"Huntington Beach at Sunset"
"Dog's Beach--Huntington Beach"
"Palm Canyon"
No Title

Cocke, Robert D.
"To Pesaro"

Cockrill, Mike
"Mercy Killing"

Coe, Sue
"Truck Accident"
"What a Golden Beak! (They Want War)"

Coe, Wayne
"Elevator Falling"
"Terrible Humvee Accident"

Cogan, Kim
"Night Owl"

Cohen, Andrea
"Lucky Oasis"

Cohen, Diana
"African Image"

Cohen, Harold

Cohen, Larry
"View of Santa Monica at Night"

Cohen, Moti
"Farewell I"
"Untitled (Seated Nude)"
"Relating in Color"
"Untitled (Standing Female Nude)"
No title yet

Choen, Nicole
"Grand Maison"

Colburn, Elanor
"Bathing Baby"

Cole, Dee Marcellos
"Almost Yours"
"Elefante Amigo"
"Mundo Amigo"

Cole, Don

Cole, Max
"Untitled" (1997)

Colin, Gustave
"The Summer Bouquet"

Collins, Ashley
"Portrait I"
"Los Angeles"

Collishaw, Matt
"Catching Fairies"

Collinson, Travis

Colson, Greg
"Greater Transparency"
"Six Intersections (Schools)"
"Practicing Physicians, By Specialty"

Colson, Jeff

Conal, Robbie

Cone, Davis
"Cozy/Rainy Day"
"Radio City"

Confar, Daphne
"Wishful Thinker"

Connell, Will
"Simon's Drive-In, Los Angeles"

Conner, Bruce
"Double Angel"
"Totem Time in Dreamland"

Conner, Linda
"Fountain Head, Angkor, Cambodia"
"Handprints, Blue Mountain, Australia"

Contreras, Albert
"Untitled Checkerboard"
"Untitled" (2001)

Cook, Dianne
"Fishing Cone, Yellowstone N.P., Wyoming"

Cook, Jenik
"On the Way"
"Walk the Talk"
Art Ceramic
"New Beginning"
"Untitled 5" (1997)
"Untitled 4" (1997)
"Untitled 3" (1997)
"Untitled 2" (1997)
"Untitled 1" (1997)
"Unconscious Memory"
"Dreaming in Color"
"Progression of Humanity"

Coons, Robert Sean
"Adoring Freedom"

Cooper, Colin Campbell
"The Wakk Street Ferry Slip (The Ferries, New York)"
"Lily Pond, Balboa Park, San Diego"

Cooper, Nessa
"Montreal East"

Coplans, John
"Hand, Spread, Fingers"

Cora, Vladimir
"Figure #1"
"Bottelas y Frutas"
"Senorita de Tecuala No. 1"
"Mujer en Columpio"
"La del Toro"
"Paisaje Tropical"
"El Comedor"

Corbin, Lael
"Untitled (Bathroom)"

Coronel, Rafael

Cordero, José Garcia
"Waiting for You"
"Only the Fillets Matter"
"Boat People IV"
"Bound by Meat"
"Self-Portrait in the Pool of Auvergne"

Cordero, Raul
"Black and White Dreams of the Emerging Artist"
Series "Obtained by Transmission: Untitled 7"
Series "Obtained by Transmission: Untitled 6"
Series "Obtained by Transmission: Untitled 5"
Series "Obtained by Transmission: Untitled 3"
"The Rolling Landmark: Encinitas"
"The Rolling Landmark: Barstow"
"The Rolling Landmark: Ghost Town"
"The Rolling Landmark: Las Vegas"

"The Rolling Landmark: Antwerp"
"The Zooming Painting" (step 4)
"The Zooming Painting" (step 3)
"The Zooming Painting" (step 2)
"The Zooming Painting" (step 1)
"5 Dialogues (Triptych)"
"The B/W Dreams of the Emerging Artist (Triptych)"
"Unbearable Situation"
"Here & There"

Corman, Roger
Roger Corman
"Masque of the Red Death"
"The Pit and the Pendulum"

Cornelius, Philip
"Polar Incident #979"
"Two Blind Siren"
"Two Witches"

Cornell, Joseph
"Untitled (Grand Hotel Bon Port)"
"Untitled (For Sale)"
"Untitled (Andromeda)"

Corrales, Raúl
"The Militiaman's Wedding"
"La Habana"
"Ernest Hemingway"

Cortes, Edouard
"Porte St. Denis"

Cortéz, Xavier Cázares
"(The Size of) an Unfamiliar Object Becomes Obvious When You See it in the Vicinity of a Familiar One"

Cortson, Allison
"Milan, Hiroki and their Dust"

Corvalán, Maxímo
"Free Trade Ensambladura" (1)
"Free Trade Ensambladura" (2)
"Free Trade Ensambladura" (3)
"Free Trade Ensambladura" (4)

Cosgrove, Erin

Cottingham, Robert

Courbet, Gustave
"The Villa of Madame de Morny at Deauville"

Courtenaye, Catherine
"Forty-Four Stags"

Couwenberg, Alex
"Quicksilver 21"

Couwenberg, Alexander

Covert, Scott
"Small Wizard #2"
"Gray Painting #1"
"White Painting (with Liberance)"

Cowan, Craig
"Interior Golden Section Series"
"Male Figure, Left Arm & Torso"
"Prometheus Bound"

Cowin, Eileen
"Sentimental Over You"
"Family Docudrama (Dance)"
"Family Docudrama (Wedding Cake)"
"Don't Ever Lie to Me. . ."
"Family Facing Camera"
"Between Panic and Paradise I"
"Yearning for Perfection"
"Returning to Ordinary Life, I"

Cox Pat
"Shelf Life/U.S. Bronze"

Cox, Renee
"Yo Mama"

Crabb, Patrick

Craig, Cindy
"Harry Winston $92,000 Ruby Ring"

Craig, Morgan
"In Reticence A Thousand Voices"

Cranston, Meg
"Split Compliment"
Maquette for "Volcano"

Crawford, Cal

Cretara, Domenic
"Lawyer on the Day of Atonement"

Crewdson, Gregory

Cridler, Kim
"Basin Winter 96"

Criqui, Steven
"J's 2"
"Untitled" [1998]

Crofford, Leslie
"Receive the Burn"

Cross, Rock
"Spiral Table"

Crotty, Russell
"Milky Way, Northern Hemisphere"
Installation view, December, 2000

Crumb, R.
"Barrelhouse Blues"
"Burned Out"
"Zap #1"
"Fritz the Cat"
"Head #1"
"Untitled (St. Hippolyte)

Crussell, Jeffrey
"Love is a Spell"

Cruz, Humberto Castro
"El Secreto/The Secret"

Cruz, Teddy
"Upper Entrance to the Labyrinth"

Cuevas, Jose Luis
"El hijo desibediente"
"Los Muerteros 1"
"El Monte de Zugarramurdi #3"

Cuneo, Rinaldo
"Candle, Garlic, and Apples"

Cuprien, Frank
"Early Morning, Catalina"

Curran, Darryl
"Eucalyptus Leaves, Silk Blouse"

Curry, Alva
"Fischerhude, Germany"

Curtis, Edward S.
"A Hopi Man"

Cusumano, Andrea
"Rinaldo and Carlo Magnay"
"Orlando/Rinaldo/Carlo Magnay"
"Orlando", detail

Cutajar, Mario
"Untitled" from "Bad Housekeeping"

Cutler-Shaw, Joyce
"The Dead II"

Czerpak-Weblinski, Casia
"Blue Man"