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Previews of Exhibitions
Previews feature art writers' advance evaluations of exhibitions that will be opening this month.
Our December Previews feature the following exhibitions:

Ted Kerzie at
Adobe Krow Archives AKA Gallery

"California Modernist Art" at
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts

Duncan Simcoe at
Peter Blake Gallery

Merion Estes/Phyllis Green at

Suitcase Peter

 This Month's Column:

Peter Frank: Letter to New York '96

In his annual letter, traveling Peter Frank takes us from WeChe to the Triton, fondly recalls the Beat scene, and suggests where to keep all three of your eyes focused. . .

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions

Continuing and Recommended features short items
about exhibitions (and occasional special community
events) that our contributors think will be of interest
to you. Think of it as a tip sheet.

Lynda Benglis, "Aztec Anagama"

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