"Dancer," hand-cut stereogram, 2 1/2 x 5 3/4", 1995

This stereogram appears to be a two-dimensional abstract image, but it contains a three-dimensional image within it. You can view the full-screen image of Dancer directly on your computer screen, or, if you wish, you can run out a print of the picture and view from that.

The object is to fuse the dots above the picture so that one sees three dots instead of two. Focusing beyond the picture plane will work. Crossing your eyes slightly will also work. If these two methods fail, try holding the printed piece close to your face, relax, and slowly move the page away from your eyes until you see the dots overlap--then wait for the image to focus. I have noticed that children see the effects almost immediately. Perhaps learned visual orientation hampers this immediacy.

Stereoscopic effects have been around for over three decades. I am interested in the relationship between the random ground, the image and color forms.

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