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Previews of Exhibitions
Previews feature art writers' advance evaluations of exhibitions that will be opening this month.
Our October Previews feature these exhibitions:

Amish Quilts at the Fowler Museum

Joseph Cornell at
Manny Silverman Gallery

James Fee at
Craig Krull Gallery

Guy Williams at
Kiyo Higashi Gallery

Ed and Philip Moulthrop at Del Mano Gallery


Peter Clothier: On Learning to Go Down Inside

Gary Lloyd/Peter Clothier, "Bob Went Home"

Long one of L.A.'s most respected art writers, Peter Clothier here reviews a critical self-examination which led to some surprising conclusions--and changes--in the way that he come to visual art.

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions

William Burroughs/Brion Gysin, "Untitled (Plan Drug Addiction)"

Continuing and Recommended features short items about exhibitions (and occasional special community events) that our contributors think will be of interest to you. Think of it as a tip sheet.

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