Sylvia White Gallery presents 3 Sculptors
Michael Todd/ David Middlebrook/ Leonard Skuro
January 31-March 7,  2009
Opening Reception for the Artists: Saturday, January 31, 3-5pm

Sylvia White Gallery
1783 Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001
805-643-8300, FAX (866) 207-2506
Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

David Middlebrook, Michael Todd, Leonard Skuro

Sylvia White Gallery is pleased to present important new work by three very different sculptors.  Tied together with their love of the materials the use, these artists each present a unique vision for the use of steel, rock and clay.
Michael Todd has been a fixture in the world of sculpture since his first solo show at Pace Gallery in 1964.  His sculptures have been described as "drawings in steel” and are represented in major museum collections around the world.  This exhibition will be the first public exhibition of his new ceramic work. David Middlebrook has taken the reverse route. Originally well known and respected for his work in ceramics, his focus for the last several years, has been monumental public art.  This exhibition introduces his "small scale" sculpture to Southern California for the first time. Leonard Skuro has been called the "magician of clay."  The most intimate of the three artists, his work resembles the unearthed treasures of temple shrines.  He has exhibited widely across the county and is represented in many major collections.

In the presence of materials that are ordinarily associated with the adjectives cold, hard and strong, each artist has created a sense of delicacy that remains remarkable. There, is a mystical calm and meditative quality that all these sculptures evoke.  Ultimately, this exhibition presents the opportunity to reflect on our lives and the delicate balance that exists between man and nature.

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