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In the summer of '66, when I was a nineteen year old scholarship student at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Skowhegan, Maine), I met both Larry Rivers (who had just exhibited his monumental mixed-media opus "History of the Russian Revolution") and Marisol. Both artists were at the zenith of their Pop art careers and were art world royalty. They were the first art world luminaries that I had met, and I found them all too human. Marisol was reserved, modest and inaccessible. Rivers was just the opposite--a tireless party animal, eyeing up all the young art students. I was disappointed that they did not have, or were not willing to share any art world pearls of wisdom (I was very, very young!). However, there were some students that summer at Skowhegan who were to develop wonderful careers--among them the modest and unassuming David Reed, who is now teaching at Cal Arts, and Catherine Murphy, an accomplished realist who lives in New Jersey, to name two. It's been a joy watching each of these artists develop into significant and important painters. And I do remember that summer of 1966 as a life-changing experience.