The basis for this project is provided in the artist's submitted proposal, which is as follows. Visual elements will be added during the course of the month--visit from time to time to follow development of the project--Before and After.

Postcards from daily life of downtown Los Angeles:
Subjected views of recent history:
From Central Library fire 04.29.86 to Social Fire of 04.29.92
A series of Time & Space specific iconographic records:
Downtown Los Angeles and its urban documentation as family album:
Econstructivist Post.Art.If.Acts:

1. The intention of this project is to examine
Relationship between personal & social space:
Los Angeles - States In.Formation

2. The three main concerns of this project are:
Virtual vs. material
Individual vs. collective
Factual vs. fictional

3. The program of this project is to form & to record
Contextual inter-actions:
Urban artifacts - States In.Formation

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