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Certainly the very first time I reviewed an art exhibition stands out in my mind. It was around 1980 and I was a young writer living in Berkeley. My friend, the artist Yong Soon Min, asked if I might be interested in reviewing her upcoming show. I told her that I never wrote about visual art before. She simply said, "I think you can do it." What I don't remember is how I persuaded Artweek to let me try, but I did. Min created a fascinating narrative-based installation piece utilizing the gallery's four walls. She combined small square images (drawings, if I remember correctly) and text. What amazed me was just how quickly ideas about this challenging and difficult work came to me as soon as I began writing about it. Indeed, as I started to review more art shows, I realized that writing about art was a magical act that both facilitated my intellectual understanding and augmented my emotional experience of what I was reviewing. Thank you, Yong Soon. I'm glad you asked.