Previews of Exhibitions
Previews feature art writers' advance
evaluations of exhibitions that open this month.
You can also refer to all of our back issues if you wish.
Our January Previews feature the following exhibitions:

Marc Chagall at
Bakersfield Art Museum


RIchard Godfrey at
Patricia Correia Gallery

Guy deCointet
Cirrus Gallery

Clinton Adams at
Tobey C. Moss Gallery

Connie Mississippi at
Brand Library

Phil Borges
Tasende Gallery

Art Fair coverage:
Photo L.A. 8 and Art on Paper '99


John O'Brien:
"Criticality and Where
It Issues Forth"

Stephanie Sanchez,
"g wiz. . .POP"

The rhetorical nature of art can hardly be avoided. Often it surrounds art in the form of discourse; and art frequently advocates the aesthetic perspective embodied by the work. Then there are the cases in which it eminates from art without any obvious effort of espousal.

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions

Continuing and Recommended features short items about exhibitions (and occasional special community events) that our contributors think will be of interest to you. Think of it as a tip sheet.

Diana Thater

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