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Previews of Exhibitions
Previews feature art writers' advance evaluations of exhibitions that open this month.
Our November Previews feature the following exhibitions:

Cindy Sherman


Robert Motherwell
at Manny Silverman Gallery


Harold Edgerton and
Catherine Wagner

at CSU Long Beach, University Art Museum

Wired, Glued and Screwed
at Orlando Gallery

Norman Lundin and
Kerry James Marshall

at Koplin Gallery


Fernand Leger, "Composition a l'aloes #3"

This Month's Column:
Merle Schipper:

Paris in the Spring
(Tra-la, tra-la)
If, during the L.A. International 'the world comes to
Los Angeles,' well, we thought it was nice that Merle Schipper spent the spring knocking around Paris.
That way we thought we could bring something
of the wider world back here also.

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions

Continuing and Recommended features short
items about exhibitions (and occasional special
community events) that our contributors think will
be of interest to you. Think of it as a tip sheet.

Robert Gober, Untitled Installation

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