Previews of Exhibitions
Previews feature art writers' advance
evaluations of exhibitions that open this month.
You can also refer to all of our back issues if you wish.
Our December Previews feature the following exhibitions:

Philip Guston at
Manny Silverman


Betye Saar at
Jan Baum Gallery


Edward Ruscha at

Louise Nevelson
at Bobbie Greenfield Gallery

Astrid Preston at
Peter Blake Gallery


Betty Ann Brown:
"Sunshine & Noir's
Exclusionary Canon"

Kim Dingle, "Priss
Room Installation"

"Sunshine & Noir" is the first historical survey of Los Angeles' art curated outside the United States. This may be cause for celebration, but Brown argues that the curator has given into a limiting set of criteria that seriously impairs the show's vision.

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions

Continuing and Recommended features short items about exhibitions (and occasional special community events) that our contributors think will be of interest to you. Think of it as a tip sheet.

Martin Kersels, "Objects
of the Dealer"

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