Baca, Judith
"Pancho de la Tierraq/Earth"
"The Durango, Colorado Project"
"Pancho Trinity"
"La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra: California"
"Las Lupes de Guadalupe"
"The Founders of Guadalupe, CA"

Baca, Virgina and Salvador

Bacerra, Ralph
"Untitled" teapot (2001)

Bachardy, Don
"Christopher Isherwood"
"Peter Alexander"


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Bachhuber, Nina Lola
"Untitled" (2001)

Baeder, John
"9th Street Seafood"
"Green Van with Mamcita"
"Chinese Marisco"
"Tacos Oaxaca"

Bailin, David

Bak, Samuel
"Triptych" (detail)

Baker, Hilary
"What Have I Done"
"Stellae With Two Moons"

Baldessari, John
"Noses & Ears, Etc. Part IV: Altered Peson (Color)
"Nose & Ears, etc. Part III: Two Altered Persons (One with Yellow Nose"
"Untitled (Maquette) (1989)
"Stonehenge (With Two Persons) Orange"
"Person with Guitar (Blue)"
"Junction Series: Landscape, Seascape, Prisner, and Acrobats"
"Two Chests (Heart & Soul)"

Balkenhol, Stephan
"Vier Figurengruppe"

Ball-Nogues Studio
"Feathered Edge"

Ballen, Roger
"Puppies in Fishtanks"

Baltz, Lewis
"Point Reality"
"Near Reno, element No. 6"
"Ronde de Nuit"

Banner, Fiona
"Leaning Nude"

Banks, Steve
"Flotsam" (2)
"Flotsam" (1)

Bantock, Nick
Ganesha Figure from "The Venetian's Wife"

Baraceanu, Belle
"The Skunk"

Baraka, Amiri
"We are the Blues"

Baranov, Evgeny
"Spring, After the Rain"
"Dreams of Childhood"

Barminski, Bill
Untitled from "About Face" (2005)
Untitled from "About Face" (2005)
Untitled from "About Face" (2005)
Untitled from "About Face" (2005)
"IBM Blue Mickey"
"The Mickey"
"The Fred"
"The Barbie"
"The Captain America"
"Gyration Subscription"
"Untitled", 1996 (1)
"Untitled", 1996 (2)
"Untitled", 1996 (3)
"Untitled", 1997 (4)
"Untitled", 1997 (5)
"Untitled", 1997 (6)
"Untitled", 1997 (7)
"Untitled", 1997 (8)
"Untitled", 1997 (9)

Barnet, S.E.
"Mary Shelley's Daughter"

Barney, Matthew
still from "Cremaster Cycle"

Barney, Tina
"The Trustee and the Curator"
"Jill and Polly in the Bathroom"

Barnhart, Grant
"This Isn't the Time Nor the Place"
"The Royal We"
"To Whom it May Concern"

Baron, Hannelore
Untitled" (1981)
"Untitled (B79 004)"
"Untitled (B81 028)"
"Untitled (B86 040)"
"Untitled (C76 018)"
"Untitled (C77 022)"
"Untitled (C83 100)"
"Untitled" (1977)
"Untitled" (1971)
"Untitled" (1965)
"Untitled" (1957)
"Untitled" (1974)

Barragan, Caridad
one box from "In a Box"

Barreto, Lia Menna
"Coelho do Avesso"

Barron, Marsha Effron
"X's & O's"

Barron, Slater
"Thorn Bear I"

Barry, Judith
"Imagination, dead imagine (after Samuel Beckett)"

Bartels, Denise
"Untitled (Ladder House)"
"Untitled (Burned House)"

Barth, Uta
Installation view, 2002
"Ground #42"

Bartlett, Bo
"A New Beginning"
"Trophy Day"

Bartlett, Jennifer
"Osmosis and Desire"

Bartlett, Morton
"Girl Crying"

Bartos, Adam
"108 Paloma Avenue, Venice Beach"

