Edem Elesh / Sinan Leong Revell / Mary Dessert
January 2-23, 2009
Reception: Sunday, January 11, 1-3 p.m.
Artist Talk: 2:00 p.m.

LA Artcore Brewery Annex
650 A. South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031
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Hours: Thursday – Sunday 12-4 p.m.; Wednesday by appointment

Drawings, Photographs and Paintings - an exhibition of three accomplished artists guaranteed to provide a unique and thought-provoking experience.

Mary Dessert’s abstract drawings present shapes that have a puzzling familiarity. They make the viewer search for references in the real world but are meant to express the essence of being and not a specific reality. The work is about both delineating large forms and a focus on small details. The drawings speak to the randomness and specificity of being. They are snapshots of a particular moment in time and are about making specific choices from random information to define existence.
For Edem Elesh the act of painting, or “making art”, is simply an attempt to assist, as conduit, the delivery of data and processed experience to a surface. His work is always layered. The initial imagery, or what he calls “triggers”, are more often than not, subjugated by ensuing information. He expresses that the whole comprises a finished piece much as a moment is comprised of a thousand memories. In essence, he paints from the gut. If the result is true, in every sense, the resulting piece should strike the viewer not merely optically, but "behind the eyes”.
Sinan Leong Revell has turned her lens onto the social and political media landscape to produce images that provoke, puzzle and amuse. The photographic series: “DoppelgANGER” and “Color Blind Test” are in  the genre of self portraiture.  In the first series, Revell plays every character in staged pictures of  often famous scenes. The “Color Blind Test” depicts  the” invisible “people in society. These are masked with a vinyl dot  screen that mimics the classic color blind test.

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