"Emotional Immersion"                            
Featuring the art of Dan Milnor Gonzales
Closing Reception: Friday January 30, 7 - 11 pm

Katalyst Foundation for the Arts
450 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Contact: Martha Perez Mitchell, Director
Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 3-8pm

Dan Milnor Gonzalez

The idea of the mappeople happened quite by accident.  It all started with hair...Off and on for months, I had tried to resolve the problem of what to do with women's hairdo's in my artwork.  I had tried making it taut, swirly, pulled back into a set of strings on an instrument -something different than simply straight forwardly rendering it.
One day, I started a drawing in my sketchbook that was very delicate. I thought I would really take my time with the contour drawing of the female form.  I began to render her hair in a detailed way: every ebband flow, every nuance, every curl, every follicle. . .when suddenly I stopped and made a connection with what was coming out on the paper. It looked like the coastline of a continent on a map. My brain was flooded immediately with images. The endless figurative possibilities were overwhelming!

In that very instant the Mappeople were born.
In looking back, I have to say that something else subconsciously led to my love of and development of the Mappeople idea.  When I was a kid, I played a board game called, 'Regatta'.  It had these three dimensional plastic island shapes that you position on this slick, laminated surface. I remember enjoying the sculptural aspect of these game pieces. The affinity for those Regatta islands was awakened when I began making the Mappeople paintings textural with modeling paste.

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