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Previews of Exhibitions
Previews feature art writers' advance evaluations of exhibitions that will be opening this month.
Our July/August Previews feature these exhibitions:

Lari Pittman at Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Edward Keinholz at MOCA

Seiji Kunishima at Merging One Gallery

"Violencia" at Galleria Spagnolo

Roger Fenton at J. Paul Getty Museum


Betty Brown: Sexual Politics, part 2

Betye Saar, "Liberation of Aunt Jemima"

The second part of Betty Brown's reminiscence of her original encounter with Judy Chicago's masterpiece. Brown relates the experience in 1996 of The Dinner Party and the accompanying retrospective survey of two decades of feminist art to the power of the first time.

Continuing and Recommended Exhibitions in Brief

Anonymous 19th-Century American artist, "Watermelon on a Plate".

Continuing and Recommended features short items about exhibitions (and occasional special community events) that our contributors think will be of interest to you. Think of it as a tip sheet. . .

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