Baruch, Ruth-Marion and Jones, Pirkle
No title

Bas, Hernan
from "The Great Barrier Wreath" series

Bassman, Lillian
"Barbara Mullen: Blowing Kiss"

Basquiat, Jean-Michel

Bass, Saul

Bates, Michelle
"Helter Skelter"

Batura, Tanya
Installation view at Western Project, 2008

Bayard, Bruce
"Continent Drift"

Beach, Alicia

Bearden, Romare

Beaton, Cecil
"Gladys Cooper as Henry Higgins Mother--My Fair Lady"

Beasley, Phoebe
"Departing Sleeper Car"
"Textures of Time"

Beattie & Davidson
"Five Butlers"

Beauchemin, Michael
"9 Out of 10 Moms Prefer Fast Relief"

Becher, Bernard and Hilla
"Loomis Coal Breaker/Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania"

Becher, Max and Robbins, Andrea
"Postville: Lawn Mowing"

Bechtol, Valerie
"In the Presence of Spirit"

Beck, Mark
"House on the Coast"

Beckman, Laurel
"My Pet Nose"

Beckman, Richard
"In Utero"
Installation view

Beckman, William
"Self Portrait"

Beckwith, Carol
color photograph

Bedia, Jose
"Venado azul y hikuri elusivo"
"La noche que se creyó hombre mosca"
"Tata nkisi"
"Kindiambo Nkuendo Munanso?"

Bebee, Melissa
"Did I Tell You That I Like the Color Pink?"

Beernard, Francis

Beirne, Barbara
"Lili Shek"

Belger, Wayne Martin
"Third Eye"

Belin, Merwin
"It Will All Disappear"

Bell, Cecil Crosley
"El Station, Turnstile"

Bell, Larry
"A Wisp of the Girl She Used to Be"
"Cube #20"
"Fraction #5371"

Bellmer, Hans
"The Doll Sculpture"
"Untitled" (1968)

Bellocq, E.J.
"Storyville Portrait, Bellocq"

Bellows, Kent
"Sora, December, 1995"

Bellver, Jose
"Untitled #2"

Beloufa, Neil

Belton, Susan Jane
No Title (2005)

Ben Tré, Howard
"Cast Form 65"

Ben Zvi, Asaf
"Glider, Two Squills"

Benevidez, Paul
"Life Study of Sculptor Paul Lindhard"

Benglis, Linda
"Leaded Moss Knot"
"Ruptured Hat/Knot A"
"Color Echoes #1"
"Color Echoes #4A"
"Color Echoes #5"
"Color Echoes #8"
"Aztec Anagama"

Bengston, Billy Al

Benish, Barbara

Benjamin, Ben

Benjamin, Karl
"#15" (1968)
"#7" (1995)
"Mondrian II"
"I.F. (Interlocking Forms)"
"Interlocking Forms (violet, burnt umber)"
"Green Moon with Windows"
"Totem Group III"
"Chino Hills"
"#12" (1982)
"#15" (1981)
"#15" (1982)
"#7" (1981)
"#8" (1981)
"#12" (1982)

Bennett, Amy
"Warning Signs"

Bennet, Bobbie

Benton, Fletcher
"Balanced/Unbalanced F"
"Block on Blocks Study #6"

Benyahia, Samta
"La Vie en Paillettes"

Benz, John
"Summer Night"

Bercowetz, Jesse

Berg, Suki
"Self Portrait with Mirror"
"Self Portrait Series 1 #7, (The Family)"
"Ulysses and the Alter Ego"
"Self Portrait Series #6"
"Self Portrait with Eagle"
"Self Portrait Triptych II"

Berg, Suki
"Soaring With Angels"

Berger, Pat
"Jungle Medley"
"Arizona Sunset"
"The Empress's Garden"
"Orchid Triptych"
"September 11th"
"Urban Campground"

Berkeley, Kirsten

Berkic, Theodore
"The Family"

