Jim Dine
In concert with “Jim Dine: Poet Singing” at the Getty Villa, Malibu
October 25 – November 24, 2008

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(l.) Jim Dine, “The Venus Dances”, 2005, drypoint and relief, edition of 12.
(r.) Jim Dine, “Lady and a Shovel”, 1983, edition of 9, cast bronze with green-brown patina.

This exhibition of selected works by Jim Dine, including a seminal bronze of the Venus di Milo from 1983 and several major prints based on this classical icon, is presented to coincide with the Getty Villa’s exhibition, Jim Dine: Poet Singing (The Flowering Sheets).

Dine began working with the image of the Venus in the 1970's when he acquired a plaster souvenir reproduction and modified the form to make it his own. Venus – the Roman equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite, both goddesses of love – was Dine’s link to art history. Dine produced his first graphic based on Venus in 1983 (the same date as the bronze in this show) and has continually returned to classical subjects, as in the case of his upcoming exhibition at the Getty Villa, which consists primarily of works based on sculptures in the Getty Villa collection. Though less obvious than his referenced Venus, Dine’s repeated use of a robed male figure - never showing head or legs but rather focusing on the robe itself – also echos the classical in the artist’s attention to drapery, an important aspect of many classical sculptures and one of the means by which they are dated through the identification of drapery styles specific to particular periods.

Jim Dine at Leslie Sacks also includes botanicals and other subjects which have been consistent trademarks of the artist’s work. Apart from iconographic imagery, there is an expressionistic aspect of Dine's art, and this is represented by the inclusion of loosely drawn figurative pieces. For those interested in a succinct survey of prime examples of Dine's work from the past 30 years, Jim Dine at Leslie Sacks Fine Art is an excellent complement to the exhibition of Dine’s new works at the Getty Villa.

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