Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Municipal Art Gallery Presents two group exhibitions:
From There to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel
and Whim Wham
and one solo exhibition: Edward Biberman Revisited.
February 12 - April 19, 2009
Opening Reception: Sunday, February 15, 2-5pm

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
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Hours, Thursday - Sunday, noon to 5:00 p.m.; First Fridays, Hours are extended until 9:00 p.m.
Admission is free. The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is a facility of the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.

Edward Biberman, "Coronado Bridge" 1978.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs is pleased to present three art exhibitions at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park including the group shows, From There to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel, and Whim Wham; as well as the solo exhibition, Edward Biberman Revisited. These exhibitions will be on view from February 12 to April 19, 2009 with an opening reception on Sunday, February 15, from 2-5pm hosted by the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates.  Covering multiple terrains, from local history and community, to international concerns and art practices, these perspectives come together at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in three unique exhibitions.
The North Gallery will be devoted to the group exhibition, From There to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel, and will feature artists Adam Berg, Dorit Cypis, Moshe Elimelech, Noga Elhassid, Halit Mandelblit, Barry Frydlender, Yossi Govrin, Malka Nedivi, Lidia Shaddow, and Tal Yizrael, curated by Sara L. Cannon.  Whim Wham is taking place in the South Gallery.  The group exhibition Whim Wham focuses on the whimsical, the capricious and the arbitrary side of art.  Included in this exhibition are artists Davis & Davis, Femi Dawkins, Rick Frausto, Tomo Isoyama, Tracey Keilly, Adonna Khare, Randye Sandel, Wayne Schoenfeld and David Trulli, curated by Mark Steven Greenfield.  In the Project Room, the Municipal Art Gallery is displaying Edward Biberman Revisited, work from 1929 to 1984 by this iconic Southern California Modernist, curated by Suzanne W. Zada.
From There to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel features works by ten artists who were born in Israel and who now reside in Southern California with the exception of one artist who lives in Israel, but whose subject is Los Angeles.  The works of art presented in this exhibition are comprised of video art and installation, photography, painting and sculpture. Collectively, the work reflects an engagement with worldwide historic and contemporary issues, including personal history and identity, the Holocaust and memory, and the contemporary art scene.  For artists in this community the openness to diversity of expression and experimentation that they experienced in the Israeli art scene is mirrored in the Los Angeles art environment, making the cities a natural match.
The exhibition Whim Wham assembles a group of artists who foreground humor, whimsy and unpredictability in their works. These artists employ a lighthearted tone that only belies their serious intent.  The exhibition includes painting, photography, drawing, assemblage and video.
As the art critic Frode Dann wrote, "In an era if great confusion, the work of Edward Biberman stands out as a beacon of irrefutable logic." For seven decades Edward Biberman brought this clarity to the Southern California art scene. He was a major figure in the Los Angeles art community.  Known for his open and approachable personality, he contributed to art discourse as a teacher and public lecturer as much as well as through his art production. During his long art career, producing paintings that skillfully combine attention to form with a lasting concern for social justice, Biberman established, for himself and the region, an artistic style that is characteristically Californian.  This exhibition also marks a return of Biberman’s work to the Municipal Art Gallery.  In 1971, the inaugural year of the Municipal Art Gallery, Biberman had the honor of being the subject of the Gallery’s first solo exhibition. This exhibition brings together twenty seven of the artist’s works for his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in over two decades.
Special events include three ‘Conversations with the Artists’, a series of talks with a selected group of artists and guest curators. The program is designed to give audiences an opportunity to engage directly with featured individuals in an informal setting.  The first ‘Conversation’ is on Saturday, February 28 at 2pm, featuring artists Rick Frausto, Tracey Keilly, Malka Nedivi, and David Trulli.  Followed by Sunday, March 22 at 2pm, featuring Davis and Davis, Lidia Shaddow and Tomo Isoyama, and concluding with the final program on Friday, April 3 at 7pm, artists to be announced.
On March 6, 2009 at 7:30pm, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates (LAMAGA) is hosting a benefit screening of Jeff Kaufman’s 2006 documentary, Brush with Life: the Art of Being Edward Biberman in support the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.  Taking place in the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, the screening will be followed with remarks by Jeff Kaufman, the film’s director, Suzanne W. Zada, curator of the Edward Biberman Revisited exhibition, and a reception hosted by LAMAGA.  Seating is limited and reservations are required. Reservations can be made my calling 323.644.6269 before March 2, 2009. A $25 donation is requested.
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