Berlant, Tony
"Divina Muse"
"A Perfect Place"
"Sailing in the Light"
"Window Rock"
"Flip a Switch"
"Home Run"
"Love Nest"

Berman, Eleanore
"Summer 3"
"Blue Field"

Berman, Eugene
"Perpetuum Immobile"
"Cassandra" (detail)

Berman, Lynn/Chenoweth, Kathy
"The Pomona College Beta Test"

Berman, Wallace
"Untitled" verifax collage
"Untitled" verifax collage [1966]

Bernard, Cindy
"Ludwig Wangburg Bandshell (City of Clear Lake, 1954)"

Bernard, Ruth
"Buddha Doll"

Bernard, Donald
"Justice In the Media"

Bernhardt, John
"Upper Middle Shrine"
"Hire the Furniture Man"
"Homage to Leger"
"Take Me To Your Leader"

Berni, Antonio
"El Matador"

Bernstein, Saul
"Form in Time"

Bert, Guillermo
"Cave Drawing: Bison"

Bertiers, Joseph
"Sad Moment for Saddam"
"Mobutu Must Go!"

Bettag, Susannah
"Are You Thinking Of Me?"
"But Do You Even Notice Anymore?"
"Pretty Ugly"

Beube, Doug
"Twisted Disaster"
"Spanish to English"

Beuys, Joseph
"I Like America and America Likes Me"
"Felt Suit"
"Lemon Light"

Bevan, Tony
"Head and Neck (PC071)"
"Room (PC075)"
"Table Top (PC0610)"
"Studio Tower (PC0713)"

Bey, Joseph
"Buddhist Aztec"

Biberman, Edward
"The Conversation"
"Wilshire Corner"

Bidwell, Charles
"San Jose"

Biggers, Sanford

Biggs, Bob
"Bather at Catherdral Blue"

Bing, Xu

Bingham, Howard L.
"Goin' Home--Mound Bayou, Mississippi--1968"

Bird, Anette
"Lovers and Strangers"

Birk, Sandow
American Qur'an: Sura 1
American Qur'an: Sura 26b
American Qur'an: Sura 26d
American Qur'an: Sura 36b
American Qur'an: Sura 37b
"The Inferno"
"Canto XXVI"
"Canto XII"
"Average American"
"Heart Attack"
"Trouble Ahead (Caltrans)"
"Canto V"
"Canto VIII"
"California State Prison, Centinela-Imperial, CA"
"California Institution for Women, Frontera, CA"
"California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran, CA"
"San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA"
"Correctional Training Facility, Soledad, CA"
"Sovereign of the Seas"
"The Spirit of Los Angeles"
"Los Angeles Triumphant"
"DJ Downs (The Battle of Los Angeles)"
"The Bombardment of San Pedro"

Birza, Rob
Untitled, 1993
Untitled, 1995

Bischoff, Elmer
"Two Figures at the Seashore"

Björgúlfsson, Heimer
"Swinger Swinging Tale"

Blader, Enid Baxter
"Flame #2"

Black, Libby
"Vogue Blue Sapphire"
"Prada Skirt"
"Watching You"
"Gucci Golf Bag"
"Burberry Skateboard"
"Louis Vuiotton Suitcase"

Blake, Jeremy
"Chemical Sundown"

Blake, William
"The Night of Enitharmon's Joy"

Blakelock, Ralph
"View Out the Window"
"Sonoma County, California"
"California Tree Study"
"Watching the Flock"

Blankenhorn, Else

Blatt, Barbara
"A Rose is a Rose"
"no title"

Bleicher, Airom
"Fruits of Labor"
"Against the Wind"

Blitt, Barry
"On the Couch"

Blitt, Rita
"Celebrating Dorianna"
"Mystery and Grandeur"
"Haiku Harmony"

Bloch, Ilona
"Santa Monica Freeway"

Bloom, Barbara
"Barbara Bloom House"
"The Reign of Narcisicm"

