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With the exception of their columns, all you normally see of our contributing writers are takes on a given exhibition and a byline. Since I’ve decided to take advantage of this occasion to share some of my own views (the column follows this section), it seemed only fair to have these articulate art folks air some of their insights, impressions, and experiences. The following set of questions was provided for each of them to mull over. I requested that each writer select one from the group, and to keep it kinda brief--not always a fair expectation among people who always seem to have something to say, but we’ve enjoyed the anecdotes and observations that have come in, whether succinct or on the lengthy side. The questions:

1. Recount a short anecdote about a highlight of your career in art, such as an exceptional encounter with an artist or exhibition. Why did it stick in your memory and what did it "say" to you--about life, art, L.A., any combination of these--that made it an enduring experience.
2. What do you regard as the trajectory of art, and what general direction would you like to see it take as we move deeper into the 21st century?
3. What is, or should be, the role of an art writer is today? What do you think is the best approach to take in talking about art and exhibitions, how does a writer extract their best insights, and what do you believe in conveying to the readership?
4. How would you characterize the last generation of new/provocative art, what are the key issues/concerns/points--formal, cultural, theoretical--that it contributed to the historical discussion?

I hope that you find the following collection of writings as much amusing and insightful as we did. Each writer appears in alphabetical order.

--Bill Lasarow