Blum, Gary Edward
"Tuolumne (Morning)"
"Time Freezes"

Boccacio, Poupée
"Dos Mariposas"

Bochner, Mel
"Either/If/Or/Both (And)"

Bogard, Rebekah
"Botany of Desire"

Boggs, JSG
"$1 FUNback"
"$0--Project Pittsburgh"
"$10 FUNback"

Bogna, Arlene

Boit, Edward Darley
"Green Pastures"

Bolex, Blex
"Ubu Ru"

Bolin, Jim
"Untitled" diptych

Bolomet, Marcel
"Soldiers in Bus"

Bon, Lauren
"Bee Box"
"21 Corn Bales"

Bond, Brent
"Bound for Destiny"

Bonin, Von Cosima
"Hunderschule/Obedience School"

Bontecou, Lee
"Untitled" (1997)
"Untitled" (1970)
"Untitled" (1966)
"Untitled" (1959/60)

Borges, Jacobo
"Reflexiones de Agua II"

Borges, Phil

"Lobsang 67, Tensin 13, Bodnath, Nepal"
"Mama 10, Dimeda, Ethiopia"
"Lina 9, Tana Toraja, Indonesia"

Borofsky, Jonathan
"Turtle Clock"
"Turtle Clock" (detail)

Bosch, Hieronomus
"The Garden of Earthly Delights" (central panel)

Bose, Nandalal

Boshier, Derek
"California Art Lover"
"The Los Angeles Collector--Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cycladic"
"L.A. Times: Pop Icon Roy Lichtenstein Dies"

Bortnyik, Sándor
"The New Adam"

Botello, David
"Apocalyptic Visions"
"Nature Wears Her Death Mask"
"Wishful Thinking at Hollenbeck Park"

Botello, Paul
"Phoenix Rising"

Botero, Fernando
"Una Lesigha"
"Femme Habillee par Valentino"
"Femme Meiade de Valentino"

Botha, Lien
"Amendment 11: the case of extinct threats"

Bothwell, Dorr

"Hostage of the Future"
"The Juggler"
"Skaters Waltz"
"Memory Children"

Botke, Jessie Arms
"Macaw and Coctoos"
"Peacock, Grapes and Flowers"

Botticelli, Sandro
"Madonna and Child with Adoring Angel"

Boucher, François
"Jupiter and Callisto"

Bouguereau, William Adolphe
"Song of the Angels"

Bourdeau, Robert
"Steel Plant, Saarland, Germany"

Bourgeois, Gerard
"Standing Figure"
"Apres le Bain"
"The Guide (study)"
"The Approach"
"Highway 152"
"On Reflection"
"Les Voyageurs" (The Travellers)
"I'm Good at That"

Bourgeois, Louis
"Cumul I"

Bourke-White, Margaret
"At the Time of the Louisville Flood"
"Ford Motor Company Foreman Shields His Eyes"
"Russell Birdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Company"
"Ghandi at Spinning Wheel"

"A DC-4 Flying Over New York City"

Bourne, K. Douglas
"untitled, Dancing #2 (San Francisco)"

Boursier-Mougenot, Celeste
"Untitled (series #3)"

Bonvin, Leon
"Landscape with a Bare Tree and a Plowman"

Bowen, Gaza
"The Stacks #1" (detail)
"Book 4"/Open version
"Book 5"/Open version
"Book 9"/Closed version
"Piece for Miss Pence"
"Het Achterhuis"
"Remembrance of Rebe Washington"

Bowen, Katy
"Quonset Hut"
"Loch Ness"

Bower, Phil

Bowers, Andrea
"Still Life of The Aids Memorial Quilt Project in Storage (blocks 3286-3290"
"Spectacular Appearances (Blue Heaven)"

Bowers, David
"Missing Link"

Boxenbaum, Kharlene
"Los Diablos"

Boxer, Stanley

Boyd, Ela
"Raindrops Underwater"

Boyle, Kevin Jon
"Untitled" (1984)

Bozic, Tiffany
"Barrens of Suburbia"
no title
"In the Beginning"

Brace, Hillary
"Untitled" (2001)
"Untitled" (1997)

Bracken, Ken
"Untitled" (2005)

Bradford, Mark
"The Some of its Parts"
"Los Moscos" (detail)
"C'mon Shorty"

Brandow, Susan
"Circle of Perpetual Apparition"

Brandriff, George Kennedy
"Navajo Country"
"Summer's Day"

Brandt, Nick
"Wildbeest Arc, Maasai Mara"

Brandt, Rex
"Newport Jetty"

Branham, Robert
"Underlying Structure"
"Metallic Parts"
"A Day for Roses"
"Crackling Magic"
"Indigo Night"
"The Glass Window"
"Pilgrims Wore Two Hats"

no title, group with Jacques Lacan (1944)

Braunstein, Terry
"What Beetle Is This?"
"Time Bound"
"In Search of a World"

Braver, Nancy

Bravo, Joe
"Chips and Salsa"

Bray, Angie
"Untitled" (Handle With Care)
"Shhhh" (1)
"Shhhh" (2)

Bray, Anne M.
"Slashed #6"
"US 93, Mohave County, AZ"
"Pecan Grove, Dona Ana Co., NM"

Bremer, Anne

Breuer, Frank
"Untitled, 1278 Antwerpen"

Brice, Daniel
"Untitled #4"

Brill, Curt

Britt, Doug
"Clipper Came"

Braunstein, Terry
from the series "Boundless"

Brennan, Christine


Brewda, Silvia
"Sabor a Menta"

Brewster, Michael
"allAROUNDyou" (on)
"allAROUNDyou" (off)
"Falls from the Sky"

Brigante, Nicholas
"Portrait of an Artist"
"Hollywood Hills After a Quake"
"Nude (Back View)"
"(The Forest Path) Roan Stallion"
"Through the Rear Door of the Old Students League on Los Angeles, 115 1/2 N. Main St."

Brill, Curt

Bristol, Horace
"PBY Blister Gunner, Rescue at Rabaul"
"Joad Family Applying for Relief"

Brito, Jacqueline
"Donde Duermen los Cuerpos de la Duda"

Brockway, L.A.

Brodie, Mike
"The Cat Woman / Berkeley, California"

Brommer, Gerald
"View From Our Balcony"

Bronson, Jessica
"manifold reflections"
"World Picture"

Broodthaers, Marcel
"Nineteen small canvases in a pile"
"Un Jardin d'Hiver"

Brooke, Kaucyila
from "Vitrinen in Arbeit"

Brooks, James
"Untitled" (1968)
"Untitled" (1985)
"Untitled" (1961)

Brooks, Katy
"Linking Ethos II: The Millennium Principle"

Brooks, Kimberly
"Pieces of Kristina"

Broota, Shobha
"Untitled" 1989

Brosen, Frederick
"Washington and Fourteenth"
"Engine 41"

Brosio, John
"Nocturne 2"
"Kansas Tornado (after Tim Samaras)"
"Kansas Farm"

Brotmeyer, Gary
"Downtown Art Simian"

Brown Brothers
"Identifying Triangle Shirt Fire Victims""

Brown, Carol K.
"Passerby 81012"

Brown, Colin Remas
"Hanging Deer"
"Coke Bottle"

Brown, Ford Maddox
"Romeo and Juliet"

Brown, Heather
"Sacred Geometry"

Brown, Hugh
"Allegedly: Meret Oppenheim", Fur Covered Saw and Saucer"

Brown, Iona Rozeal
"blackface #21"
"blackface #7"

Brown, James

Brown, Joan
"Adanac Dog Theater's Homage to Rex"
"Model & Roof Tops"
"Donald and Leela"
"Nude with Flowered Spread"
"Mary Julia #14"
"Mary Julia #27"

Brown, Matthew

Brown, Melissa
"Money Bees"

Brown, Peter
"Rolling Bales, MT"

Brown, Roger
"Earthquake in a Small Town"
"Killer Crab"
"Visit to an Ancient Ruin In 4000 A.D."
"San Fernando Valley Rift"

Brown, Stephen

Browne, Claire

Brubaker, Joe

Bruguera, Tania
from "Memoria de la Postguerra" (1)
from "Memoria de la Postguerra" (2)
from "Lo que me Corresponde"

Bruland, Richard
"My Lagoon"
"Romeo and Juliet"
"A Million Miles from Here"

Brumer. Andy
Yong Soon Min, "Movement"
Yong Soon Min, "deCOLONIZATION"
Bella Feldman, "Credo"
Joseph Slusky, "Olimbia"
Joseph Slusky, "Take Five"

Brunner, Phoebe
"El Camino"
"Slip Away"
"High Desert"

"Marsh Dawn"

Brus, Gunter
"No. 2 Aktion"

Bryan, Edgar
"The Ledge"
"Untitled" (2001)

Büchel, Christoph
"Untitled" (2003)

Buck, Kavin
"Pallet: Glass"
"Alert: Orange/Ocher/White"
"I/H beam: Glass"
"Dusted: Lt blue/Dk Blue/Yellow"
"Compression: Black/Brown/Silver"

Buckley, Annie
"Varina Jacaranda"

Buckman, Desiree
"Temple Mask"

Buckner, Derek
"Freeway #4"

Buff, Conrad
"Southwest Landscape"
"Jagged Peaks"
"Barn and Silo"
"Monumental Rocks"
"Landscape" (#1)
"Lake and Mountains"
"Landscape" (#2)

Bugarini, Elvira
"Vessel with Lid"

Buis, Doug
"Hot Summer Day"
"Suburban Legend" (frame)
"Suburban Legend" (miniature room)
"Suburban Legend" (iinstallation)

Bukovnik, Gary
"Stargazer Lillies"
"Golden Gate Park #26" (clivia)

Bullock, Angela
"TV Series: Global Weather / female 3a:2u"

Bullock, Wynn
"Stark Tree"

Bunuel, Rafael
"Hand Instead of a Head"

Burchfield, Charles
"Sun and Rocks"

Burchfield, Jerry
"Bixia oreliana, Lip Stick Tree"

Burden, Chris
"The Big Wheel"
"Urban Light"
"Yin and Yang"
"Small Skyscraper: Quasi Legal L.A. County"
"Site-Possibilities (Miniscraper on the Side of Cliff)"
"Site-Possibilities (Miniscraper Castle-Type Moat)"
"Small Skyscraper" (2001)
"Small Small Skyscraper"

Burchard, Sky

"Double Trigger"

Burgess, George Henry
"San Francisco in July, 1849"

Burckhardt, Marc
"Iggy Pop"

Burkhardt, Hans
"Journey into the Unknow"
"Red Flowers"
"Lang Vei"
"One Way Road"
"The Extra Stripe"
"Red Flowers"
"Lang Vei"
"One Way Road"
"The Extra Stripe"
"The Parting"

Burkholder, Dan
"Bench on Coast"

Burroughs, William/Gysin, Brion
"Untitled (Plan Drug Addiction)"

Bury, Pol
"Perspective avec 17 volumes et 20 boules"

Bush, Andrew
"High School Students Facing North at 0 MPH on Supulveda Boulevard in Westwood"

Bustad, Sherri
"Letting Go of Motherly Love"
"Mortal Coil"

Butler, Eugenia
"Book of Lies"
"Structural Lens"

Butler, Henry
"Polka Dots"

Butler, Jack
"Michelle & Verne"
"#3 from the Series 'People the Pictures Weren't of'"

Butterfield, Deborah
"Untitled 3080.1"
"Untitled 3063.1"
"Untitled 3092.1"
"Untitled (DBut06-12)"